January 2018 @ the MACC
The above image may not be the MACC as you have come to think of us that is, "not your daddy's MACC" but it is yet another example that the MACC is here for everyone: dads, moms, and kids of all ages and all interests. In just the early part of January, we hosted artists from the 78-year old Judy Collins (whose voice is still as bell-like as ever) to a 15-year-old Amazing Acrobat of China... and we covered just about every age in between. Bill Maher and his rakish humor on the 1st... Willie K, Alice Cooper, Pat Simmons, Dave Mason, et al in the BluesFest on the 6th, EDM (electronic dance music) with Diplo on the 14th, and the 57 artists of all ages from four islands in Schaefer Portrait Challenge on the same day... then on to Shanghai Circus on the 15th/16th.

With 8-12 events of all kinds happening every day @ the MACC, we could paraphrase that old adage about the weather: "If you don't like what's happening now, wait a day!" or better yet, try one of the many other events on site.

Looking forward to seeing you soon, @ the MACC!
Art Vento, President & CEO
Read an article about the MACC embracing diversity in the arts:
It's not just your daddy's MACC any more .....
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Speaking of dads at the MACC: Pat Simmons (of the Doobie Brothers) and son Pat Simmons Jr share the stage at Willie's K's BluesFest on January 6.
Dads, moms, and kids all love to come and see the Shanghai Circus every year - and this year was no exception! The intrepid acrobats of China performed four shows in the Castle Theater - and were loving their Hawai'i audiences, according to their Facebook page (photo below) and their hearty shakas!
For those who are looking for something other than traditional art forms ... maybe the interactive event know as ArT=Mixx has something to amuse you! The next iteration, on Saturday February 3, carries a NOSTALGIA theme - flashback to the ‘70s and ‘80s - with music by DJs Stephan Jacobs and Blake Rizzo, visuals by Professor LightWAV, performance art, and a portraiture art activity to go along with the current exhibit. And it's FREE! (21+ only)

While we're talking about family at the MACC, you will be able to see many fathers, mothers, tutu, aunties, uncles, and other of our islands' heroes in the current Schaefer Portrait Challenge exhibition in the gallery now through March 18.

Stop by to see the artists' diverse interpretations of their subjects ... you might even know some of them!

 Visit the gallery by March 7 and vote for your favorite portrait for the People's Choice Award.
Natasha Young & "Contemporary Artist"
SPC2018 Jurors Choice Award winner
Above: most of the 57 artists exhibiting in the current Schaefer Portrait Challenge.
See full list at MauiArts.org/spc2018

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