Human trafficking is the exploitation of human beings through force, fraud, or coercion for the purposes of commercial sex or forced labor.
Opening Doors provides survivors of trafficking the support they need to rebuild their lives.
Opening Doors provides comprehensive services for survivors of trafficking, including:
  • Case management
  • Immigration legal services
  • Assistance with housing
  • Financial aid
  • Community resource referrals
What does trafficking look like?

  • Sex Trafficking: victims are often found working in massage parlors, brothels, strip clubs, or at escort services.

  • Labor Trafficking: persons can be found in domestic situations as nannies, maids, or janitorial jobs, working in sweatshop factories, construction sites, restaurants, or in the agricultural industry.
Why here?

California is a top destination for trafficking because of its immigrant population, numerous ports and airports, and large industries that attract forced labor.

Sacramento, specifically, has a rich agricultural industry that is reliant on migrant labor, making it easy for traffickers to control victims - threats of being reported to ICE, language barriers, unfamiliarity with U.S. culture and systems, and impossible debts keep labor trafficked individuals silent. 
Volunteers create lasting impact for refugees in Sacramento
Who can change the world? Volunteers!

An ever-expanding roster of dedicated volunteers has stepped up in numerous ways to show their support for their newest neighbors.

Thank you to all of you for giving your time and energy greeting refugees at the airport, organizing storage units, building furniture, cleaning and making improvements to Welcome House, delivering toys, transporting clients to vital medical appointments, and so much more.

Interested in joining our Community of Welcome?

Our goal this year was to raise $65,000 in support of refugees. With your help, we raised $94,718.
You sent a powerful message that refugees, immigrants, and survivors of trafficking have the support of their neighbors.

Thank you!