January 5, 2022
January and Omicron at Grace St. Paul’s
The best laid plans of...Here we go again. As the number of Covid positive cases continues to rise across the world and here within the GSP community, we have reviewed all of our upcoming January events and come up with the following plan:
Sunday Worship - No changes. We will continue live services at 7:45 AM and 10 AM, mask wearing throughout, same social distancing. Even with Covid cases in our community higher than they have been at any point during the last two years, we do not know of a single case where someone contracted Covid from a worship service. Also, we do not know of any of the recent positive tests in our community causing more than minor symptoms to anyone in our congregation. Our safety measures have worked extremely well and we will continue them in person and also continue live-streaming of our 10 AM service. Sunday School will also continue with the same protocols.
January 16 Listening Session - After the 10 AM service, we were planning a listening session with the entire congregation to talk about how everyone is doing emotionally, how GSP has been supportive, how we can do better as a church to care for you and others, what we are doing well, what we are not doing so well, how we can improve, and how we can continue to grow as the Beloved Community. We have postponed this session until after the Omicron numbers begin to drop. See below.
January 23 - Meet the Vestry candidates forum - We are turning this meeting into a hybrid session. The original plan was to have this question and answer forum after both the 7:45 and 10 AM service. Instead, we will have one forum, at Noon in the church and on Zoom. This will allow for the CO2 numbers to go down again after the 10 AM service. We will have some light, individually wrapped refreshments and drinks available outside during the break between the service and the forum. We have chosen the church as the venue to give us an opportunity to spread out, creating large social distancing. Questions can be asked in person or on zoom:
Steve Keplinger - GSP is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Meet the Vestry Candidates
Time: Jan 23, 2022 12:00 PM Arizona
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Meeting ID: 831 1501 4881
January 30 - Annual Meeting - This will also be a hybrid meeting beginning at Noon. You will have an opportunity to vote for new Vestry members and delegates to Diocesan Convention both in person and on Zoom. Our new Senior Warden will be announced, as well as reports from all of our amazing ministries who continued operating like a well oiled machine throughout it all.
The meeting is also in the church. Snacks available outside, masks on inside:

Steve Keplinger - GSP is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Annual Meeting
Time: Jan 30, 2022 12:00 PM Arizona
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Meeting ID: 814 4342 4205
It is the fervent hope and dream of your Rector that this time, we really are nearing the end of this pandemic. Let us pray that this highly infectious omicron variant will burn out Covid as a pandemic and move it into the endemic stage. The scientific conjecture is that we will have significantly increasing positive numbers over the next six to eight weeks with less life threatening illness, followed by a huge drop in positivity as the level of immunity increases in the population. Let us pray that this scenario is accurate and that by April we will be looking at Covid like we would a flu, and that the major threat to the human and animal population will have subsided. 

That is our hope and prayer, an upcoming Easter of monumental Resurrection. Say Amen my beloved. Amen!