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IV INFUSIONS - Science fiction or smart health?  
IV Infusions : Isn't it incredible how we can treat ourselves back into good health!
Our bodies are amazing! However, the process of living can be hard work on the natural functions and systems in our incredible bodies. As we use up our energy and vitamins, our bodies become depleted and have to look for ways to compensate, often resulting in unwanted symptoms!   
This is where IV Vitamin Therapy
comes in -  As an  ideal preventative therapy which can help restore our body's nutrient levels to their optimal state.  Have you been suffering any of these symptoms lately; tiredness, trouble sleeping, headaches, cognitive or physical function and performance decline, not to mention environmental pollutants  and toxins, ooh and the big one - Ageing. By restoring your body to its ideal vitamin and nutrient levels, you can rapidly reduce or eliminate these symptoms.
IV Infusions can slow down cellular damage, reinvigorate, sort out a hang over and boost your Immune system. The IV Brain booster will be available soon as well as the must have Jetlag relief and Gut Healing infusions. Some people report feeling better within minutes. How good is that!  
IV treatments, together with take home supplements, are a great way to start your holiday and to boost your ongoing health! Yours soon at Taksu Spa.  

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All year round Wellness @ Taksu Healing Haven
Gaia Colonics : It's time to give your body a helping hand after all the fun and indulgence of Christmas and the New Year. Gaia Colonics are one of the most well known and trusted Colonics places in Bali, and now in collaboration with Taksu Spa, you can have your Colonic in the center of Ubud. Make sure you book in advance!      
Sound: Next level Sound Bath Sessions are filling up days in advance. If you are coming to Ubud and are looking to experience the Magic that is the Taksu Sound Bath Sessions. Use the WhatsApp booking number above to save your place. Sessions are available   during the week, or on the Full or New Moon and/or have a private session. Definitely, a must do!
Ayurveda - Discover, Understand & Apply :  Justin will be holding an information talk on all things Ayurvedic on Thursday, January 24th from 5pm - 6.30pm. 100K Rupiah. There are limited seating numbers so make you booking to secure your seat as soon as possible. Click here for more information. 
Grand Alpha Alignment: Is a series of physical movements designed to take the body out of inappropriate states of stress, discomfort, or disease within seconds. It clears physical, mental, emotional, energetic blockages and beyond, through a series of touch-based alignments. This can also be combined with Thai Yoga massage.

Health and Nutrition Get the low down at a workshop on your Immune System, Gut Health, Adrenal fatigue, or Endocrine System or even how to prevent and reverse cellular damage. This January you will learn about Insomnia : Causes & Management on Wed 9 January from 10am - 11.30am & Optimizing the Immune & Lymph systems on Wed 23rd January. Don't forget to book using the WhatsApp number above.  
Access Consciousness: How does it get even better than this? By learning about Sifting Molecules on Tues 8 January or getting your Bars Certification starting Wed 9 January at Taksu Spa. This is a 1 Day Course that can change everything about your life, freeing you from the boxes of judgment, conclusion, decisions and projections of this reality you have aligned and agreed with or reacted and resisted to since forever in time?  Read more here. 
Theta Healing : January classes are filling up with the Dig Deeper, Manifesting and Abundance & Soulmate still to go. See class details here. Learn how, by using focused meditation techniques, you can help facilitate powerful transformations in people. Other modules can be done alone or as adjunct to the others. 
All of these great Healing opportunities are available to you right here at Taksu.
Click  here to find out more.
Eat, Drink and apply    
Avocados - Who knew Avocado could be  
this good for you!
PS: Don't forget to read all the way through  
especially  if you have latex allergies.
Thinking Guacamole, smashed Avocado  
with eggs, Avocado toast, Avocado Fries, Avocado chocolate pudding. There are so many yummy dishes you can make with Avocado. Just wait till you check out the Restaurant delicious Avocado specials  
Did you know? Food and Drink
- Avocados are high in fat. It is monounsaturated fat, which is a "good or healthy" fat which helps lower bad cholesterol, as long as you eat them in moderation. Healthy fats like these are needed for calming inflammation and nourishing your gut.
- Avocados have a lot of calories. Some say, the recommended serving size is smaller than you'd expect: 1/3 of a medium avocado (50 grams 0r 1.7 ounces). That's not fun, so the answer is don't eat them all day.
- Avocados are a berry, say what? yep, that's right! Avocados are considered a fruit because they fit all of the botanical criteria for a berry.
- In Asia, Avocado is a juice. Yes! Really! This is definitely a must try while you are here in Bali. Cut up your Avocado, put in your blender (minus the pip) add a little of your preferred sweetener if required, a sploosh of water and blend it, adding water until its at drinking consistency. What they do here in a lot of places is squirt chocolate sauce around the inside of your cup, so what you get is a heavenly sweet Avocado chocolate flavor. However, in the interest of good health you may wish to ask them not to add any extra sugar because they do like it sweet here and at times will add big helpings of sugar syrup. That aside, it makes sense to incorporate Avocados into your healthy eating plan. And there are many fantastic recipes out there to search and explore!
Nutrient All-Star (thanks to Web MD for the following info)
Avocados offer nearly 20 vitamins and minerals in every serving, including potassium which helps control blood pressure, lutein, which is good for your eyes, and folate, which is crucial for cell repair and during pregnancy.
Avocados are a good source of B vitamins, which help you fight off disease and infection. They also give you vitamins C and E, plus natural plant chemicals that may help prevent cancer.
Avocados are low in sugar. And they contain fiber, which helps you feel full longer. In one study, people who added a fresh avocado half to their lunch were less interested in eating during the next three hours. And that's good news for most of us!
Did you know? Face, Skin and Hair
Avocados contain vitamins A, C, E, and K and are full of antioxidants which help protect your skin from environmental damage. And its raw, monounsaturated fats give your skin a youthful, beautiful appearance, moisturizing from the inside out.
- Face: Avocado makes for the perfect hydrating, skin-brightening face mask all on its own, and then add honey and oatmeal. It's breakfast and an awesome facial in one . Together with the benefits of honey and oatmeal, Avocados very hydrating-healthy lipids help the skin barrier to trap moisture, which plumps and hydrates the skin, reducing wrinkles and dark spots over time. Yes, please!
- Skin: Avocado used topically on skin has major hydration and antioxidant powers.
- Hair: So many things can dry out your hair: coloring, blow-drying, and sun exposure-to name a few. So while on your holiday, give your hair some extra TLC, and love, love, love the feeling of your hair after an Avocado Hair Cream bath with Ozone steam. When you want to restore a shiny look and smooth texture to your hair, an avocado treatment is the way to go. It will help to moisturize and strengthen your hair from root to tip.
Allergic to Latex?
If you have a latex allergy, talk to your doctor before adding avocado to your diet. People with a serious allergy to latex may also experience symptoms after eating avocado.

Refill My Bottle  
Just ask the restaurant staff
Taksu are proud to announce that we are now  
officially a  Refill My Bottle station.
RefillMyBottle Bali aims to cut down on the millions  
of plastic water bottles discarded in Bali and Indonesia each year by offering an alternative:  
bring your own bottle and refill it for free or at a minimal fee. Here at Taksu it is FREE! 
Thank you for helping us reduce the plastic  
pollution in Bali! 


Avocado Season Specials
Taksu Spa and Restaurant

Spa Specials 
Staying on the Training, element, a number of our Spa Therapists have just recently completed advanced Asian Reflexology training with an amazing French Reflexology Teacher, courtesy of Rahasia Nyaman Bali. Highly recommended for Jet lag and overall well being. Don't forget the WhatsApp Number above. 

Avocado Body Scrub and Body Mask with Floral Bath  

Antioxidants  like  vitamins A, E, and C which are found in Avocados  help to repair Sun damage, fight aging and the healthy fats in avocado are great for moisturizing your skin.
90 Min Only 600K Net

Avocado Facial with  
Oatmeal and Honey    

One of the great ingredients contains in Avocado is Collagen. It will help prevent premature aging as it  
cleans, nourishes, hydrates and reduce circles  
underneath the eyes and remove all the wrinkles.
60 Min Only 250K Net

Avocado Hair Creambath
with Ozone Steam      
The good fats, along with vitamins A, D and E found in Avocado all serve to leave your hair and scalp more nourished, whilst your hair will also look more lustrous  
and full. Ozone Steams can promote a healthy scalp
and hair growth.    

60 Min Only 265K Net
Couples Warm Stone Massage      

Warm stone massages are comforting and deeply  
relaxing. The warmth is soothing for people who tend  
to feel chilly. The heat of the stones relaxes muscles, allowing the therapist to work deeper while using  
lighter pressure.   
90 Min Only 1080K Net for Two

Asian Reflexology with  
Manicure and Pedicure   
Asian Reflexology is a type of acupressure which stimulates various functions of organs and the body. Followed by a Manicure & Pedicure to restore nail health.

60 Min Only 525K Net

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage  

This is an ancient, Indian Therapeutic technique, which combines a deep, but gentle full body massage by the therapist's hands and feet with Iyengar Therapeutic yoga stretching. Sesame oil and Calamus powder detoxify and exfoliate. The massage and yoga stretching will infuse  
your body with Prana. HIghly  recommended. 
90 Min Only 400K Net 

Restaurant Specials

Avocado Stacked Salad

Avocado, Lettuce, Mango, Cucumber,  
Mixed Pepper, Red Onion,  
Cherry Tomatoes,  
Olives, and  
Sunflower Crackers.   

Rp. 60.000

Avocado Al Cioccolato

Avocado, Espresso Coffee,  
Chocolate Ice Cream,  
Whipped Cream  
and Ice

Rp. 65.000

Chilled Avocado Cucumber Soup
Avocado, Cucumber, Brazilian Spinach,
Ginger, Herbs, Lime,  
and Honey.

Rp. 50.000


Spicy Avocado  
Chocolate Lava
Avocado, Banana, Spinach, Raw Chocolate,
Cinnamon with Chili Powder topping.
Rp. 70.000  

Barramundi with Avocado Salsa 

Pan Seared Baramundi with Baby Potato,
Asparagus, Carrot, Mushrooms, Red Chilli,
Lemon Basil Sauce and
Avocado Salsa.

Rp. 155.000


Avocado Key Lime
Cheese Cake
Classic Baked Cheese Cake made from  
Avocado, Lime, Sugar, Eggs, Cream  
served with  
Strawberry Coulis.

Rp. 50.000


Prawns Fettuccine with  
Avocado Sauce
Home made Fettucini Pasta with Prawns,  
Cherry Tomatoes, Parmesan Cheese,  
and Avocado Sauce.
Rp. 175.000 

Chocolate Avocado Pudding   

Yummy Pudding with Avocado, Cacao,  
Dates, Honey, Coffee, Mix Fruits,  
Nuts, and Crumble.
Rp. 60.000



Opera Cake 

Have you heard about banana flour? Banana flour is a fantastic and healthy alternative, because it's gluten-fee, high in potassium and even low on sugar. Our fantastic opera cake offers flavor combinations of chocolate and coffee. Yummilicious!  


Djamu is a traditional Indonesia medicine drink, predominantly made from fresh locally grown ingredients. Taksu Galeria created an array of varieties such as Djamu Kunyit, Djamu Pedas and Djamu Coco, all perfect for improving body circulation, protecting the immune system and offering many other health benefits. Grab your  
favorite one and say hi to our friendly staff at our KIOS.


Taksu Galeria brings modern authentic Japanese cuisine dining to Ubud. Made by our talented Sushi Chef 'Agung', they will create an unforgettable and lasting dining experience. Come and try them out soon!

Ubud Coffee Roastery

The Taste You Love

Start your day with a fresh cup of single origin coffee. We passionately source from and support small growers in Bali and throughout Indonesia. Roasted regularly in-house and brewed with love!
Stop in and try our freshly roasted single origin coffees - the way you like it! On Jalan Goutama Selatan across
from Taksu Spa & Restaurants. 

Delightful Drinking Experience

Coffee tastes change subtly season by season  
- plantation to plantation. We explore, discover,  
sample, roast, test and taste to provide you always  
with a delightful drinking experience. Coffee, like  
life is ever changing. 

House Roasted from  
the Best 

House roasted single origin beans from selected small plantations produce coffee of exceptional taste and aromas. Discover our unique selections that change  
with the season!

Healing Haven

Wellness Practitioners Here to Help You
Lela - Access Consciousness  
A 40+ year path of Shifting Molecules, i.e. being the alchemy of change and vortex for you to step into the knowing and awareness that you are an Infinite Being with gifts beyond what you have probably ever thought possible. The tools of Access Consciousness founded by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer add to the life skills of facilitating Yoga, Meditation, Feldenkrais, Trager, Energy Healing, Sound Healing, and her own developed LightTouch massage work and Eternal Breath process. She has been based in Bali, Indonesia since 2003 and currently facilitates Awareness & Consciousness in Asia and the USA. She has been an intrical contribution to the development of Taksu Spa and Restaurant as a Business Development Advisor.
WhatsApp+ (62) 821-4636-5355

Kate Wiese - Sound Healing

Kathryn Wiese aka Kate, holds a Masters Degree in Music Education and Special Education, and has over 16 years experience in teaching music in the U.S.
An accomplished musician and performer, Kate has had the opportunity to perform in a variety of musical ensembles throughout her career.
Since retiring from teaching in the US, Kathryn has trained with various Sound Healing and Gong Masters in New York, Indonesia, and India. Her passion for music emerged at a young age and so did her spirituality and interest in healing arts and all things unconventional. She has studied and practiced yoga, meditation, tai chi, qi gong, and martial arts. Her attraction to the metaphysical led her to become a certified practitioner in both Usui Reiki and Reiki Tummo, Matrix Energetics, and most recently Theta Healing.

Facebook: @GongingForJoy
Instagram: @GongingForJoy 
 Ph+ (62) 821-4786-0314 

Tri Pala - Pranic Healing
  Pranic Healing is a simple yet effective system of no-touch energy healing that utilizes prana (life-force) to balance, harmonize, and transform the body's energy processes.
This helps your body self-heal and reach an optimal state of wellbeing. Tri is one of the island's most sought-after healers.  
Ph+(62) 87861880298


Dr Yulli -  Holistic GP

Dr. Yulli finished medical school in 2000, and practiced in Bali for ten years, covering emergency, travel medicine & medical evacuation. She earned her Masters degree in Anti-Aging & Prevention Medicine in 2009, and has since specialized in wellness & diseases prevention. 
Appointments will be held in the comfort and serenity of Taksu's dedicated healing rooms.  
Facebook: @Dr.Yulli.Agnes

Indra Kusomo - Ground Alpha Alignment
Indra  is originally from Jakarta, Indonesia. He's a Yoga teacher, Movement Intelligence Facilitator and Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner. Indra recently decided to make his Ground Alpha Alignment skills available to the public. He was trained in Alpha Alignment, which treats receivers on a massage table, but soon discovered that his Yogic flexibility allows him to enter awkward positions while treating receivers on the ground. The stability and wide space of the ground gives him the added advantage of releasing more tensions from the receivers and ground them further. Hence, Ground Alpha Alignment was conceived.
Email:  indramawan@gmail.com  
Facebook: @IndrasYogaPage
Ph + (65) 9147-2232 

Erika Johansson - Theta Healing 
Erika is certified practitioner and instructor of Theta Healinng®,
a certified Life Coach, founder and creator of the Inner Peace Journey and a practitioner of EDUCO Mind Technologies.
She has spent 25 years on a journey encompassing both left
and right brain approaches to spiritual growth, personal development and deep transformation. She is passionate about clearing everything that stands in our way of living a life of true joy.

Justin Robertshaw - Discover & Understand Ayurveda  
Working as a director of an International Broking company in London for 25 years, Justin spent his days match making: pairing the right people together, to close the right deals in the right time.

Now, as a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, Justin spends his time pairing the right people to the right lifestyle, diet, yoga - in harmony with their unique Ayurvedic biological constitution - to live a happy, balanced & less stressful life. 

His practice and teaching embrace Ayurveda, Yoga Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, as well as applied work on consciousness and techniques in transformational life coaching.
His wish is to empower, inspire and guide people to lead and maintain a truly happy, healthy and holistic life.
Facebook: @Justin Robertshaw
Instagram: @Justin Robertshaw

 Please see our January schedule below

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(0361) 971 490
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Yoga in our River Shala

(Enjoy a complimentary green juice or glass of jamu after each class!) 

Our yoga class spaces are unique in Ubud as the natural setting creates an inspirational experience for all levels of practice. Smaller classes allow for individual guidance in an array of traditional and mixed styles.  
Current regular class schedule is available as shown below.
For more information about Yoga and Movement Arts, please visit www.TaksuYoga.com

200 Hour RYT by Shades of Yoga
Shades of Yoga  offers accredited international yoga teacher training with a focus on Hatha Yoga and incorporating complementary styles such as Iyengar & Ashtanga. Level I (200 hour) RYT 200 and Level II (300 hour) RYT 300 courses are offered throughout the year at Taksu.
Shades of Yoga training takes yoga beyond the mat exploring all aspects of living a life of balance and harmony. Guest lecturers and teachers are often invited to share their wisdom with our students to further enhance their learning experience. On many of our courses, we incorporate a "Yoga of Food" and Detox element.

14th January 2019 - 6th February 2019
11th March 2019 - 3rd April 2019 

Includes: Daily healthy breakfast (excludes days off). 
See   Shades of Yoga website
for details and booking.  

    Surprise your friend or loved one for fun, their birthday, or just to say thank you for         being a friend. All Gift Certificates are valid for a year - perfect for people
planning their next Bali holiday. Enquire here.
Jl. Goutama Selatan Ubud, Bali  

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