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Incorrect or wrong vision leads to unhappiness while correct or right vision leads to happiness.
We look at the world, feel, perceive and experience everything through our inner beliefs and visions. Life is nothing but a bundle of beliefs and visions.
Do the circumstances make us happy or unhappy? No, it is how we perceive the circumstances using our vision that makes us happy or unhappy.  Vision is the light of knowledge that shines within us.
Positive visions are ones that find happiness or positivity in any event or situation. Positive visions occur due to knowledge light that is in concurrence with the natural laws.  

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Opinion is constructed from the atoms of ego, and from this opinion, the mind comes into being. Good opinions form a good, positive mind and bad opinions form a bad, negative mind. Due to circumstances and prevailing situations, opinions are incessantly formed; consciously or unconsciously.  These opinions that form in the mind may be on any number of subjects such as people, world, time, nation, religion, sect, society, creed, etc.  It is our own opinion that binds us, and not things external to us or other people. Thus the mind becomes the cause of bondage.
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In recent times the mind has been a source of trouble. Situations are such that people are in a constant state of stress. They are always worried about one thing or another. This engulfment of tensions has made people seek peace of mind. They are seeking solutions like meditation to still the mind. They find great solace when the mind is calm; when thoughts cease. But is this peace sustainable? Is it possible to remain forever in such a thoughtless state? To answer this, it is necessary to understand the nature of mind, its function, how it is formed and how it can be managed.

The 'Shaila' that met Dada  Bhagavan in 1984 and the 'Shaila' that exists today are two totally different human beings!  The 'Shaila' that met Dada Bhagavan in 1984 was a broken, confused, unsettled, uncomfortable and lost human being in search of answers! 

Before 'Shaila' met Dada Bhagavan, she was always looking for justice in the relative world.  She was in search of pure, unconditional love and acceptance that she instantaneously found upon meeting Dada Bhagavan.  There was a discomfort within herself with her own identity.  She knew that she could not be 'that' mind-speech-body that was continually causing her grief and suffering!  But, she did not know 'what' she was!  So, like a magnet, she instantaneously bonded with Dada Bhagavan, the eternal Dada Bhagavan, that resided within the body of A. M. Patel from Bhadran, India. 

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