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Good bye, 2018! Hello, 2019! 

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Dear Friends of A Novel Experience,   
      To tell you the truth, we are really happy to pull the curtain on 2018...and, we're really looking forward to 2019. Last year was busy--jam-packed with incredible happenings. Today, we want to take a moment or two to savor them.  A Novel Experience enjoyed a record-breaking year thanks to you, our loyal, wonderful supporters. We met a ton of new folks who discovered the book store this past year. We revelled in the energy of spirited conversations, both across the counter, over coffee, and in 12 months of Living Room Conversations. We experienced the thrill of watching the old Zebulon School's roof being reconstructed as a first step to saving the building--thanks to our community's outpouring of support. All of us discovered new reads via our book clubs and your suggestions.  Writers, artists, musicians and photographers shared their experience of the world with us. And, we found moments of serenity and enjoyment by simply opening up a book and, reading. It really works.  

     And now, to 2019! We have a great line-up of artists and craft folk, beginning with this month's show by the members of our intrepid knitter's group. They meet every Tuesday at 5. "Women of a Certain Age" is returning with 15% off Mondays and upcoming events. We'll host a two-month "read-and-discover" group for middle school girls. The book groups have chosen amazing titles. This month, Living Room Conversations will consider the Pandora's Box of artificial intelligence and how it is impacting our lives. We'll figure out where the leak is located in our front window! (Fingers crossed!) Stop by and render an opinion of any of the above!  

Record breaking rainy days in 2018...Just thought we'd remind you what sunny weather looks like!

      "To-do's" for right now: If you have some great images of dogs or horses go to the link below and enter them in our 2019 "Dog and Pony Show" photography exhibition. Decide to join one of our book groups. Stop by and say hello. And, above all, resolve to make time to put aside the cacophony of our world and, read. 

      Manythanks for all of for your support--and, good wishes for the new year.

                                            All of us at A Novel Experience



Women of a Certain Age returns!

We could use your ideas as we go forward!
      WOACA--that's us over 50! We're bringing back our 15% discount for you on everything in the store each and every Monday. (And, visit our neighbor, Hey Jo, who does the same!). We'll be working to make this a city-wide deal so you can make a day of it in downtown. In addition, we'll have every-so-often seminars of interest--stop by and let us know what you would be interested in--we'll find a speaker (and supply the refreshments!) 

As Coco Channel (1883-1971) reminds us "Nature gives you the face you have at twenty: it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty."  flowerpot-woman.jpg
                                                        Tarkington Store by Renee Lowery
CALL FOR ENTRIES: The Dog and Pony Show 


     Come and be a part of a tradition--and leap into  our annual photography exhibition that celebrates our relationship with two beloved species--dogs and horses.  If you have a great shot of a dog, or a horse, or both, enter it for this juried show that will hang at A Novel Experience during the month of February. We are pleased to announce that author, photographer, and Emmy winner Ray Sullivan returns as our 2019 Juror!

How to Enter

     Here's how you enter: Pick up to 4 of your favorite digital images. The deadline is January 12th. It's free to enter! We'll announce the Juror's picks by Jan 19th. Print them and drop them by the store (or ship them to us at 426 Thomaston Street, Zebulon, GA 30295.) Note: You can either frame them or mat them--we'll hang them alongside wonderful dog and pony quotes for a fantastic exhibit--our biggest and most popular show. Come to the reception and enjoy! 


The Prizes

First Prize: A blue ribbon and ANE Gift Certificate (sadly, we can no longer offer the donkeys for prizes--they are enjoying life in Florida!). 
Ribbons for Second, Third and Honorable Mentions.  

                                                                              Me and My Shadow by Susan Perry

                                                          Ethel by Jan Fields from our very first show featuring dogs!
January 2019 Calendar

WE ARE OPEN MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY 10 TILL 7 P.M.! (We're closed on New Year's Day)

January at the GALLERY: The Knitter's Show!  They knit and purl, and crochet, every Tuesday at 5 at the store--and, the work is sumptuous! The Knitters are going to share some of their pieces with us for our January show. Several of the pieces will be for sale--hats, blankets, scarves, and more. What better season to experience that the warm, soft, nubby textures and colors of handmade knits! 

WOMEN OF A CERTAIN AGE MONDAYS! 15% off everything on Mondays.

THURSDAY, JAN 3rd: The Drop-in, Guilt-Free Book Group reads Young Jane Young by Gabrielle Zevin. 7:00 p.m. and re member to pick up our 2019 rack card with all of the 2019 titles!

 Our meeting of the Spirituality Book group meets at 1 p.m.  We continue our spiritual sojourning with Almost Everything: Notes on Hope  by Anne Lamott.
meets the first Friday at 7:00.   
The Knit-a-Longs are here to purl, slip, and practice their knitting--they are also great helpers for those who are just getting the hang of it! T hey  convene on Tuesday evenings from 5 to 7 to do the knitting thing! Come on out!     
This month's book:  Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Ega--at high noon. 

Meets at 6:00 p.m. Shaunasee welcomes all fans of great Young Adult reads. This month the group will be reading For a Muse of Fire.  And, check out our Nerd Herd FB page!

LIVING ROOM CONVERSATIONS at 3 pm--our topic: "Artificial Intelligence--Opening Pandora's Box?".
SATURDAY, JAN 26th: THE CLASSICS BOOK GROUP will read and discuss  The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot. We'll meet at 7:00 p.m.