Women's Health Updates — January 2024

This newsletter features information about flu vaccines, maternal health, and more!

Read about recent developments in women's health as well as SWHR's activities that promote the study of sex and gender influences on health and serve our mission to improve women's health through science, policy, and education.

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Thank you to everyone who came to SWHR's Winter Social in December and helped us honor our 2023 Women's Health Champions, Juana Mata with Looms4Lupus (left) and Marianna Raia with Expecting Health (middle). Check out highlights from the evening here!


Do you live in the DC-Baltimore metro area?

SWHR is conducting a study to better understand the impact of menopause on the workplace. To participate, you must be age 18 and older. You do not have to experience menopause to participate in the focus group. We are collecting insights from all individuals, regardless of sex, gender, race, ethnicity, or employment status. Apply before January 26 to be considered for the focus group!


Check out the latest news articles and podcasts featuring SWHR!

FemTech Focus Podcast: "Closing the Gap: Addressing Unmet Needs and Research Gaps with the Society for Women’s Health Research" features an interview with SWHR CEO Katie Schubert.

Medill on The Hill: "White House Launches Initiative To Improve Women’s Health Research" includes commentary from SWHR about the new White House Women's Health Research Initiative.



Each year in the United States, about 11,500 new cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed. Watch the webinar "How Vaccines and Screening Can Prevent Cervical Cancer" to learn your cancer risks and screening options today!


Did you know that 67% of individuals with glaucoma in the United States are women? Understand your care options for preventing glaucoma by reading the SWHR Eye Health Toolkit.


Access to maternal health care has increasingly become unobtainable for many U.S. families. This month, SWHR joins ACOG to raise awareness about the importance of access to maternal health care. Learn more at ACOG.com.


January 25 marks the anniversary of the implementation of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Policy on Sex as a Biological Variable (SABV) in 2016. Women’s Health Research Day serves as an opportunity to reflect on how far women’s health research has come – and how far we have to go. 

Where you do you hope women's health research goes this year? In the next five years? Reply to this email and tell us, or tag @SWHR on social media.

SWHR EVENT: Celebrate Women's Health Research Day early on January 22 by tuning into "Opportunities in Women’s Health: A Fireside Chat Congressional Briefing with ORWH Director Clayton" to hear from Dr. Janine Clayton, Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Research on Women’s Health (ORWH) about the current challenges and opportunities within women’s health.


SWHR Works to Fight Flu

While influenza (commonly called flu) is underestimated by many, it can result in severe illness to some individuals, including to pregnant individuals. The flu vaccine is an important tool to help protect mothers and their baby.

The Flu Vaccines & Pregnancy Fact Sheet explains how the flu vaccine protects pregnant individuals and what types of vaccines are appropriate to receive during pregnancy. Find a site to receive your flu vaccine near you!

Download the Flu Vaccines Fact Sheet

Join the flu vaccine conversation online!

Follow the hashtag #SWHRtalksVaccines and us the Flu Vaccine & Pregnancy Social Media Toolkit to easily share information about the flu vaccine.


Watch the recording of "Clearing the Air About Lung Cancer in Women" to learn steps you can take to prevent and screen for lung cancer.

Follow the conversation on social media at the hashtag #SWHRtalksCancer.

Do you have a lung or other cancer story? Share your story with SWHR by visiting swhr.org/shareyourstory and you could help inform future resources.

Your bone health deserves your attention from an early age. Watch the congressional briefing "The Role of Federal Agencies in Supporting Women’s Bone Health Early and Oftento learn how federal agencies are working to improve access to bone healthy resources.

Join the conversation on social media at the hashtag #SWHRtalksBoneHealth.

Do you have a bone health story? Share with SWHR by visiting swhr.org/shareyourstory.


UPCOMING EVENT! During "Opportunities in Women’s Health: A Fireside Chat Congressional Briefing with ORWH Director Clayton" on January 22, hear from Dr. Janine Clayton, Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Research on Women’s Health (ORWH) about the current challenges and opportunities within women’s health – and gear up for Women’s Health Research Day, happening on January 25. Register and save your spot now!

SWHR Updates

Coalition to Advance Maternal Therapeutics (CAMT) Updates

Industry Updates

Learn more about SWHR's policy work here.


JAN 22: SWHR EVENT Opportunities in Women’s Health: A Fireside Chat Congressional Briefing with ORWH Director Clayton

Mark your calendars for this exclusive conversation with Dr. Janine Clayton, Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Research on Women’s Health (ORWH). Register now!

JAN 22-26: Us vs. HPV Week

Hosted by the American Medical Women’s Association and Global Initiative Against HPV and Cervical Cancer, Us vs HPV week includes webinars, social campaigns, and more to promote awareness about HPV and HPV-related diseases. Learn more.

JAN 24: Diverse Voices: Graphic Medicine

During this NIH Office of Research on Women's Health webinar, speakers will discuss graphic medicine: the use of comics to tell personal stories of illness and health. Learn more.

JAN 30: SWHR EVENT Elevating Endometriosis to a Public Health Crisis

SWHR is hosting a virtual public forum to discuss the impact of endometriosis on women’s health and to highlight persistent gaps in diagnosis and treatment. Register for a spot today!

MARCH 28: Diverse Voices: Endometriosis

At this NIH Office of Research on Women's Health webinar, presenters will cover the latest in endometriosis research, care, and treatment innovations. Save the date for this Endometriosis Awareness Month event in March. Learn more and register.

APRIL 25: SWHR EVENT SWHR 2024 Annual Awards Gala

SWHR is excited to host our Annual Awards Gala in the newly renovated National Museum of Women in the Arts this spring. Contact Development Director Julie Miller at [email protected] to learn more about Gala sponsorships and tickets.

MAY 6-9: Organization for the Study of Sex Differences 2024 Annual Meeting

The Annual OSSD Meeting will be held in Bergen, Norway this summer. Mark your calendars.

Are you attending OSSD 2024? You may be eligible for the new SWHR Emerging Scholars in Women’s Health Research Award! Apply by the February 2, 2024 deadline.

Check out SWHR's event calendar for more SWHR and other women's health events.

Transform Our World Through Research: The 2024 Magee Prize, Now Accepting Letters of Intent

Magee-Womens Research Institute announced a call for proposals for its $1 million Magee Prize, which will support a collaborative team whose groundbreaking research in reproductive sciences and women’s health could improve lives globally. Letters of Intent are due February 15, 2024. The prize will be awarded in November 2024 at our Magee-Womens Summit. Find specific information about the Magee prize here.


Diagnostic Screenings May Help Reveal the Power of Preventative Health

Read this blog for Cervical Cancer Awareness Month in January!


"The summer of 2019, a month after I graduated from college, I traveled to Paris with my mother. It was a life-altering trip: my first visit to Europe and the experience that forced me to face my anorexia."

Read the full women's health story, "A Woman’s Health Perspective: Meghan Ochs’ Eating Disorder Journey," shared with SWHR online.

Do you have a health story to share? SWHR is always seeking stories about diagnoses, seeking or providing care, and living with narcolepsy, menopauseautoimmune diseases, heart disease, or other conditions or life stages. Visit swhr.org/shareyourstory or click the button to share.

Share your health story with SWHR!


What's SWHR Reading?

On Lupus: Researchers explore origins of lupus, find reason for condition's prevalence among women” by ScienceDaily reviews some of the latest in lupus research about the disease's prevalence in women.

On Menopause: National Menopause Foundation Launches Women's Midlife Health Policy Institute (WMHPI)” shares news of the release of new women's midlife institute to help improve midlife and menopause research.

On Vaccines: Why your mood could affect your flu shot” by the Washington Post explores how genes, attitude, and a perons's general health can impact reactions to the flu shot.

Know something SWHR should read? Reply to this email or tag us on social media using @SWHR!

SWHR President and CEO Katie Schubert was announced as a member of the 2024 National Health Council Board of Directors this winter. She was elected into the role on December 12, 2023, at the NHC annual membership meeting.

Find more of our team's latest updates at swhr.org.

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