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January Clarity

A desire to simplify things and start fresh usually comes after the holidays pass. After purging our closets and countertops, we long for something new. Stop by to replace a lost hat or glove. Maybe that
item you liked last fall is now on sale.


Fresh Quotes

The quote jar on our counter has been re-filled with inspirational 
gems  of wisdom and wit. Dig deep and find the one that sparks 
your imagination, or give one to a friend. Happy hunting!

This and That

While tidying up after the holidays, some things always gravitate to the ongoing sale rack. Stop by and see if a favorite item has been reduced. Special  purchases at the end of season are also added. You never know what might pop up.

Salt + Pepper

Plenty of popular three season items are available. With our cool 
springs  and warm autumns, some things never get packed away. 

Featured above: Lilla P black and white cotton sweater with back 
keyhole ribbon detail. 176.


Local Label

Anita Costello's Bacah line has had success with soft knits and 
functional  origami slouch bags. Her effortless style appeals to 
fashion-minded women who favor comfort and ease in their 
wardrobe choices.

1) Colorful origami slouch bags in fabric or leather.
Fabric 88.
Leather 148.

2) Bag with model

3) Knit tunics and skirts in four colorways
Tunic 110.
Skirt 76.

4)Tunic/skirt in wheat shown with Komarov scarf 76.
champagne dot slouch bag. 88



Winter Getaways

If you're planning a winter break in a warmer clime, check out our endless summer racks. CLICK top photo for close-up. A selection of sunhats and sunglasses is also available. Bon voyage!

Sunhats 46.-66.
Sunglasses 24.

Artisan Wares

Our jewelry case has lots of new additions. Mostly handmade contemporary designs with a sprinkle of vintage estate sale pieces.
Browse a selection of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings.

Cupcake Preview

Maruca Designs newest Spring line is bright and conversational.
Featured above, their bestselling Cupcake mini crossover. These will 
be arriving in March or April to brighten things up. Stay tuned.


Winter Whites

Lovely pima 100% cotton nighties from P.jamas. Choose shadow 
stripes,  or softly smocked lightweight knits. Superb quality that lasts 
for years.

1) Ballet length striped big shirt. 86.

2) Smocked gown 136.  Gathered gown 88.

3) Closeup of details