Your January Shalom School E News Is Here!

Ms.Josie: PreK/K has really enjoyed learning all about Hanukkah. We had lots of fun painting and decorating our own menorahs and becoming Maccabees to perform at the end of the semester program. We also have loved getting to welcome a new student, having visits from the rabbis, and singing songs together. 
Mrs. Lisa : T he 1st grade Hebrewsaurs enjoyed our short December month by diving into all things Chanukah. We used inspiration from the holiday to learn how to read and write the letters on the dreidel. We also mastered the prayers over the Chanukah candles. We discussed the miracle of the oil lasting in the temple and conflict over groups of people - and how we can relate it to our current day struggles in the world. Finally, we learned songs and performed beautifully and courageously (like Maccabees) for the Chanukah program
Mrs. Michelle: The second grade class spent the short month preparing for the Hanukkah with our very own parody to the tune of "Witch Doctor." We showed off our knowledge of Hebrew vowels, read a few books on Hanukkah and finished semester as masters of our curriculum. We've enjoyed getting to know each other more and furthering our knowledge of Hebrew and Judaics.
Ms. Brina: The 3rd/4th grade class loves our morning Bible/Gmilut Hassadim open discussions. Each student has a very personal meaning of what Judaism means to them and it is great to hear everybody's different opinions. Our class also love to do work in their Siddurs, as they are all getting great references for different prayers and their meanings. Alongside of this, they are great Siddur illustrators as well! In our spare time, the class always takes a unanimous vote to play their favorite game, Jewish Trivia. 
Ms. Amanda: The 5th grade began learning about the country of Israel. We learned about the rain forest that was created in the desert of Eilat and used Google Earth to virtually tour other areas of the country. We also learned about the story of Hanukkah with a focus on the need to rely on intelligence, community, and faith when facing a difficult challenge.
We will welcome back Sunday students on
January 12th at 9:30am
Wednesday students will resume their classes on January 15th at 4:00pm
Tuition payment deadline as been extended to January 12 .
If you haven't mailed your check or pay online by that date, you will be able to pay when dropping your child at school on January 12
Tot Shalom is back
January 26th 9:30-10:30am
For children 4 and under
Join us for a session filled with play, songs, snacks and fun! Great opportunity to meet other families!
Our Hanukkah program was a smashing success! We had incredible performances by all classes, including many original songs, followed by a latke & donut party sponsored by CMI Sisterhood. During our party, Shalom School was presented with a generous check from the sisterhood. We are very grateful for the support and will put the money to the very best use with our students.
To help promote Jewish education, we are pleased to be offering this year again  
to any of our students who are planning on attend a
  Jewish summer camp  
Click  HERE   to apply. 
Deadline for applications is February 15 .

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