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January eNEWS
New Training Session This March! 
Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey regarding upcoming trainings! Based on the overwhelming response, we will hold our first training session of the year on March 11th from 8:30am-4pm on how to Maximize Outdoor Time with Planning and Design: Playground Design and Low-Cost Solutions for Your Outdoor Play Space at Save the Bay in Providence. View course description here Please register by clicking on the link below.
CENTER SPOTLIGHT! Westbay Community Action  

With the implementation of the 2013 DCYF regulations and the subsequent re-measurement of classrooms, the Westbay Children’s Center in Warwick would have needed to drop enrollment in two of their preschool spaces in order to maintain compliance. After being awarded planning funds in Wave 2 of Race to the Top’s Early Learning Facility Grants, the Westbay Children’s Center hired...

Snow and Ice Loads on Your Roof  

Last winter’s record snow fall resulted in a lot of roof damage. One of the best lessons learned was the need to better understand the warning signs of an overloaded and overstressed roof. Please read FEMA’s Snow Load Safety Guidance Sheet to better understand what to look for and what to do after a snowfall. 

And if you really want to sink your teeth into learning all about snow loads, please read FEMA’s entire Snow Load Safety Guide to better understand what actions should be taken before, during, and after a snow event. 

Friendly Reminder: Remember to Clear Your Exterior Drains! 

Before winter really sets in, make sure that all of the exterior drains are free from any leaves or debris. If items are blocking the drain, they will likely freeze over and prevent snow, slush, and freezing rain from properly draining. If this happens, you stand the risk of too much moisture building up and icing over. Alternatively, if the debris freezes in the drains, the drains could also burst. This simple task will help eliminate or reduce the risk of having to deal with a number of problems and can aid in getting your children safely outside to enjoy winter play.

Eliminating Germs – How to Properly Sanitize Your Child Care Center 

Cold and flu season is upon us – which means even more careful cleaning of your center to help remove those pesky germs. But what products are safest – and which work best? Here are some steps to keeping your center’s environment clean...
Are You Interested in Incorporating Garden-Based Learning?

The URI Extension Outreach Center will be holding a one-day conference that will share best practices and innovative lesson plans that help kids achieve academic success through garden-based learning. 

URI Outreach Center – Free Seed Program for 2016 

If you are interested in planting seeds in your center’s garden this spring, check out this free seed program though the University of Rhode Island Outreach Center! 


The Rhode Island Child Care and Early Learning Facilities Fund (RICCELFF) is an innovative public-private partnership dedicated to expanding access to quality child care and early education opportunities throughout Rhode Island. The RICCELFF provides the capital and technical expertise that child care and early learning centers need to improve the quality and capacity of their physical space. The RICCELFF provides a combination of training, technical assistance, grant funding and flexible, affordable financing for a wide range of indoor and outdoor projects including minor renovations or construction of new, state-of-the art facilities and playground spaces. Click here to learn more about what the RICCELFF can offer your program.

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