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January 8, 2014
Mehina enjoys her Christmas goose.
Mehina enjoys her Christmas goose

Happy New Year to our wonderful friends and members of the Wolf Haven family.  As Wolf Haven begins its 32nd year of loving and caring for wolves, we are also ready to keep advocating for wolves in the wild and their habitat. We continue to keep our fellow wolf supporters up-to-date on what's happening with wolves both here and in the wild through a variety of methods: Facebook, e-news, Twitter, website, Wolf Tracks magazine, our blog, LinkedIn, etc.

And to start the new year off right, our latest Wolf Haven BLOG is about the annual Christmas tradition that our resident wolves enjoy: the giving of the Christmas geese.
(While you're reading the blog, be sure to watch & listen to the video of Siri & Riley enjoying their treat.)
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Mexican wolf pup born
at Wolf Haven 2008
Pups in Spring? 
As always, Wolf Haven will be closed to the public during the month of February, which is typical breeding season for wolves. Although we do NOT breed the rescued gray wolves who live in our sanctuary, on occasion the Species Survival Plan wolves that we foster (Mexican gray wolf and red wolf) may be recommended for breeding.

Both pair of red wolves (Ruby & Tala; Tamaska & Jacob) are recommended for breeding this year. Three pair of our Mexican wolf residents are also recommended. This doesn't mean that pups will necessarily be born, but rather that Wolf Haven will not separate the male and female of the pair nor use any contraceptive means to prevent pregnancy. 

We'll all have our fingers crossed. A total of five Mexican gray wolf litters and one red wolf litter has been born at Wolf Haven in years past.

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