January 7, 2019
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We all do what we can

I used to joke about my insane daily “to do” list by rattling off tasks that should take a week and then say, “And in the afternoon, I’ll achieve world peace.” Then, it was a way of mocking the unhealthy and culturally induced drive to succeed, but now it serves a different purpose. Now, it echoes the message of our notion of spiritual deepening for global transformation and Gandhi’s famous advice to “be the change you want to see.” By becoming a better me, I am changing my little piece of the world, and by changing my little piece of the world, I am contributing to global transformation. 

In short, we do our part; we do what we can.

Serving the Christine Center is, in addition to my spiritual deepening, now my part. To serve the center, I left my home in a lively community where I was deeply involved in civic life, turned down a far more lucrative salary, and moved into a one-room cabin in the woods. The Christine Center is, I believe, what my dad was talking about when he dissuaded me from following him into the ministry and urged me to wait for my own calling. The center, its mission, and its guests are my ministry.

It’s what I can do.

You can join me and so many others who support the center’s mission of transformation by making a donation to the center. To keep the opportunities for spiritual deepening, inner exploration and personal peace available and affordable to most people, we depend on the generosity of people like you. Please, click here and give. 

It’s one important thing that you can do.

--Russell King, executive director
January opportunities for deep reflection, intention and renewal.
Grief, Loss and Resilience:
a Buddhist Approach
January 14 – 16, 2019
(Monday- Wednesday)
with Lama Yeshe

Tuition: $150, plus meals and lodging

We can experience many types of loss during our lives; death of a loved one or friend, divorce, loss of one’s health, loss of livelihood and so forth. Lama Yeshe will explore how to respond to grief and loss in a healthy way that actually can result in spiritual growth and the development of wisdom. By understanding that change is part of life, we realize we can also change and not be stuck in a past that no longer exists. There will be a description of Buddhist approach to death and what is traditionally done by the living for those who have died. This program will examine mindfulness, loving-kindness, and wisdom and how to include them in our lives. Learn more.
Make 2019 a year of health and wellness.
Yoga Nidra:
A Day of Deep Relaxation
January 24-25, (Thursday–Friday)
with Tracy Chipman

Tuition: $95, plus meals and lodging

Enjoy 24 hours of restoration and rejuvenation through the easiest yoga practice of all – simple, deep, natural rest. The Christine Center welcomes you to a monthly day designated for health, well-being, and ease. Each month, one of our featured instructors will offer a mid-week Yoga Nidra based program designed to help you experience quiet clarity and calm from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Join us as we take a 24-hour “time out” from our busy lives to unwind one serene breath at a time. You may even choose to extend your stay and create your own customized personal retreat. Our woodland sanctuary awaits. See our website for more information. Learn more.
The Yoga of Relaxation
January 25-27, 2019
with Tracy Hart, CYT

Tuition: sliding scale; $100 to $150, plus meals and lodging.

Join us for a weekend of relaxation and training. Ease stress and tension while communing with the spirit. This weekend will incorporate yoga techniques and energy work to release and relax the mind and nervous system creating an overall sense of peace and tranquility. All levels of experience are welcome. Sessions will incorporate periods of conscious relaxation, Yoga Nidra breath work, meditation, visualization and include a crystal singing bowl experience. Gentle yoga stretching and QiGong exercises will be included in the weekend practice. Register here.
Yoga and Sound Healing
for Chakra Balancing
January 31 – February 3, 2019
with Kristin Manjula

Tuition: sliding scale $225 - $300, plus meals and lodging

Imagine taking time away from the responsibilities of daily life to nourish your body, focus on your well being, and gain greater insight into what it means to be at your happiest and healthiest.

This three day retreat will emphasize finding personal fulfillment by exploring each of the seven main chakras through philosophy, breath work, movement, chanting, and sound healing. Kristin, of Breathe Yoga and Wellness Center in Janesville, Wisconsin will lead you through yoga practices, philosophy discussions and sound healing sessions. There will be opportunities for discussion, questions, and personal inquiry. Most importantly, there will be time and space to settle into an immersive practice of yoga in a serene environment with supportive community. This retreat does not require any experience and is open to all. Learn more.
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