As we approach the final days of January, we are pleased to share with you this edition of our newsletter that includes updates on:

  • Chapultepec Peace Accords
  • Salvadoran Presidential Elections
  • Month of the Elderly
  • Creation of Student Advisory Board
  • American Chamber of Commerce and Corporate Networking
  • Gratitude - Getting Involved
Chapultepec Peace Accords: January 16, 1992
We begin by honoring the extraordinary women and men who fought, worked, sacrificed and prayed to bring an end to our twelve-year civil war (1980-1992) and initiate our national “project of peace” in El Salvador.

Twenty-seven years ago, the leadership of the guerrilla forces of the FMLN and the Salvadoran government signed a peace accord in Chapultepec, Mexico, ending a devastating twelve-year war that led to 75,000 deaths, 8000 disappeared, 550,000 displaced, over 500,000 refugees and countless human rights violations.
That agreement silenced the weapons of war and paved the way for the work of peace and the Tamarindo Foundation.

As we remembered this historic event, we asked our community to create colorful cards bearing the names of their mothers, fathers, grandparents, sisters, brothers and all relatives who gave their lives to achieve peace and set the foundation for new opportunities with which we now celebrate and enjoy.
Those names will hang from our ceiling at the Tamarindo throughout the year, accompanying our daily work and reminding us all of our responsibility to those artisans who inspire us to continue to build a society of peace and justice.
Presidential Elections: February 3, 2019

With less than a week to go until El Salvador’s presidential elections, our community is preparing to cast their vote.

There are three candidates on the ballot: Hugo Martinez (FMLN), Carlos Callejas (ARENA) and Nayib Bukele (GANA). Current polls show Bukele leading over the candidates from the country's established and powerful political parties: ARENA and the FMLN. What makes these elections unique is that it is the first time a third party candidate has a chance of sending these historically dominant parties home.
Regardless of the outcome, what we look for in our new president is someone who will serve all Salvadorans with honor. We pray that our new president will be honest and work with us on our mission to break the chains of poverty and forced migration by creating real alternatives and opportunity in El Salvador.

We expect that 95% of our eligible community members will vote, an opportunity that was also afforded to us by the Peace Accords of 1992.
January in El Salvador was officially National Month of the Elderly and at the Tamarindo, we participated by reflecting on the rights and dignity of senior citizens through encounters, workshops, research and artistic performances. You may read more about these activities through our social media updates.

Throughout the rest of 2019, we look forward to continuing to honor all seniors in our community through our respect, love and service.
Creation of Student Advisory Board

As the new school year begins, we are deeply grateful to all of you who made university studies a reality for 36 students through our Jon Cortina Scholarship and professional development programs.

As our university student population continues to grow in numbers, we have established an Advisory Board with six members - five students representing five classes and one alumni representing graduates.

This Advisory Board will help our community leaders and education committee deepen our understanding of our students’ needs in order to further develop our educational and professional development programs.
American Chamber of Commerce and Corporate Networking
The Tamarindo Foundation became a member of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) this month, which gave us an opportunity to present our work to the Committee of Social Responsibility of AmCham-El Salvador at a meeting with sixteen corporate members, including Microsoft, Bayer, Holcim, and Walmart.

We see this new relationship as a step further in creating employment opportunities for the people of Guarjila and look forward to working with AmCham in developing economic development projects in El Salvador.
Thank you

Last but not least, we would like to once again thank all of you for your generosity this past holiday season and ask that you stay close to us in 2019. Below are some ways in which you can get involved:
As always, know we could not do this work without you.

We give special thanks to Edie Witchger, Peggy Smego and Father Burke Masters, who accompanied us in Guarjila for the New Year through prayer, support and celebration.

May Saint Oscar Romero inspire you and your families in 2019.
We are so blessed by your friendship and love.
Please keep us in your prayers and be assured you all will remain in ours.

Love and blessings on behalf of all of us here at the Tamarindo