From the Director
After the last days of beam successfully concluded the October to December 2019 experimental run at CHESS, we all had a bit of time to recover and spend time with friends and families over the holiday break. Now, CHESS staff is back and we are using the current shut down of the facility to further upgrade and update the experimental facilities and capabilities in preparation for the next run. 

Recent research at CHESS beamlines has produced intriguing results on nanoscale objects ranging from   RNA -  a macromolecule essential to all forms of life - to  PbSe nanocrystal arrays   that are candidate materials for novel optoelectronic devices. In both cases, detailed X-ray scattering experiments at CHESS were essential to gain new insights into the interplay between atomic structure and function of the nanomaterials. 

To apply for beamtime at CHESS and to carry out your intriguing experiments during  the April to June experimental run , please submit your proposals through the  CHESS User Portal  by February 3 rd .

Training the next generation of scientific and technical experts for X-ray sciences is an important CHESS mission. This month, we highlight the experiences of three students from SUNY Delhi at CHESS . TJ, Connor and Tony made important contributions to many different projects during their time at CHESS while learning about the technology and tools needed to operate and perform experiments at a synchrotron light source.

This month, we also go  Beyond The Lab   to learn more about Bill Miller, a research support specialist on the structural biology beamlines at CHESS.  Bill has been at the lab for over 30 years. During this time he has also been a critical care technician for Spencer EMS.  Bill’s expertise in a wide range of topics paired with his dedication to every task he performs has proven most impactful inside and outside the lab. 
There is as always a lot going on here at CHESS and we are looking forward to more exciting news and science from CHESS in the coming year.
Here’s to a healthy and happy 2020!
Joel Brock, Director
Students from SUNY Delhi took part in a six month internship at CHESS .  
Setting Carriers Free: Healing Faulty Interfaces Promotes Delocalization and Transport in Nanocrystal Solids : Overcoming the limitations imposed by interfacial defects is an essential next step in the development of high-quality optoelectronic devices based on NC solids.
Please submit your proposals by February 3 rd for the April-June run through the CHESS User Portal.
Throughout these thirty years, one thing has always been constant; Bill is there when you need him
Together, with DNA and Proteins, RNA forms the trinity of macromolecules (large and heavy molecules) essential to all forms of life on earth

The moment is ripe for the development of the field of extreme biophysics.
Issue No. 68 2020.1.16