January 27, 2017
Get Ready to Work your Cirque! 
We need YOU!!
(Yes, you! All of you....everyone!)

This year's Auction theme is Cirque du CA, and it's sure to be a wild ride! Come jump through the hoops (promise, no fire) with Auction Chair Catherine Emery and hear about all of the fun you can have decorating, reaching out to local businesses, and working with other parents to make this year's auction a spectacular extravaganza!

(Don't make us worry about whether we have enough help!) Join us Tuesday, January 31 at 8:30 a.m. in the library and hear all about the ways you can become involved in this year's auction! There is a job for everyone!

RSVP to Catherine Emry to let us know how much coffee to perk.

The Head's Heads Up
"In keeping with our heritage, Chesapeake Academy students are an interconnected community of learners. Our school, guided by a purposeful social and ethical curriculum, is a place where friendships and consideration for others thrive and responsibility and leadership develop. We embrace each other's beliefs and differences and discover that our diversity enriches us. The school's community, formed by a unique partnership of parents, students, teachers, alumni, and neighbors, works together to help children achieve academic excellence and personal growth. We believe students learn best when teachers, parents, and children work in harmony."
Excerpt from Chesapeake Academy's Philosophy

These words from Chesapeake Academy's philosophy have occurred to me again and again in the last months.  The evidence of this ideal in action is everywhere at Chesapeake Academy every day:  Older children helping younger children learn and grow, leaders growing in every corner of the school, teachers collaborating, friends solving problems together, deepening relationships, children showing children the importance of pledging our flag (helping the littlest put their hands on their hearts), and people learning daily to choose inclusivity instead of exclusion, and to always choose kindness. 

Our students work hard at making their school a safe and kind place, and they reach out to touch their world as well. And our teachers work hard to foster this through class meetings, a well thought out social/ethical curriculum, the annual themes (this year is kindness), and a myriad of teachable moments coached with love. 

I felt humbled by the ideas our students generated as we discussed Martin Luther King's model of service. And I was impressed at the ways our community made room for many divergent points of view this fall and winter, respecting and encouraging one another. Truly, our differences can make us stronger if we focus on solving problems and upholding people. 

Kindness matters, now more than ever. We will always be a "work in progress," but our community consistently works toward this ideal.  Chesapeake Academy is always striving....becoming better, stronger, and kinder.  Every day in so many ways.  

And this joyful little school gives me such hope for the future!

Important Message from the Admission Office!
2017-18 reenrollment packets were mailed this week. 
If you are pursuing financial assistance, 
Letters of Intent are due by 
February 6, 2017  
Enrollment contracts are due by  February 27, 2017 .  

Please contact Hilary Scott with any questions at hscott@chesapeakeacademy.org .

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First Authors Present their Work in the Old Grey Mare Publishing Company!
The code of language becomes so much more interesting when the text you are playing with is your own story!  Thanks to wonderful editors (Jeannie Coyle and Ted Cook), Pre-Kindergarten authors all have their first work in print and are busily creating engaging illustrations, and the first authors have debuted their novellas for the class and their assembled relatives to rave reviews!  Check out these authors...you will someday say, "I knew them when...." 
Flat Quenton, Flat Brooks, Flat Jimmy, Flat Khloe, Flat Isabelle, Flat Valerie, and Flat Will say good bye to alter egos before they head to the Irvington Post Office.

Flat Stanley Goes On the Road in Second Grade
Second graders returned from the Head of School Holiday and hopped into reading a new class favorite,  Flat Stanley . The children enjoyed hearing how  Stanley  was folded up and mailed to a friend in California. This excerpt prompted our own fun writing and art project. Each student created a watercolor rendition of themselves to mail to a friend or family member. The lucky recipients will record favorite books on a portion of the character's body. The package is then mailed to three other people before returning to CA.  We look forward to mapping our character's journey and to find out what other people are reading around the country (and maybe even the world).
Ready for their adventures, the flat students are snug in their envelopes and ready to travel.

Leona wonders what will happen!

Experimenting with Science in Fourth Grade
Fourth graders have been learning about the human body and what it needs to become strong and healthy. Currently, the class is focusing on the digestive system. After learning about the mouth's role in digestion, students were asked "What do you think the things we drink do to our teeth?" The class decided to investigate this question using some hard boiled eggs (the shell representing the teeth) using some of their favorite things to drink (sodas, juices, Powerade). The results were enlightening and alarming!   After the eggs soaked in the liquids for five days here are the results: 
  • Water--Egg stayed its original color and the shell still provided the egg with a hard protective layer.
  • Pepsi--The egg turned a dark brown. Its shell was softer and not as protective. After testing if we could remove the color with a toothbrush, we found that while some color came off, the shell remained brown. 
  • Powerade--The egg turned a neon green. Its shell was very soft and would not protect the egg at all anymore. After testing if we could remove the color with a toothbrush, we found that while some color came off, the shell remained light green. 
  • Grape Fanta--The egg turned a dark purple that almost looked brown. Its shell was cracked and pieces were falling off, revealing that the egg inside had changed colors to light purple. After testing if we could remove the color with a toothbrush, we found that while some color came off, the shell remained light purple. 
  • Bai Blueberry Juice--The egg turned a dark purple. Its shell was still hard and would protect the egg. After testing if we could remove the color with a toothbrush, we found that while some color came off, the shell remained light purple.
  • Coca-Cola--The egg turned a dark brown. Its shell was softer and not as protective. After testing if we could remove the color with a toothbrush, we found that while some color came off the shell remained brown. 
  • Fruit Punch--The egg turned a bright red. Its shell was soft and not as protective After testing if we could remove the color with a toothbrush, we found that while some color came off, the shell remained light red. 
  • Mountain Dew--The egg turned a greenish yellow color. Its shell was very soft and not as protective.  After testing if we could remove the color with a toothbrush, we found that while some color came off, the shell remained light yellow. 
  • Dr. Pepper--The egg turned a dark brown. Its shell was softer and not as protective. After testing if we could remove the color with a toothbrush, we found that while some color came off, the shell remained brown.
Our conclusion?  We decided that soda and juices are full of sugar and acid and are very bad for our teeth! 
The Grape Fanta egg is pretty gnarly.

A pugnacious prince, a pragmatic Cinderella, some self-absorbed stepsisters and an autocratic stepmother makes for a load of laughs! 
Cinderella Hood
Slapstick, humor, interesting casting, and good costuming added up to a thumbs up all around for the Reader's Theatre production of "Cinderella Hood!" Chesapeake Academy's seventh and eighth grade students presented this delightful performance, an interesting compellation of the most engaging parts of two grand tales: Cinderella and Robin Hood. The students delivered humor and wit with finesse! What a happy audience! 
"Hermit Crab" Brings Down the House! 
Hermit Crab decorates his home with friendly sea anemones, crusty corals, sea urchins, lanternfish, snails, round pebbles and starfish in this charming musical play!  First and second graders brought this Eric Carle classic to life with catchy songs, creative movements, and adorable costumes.  Bravo, thespians!  And thank you, Mrs. Blake!

Empowered Readers Hit the Road!
Second grade is a time to cement lifelong reading skills and broaden literary interests. Teachers work hard to coax little learners towards reading a variety of texts that pique their interests. Chesapeake Academy's second grade has chosen to hit the road in search of fantastic fiction and non-fiction texts. They sent out notes asking friends and family members what they were reading and also applied for student library cards at the Lancaster Community Library.  Armed with red bags ready to be filled, excited readers stormed the library and found great books to take back to school and enjoy!

Authentic challenges, community experts, and plenty of learning!

Algebra Students Debrief with Architects Randall Kipp and Keith Meberg
Returning to offer feedback on the Algebra Housebuilding Projects, Randall Kipp and Keith Meberg reviewed the process and the final product with students helping them to contextualize a process that involved pitting their math skills against a real life scenario. Algebra students built homes for fourth grade clients who drew jobs, locations, families and downpayment amounts from a hat! Algebra students researched salaries for the jobs, calculated how much the client would qualify for in a mortgage, and became familiar with the average price per square foot for homebuilders in the given region. Armed with these vital pieces of data, students worked with clients to build a CAD model of a home (and eventually a cardboard model of the home).  Students learned to apply design principles as they worked within budgets!  Do they accept adults in this class? 
Pre-K 3&4 will be accompanied by Tyler Fox (father of Kosara) and Wes Charlton (father of Nora) in their upcoming music video!  Eek! Pre-K is for real!

Research Confirms the Power of Music:  Pre-Kindergarten 3&4 Begins Music Video!
And they're off!  Exploring instruments, learning lyrics, writing and performing rhythms, planning the video, and learning all about bugs!  Pre-Kindegarten's music video project touches nearly all parts of the curriculum.  Writing rhythm patterns and translating the pattern into sound, and reading the patterns left to right:  great math and pre-reading skills are stacking up!  And we are having so much fun!  Stay tuned!
Prep for Northern Neck History Fair Begins
Third graders listened intently as Historic Christ Church's Education Director, Robert Teagle, explained the parameters for entries into the 2017 Northern Neck History Fair. The scholarship must be astute because the competition will be fierce. All participants will be entered in a random drawing to win two tickets to Busch Gardens and Water County USA in Williamsburg!

Mrs. Rogers' historians are selecting topics and gettting excited!

The competition is open to students from Lancaster Middle (4th), Northumberland Elementary (4th), Chesapeake Academy (3rd), and fourth grade homeschoolers from Lancaster and Northumberland counties. First, second, and third prizes along with honorable mentions will be awarded at an awards ceremony for all participants, family members, and teachers on April 26, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at Historic Christ Church.
Harness the Wind...A Clean Energy Source!
A unit on weather in second grade science prompted an interesting conversation on clean energy solutions and wind power. Beginning with a great book, The Boy who Harnessed the Wind, a true story of a boy in Africa who built windmills to generate electricity to power lights and water pumps for irrigation for his village's crops, second graders pondered what challenges were involved in designing ways to harness the wind. The book talks about the importance of perseverance and the importance of refining your designs and plans until they work!  In other words, don't give up! Second graders were challenged to build a car that is wind powered, and they tinkered and redesigned until they built a car that would roll with the help of the wind (from a hairdryer since we have had such a rainy week!)  What did they learn? How you catch the wind matters....weight matters....and where the wind comes from matters. And most importantly, never give up! Tinkering and redesigning are part of the process!
"Roll, baby, roll!"

Elizabeth molds her own terracotta army!
Terracotta Soldiers Teach Ancient World History in Art
The fourth graders are currently exploring ancient China. They have learned about how emperor Qin of China spent his life having almost 8,000 terracotta soldiers, horses, chariots, and animals created for his tomb. Now the fourth graders have taken on the task of creating soldiers out of clay in Art.

I Spy A Super Camp for the 4-6 Set!
Chesapeake Academy is delighted to annnounce that the popular Camp Chesapeake for four- to six-year-old children will run for nine weeks from June 19 to August 18 from 8:30 a.m. through 5:30 p.m. Campers will enjoy weekly field trips to exciting venues such as geocaching at Westmoreland State Park, the Richmond Metro Zoo, Belle Isle State Park, the Dinosaur Discovery Trail at the Vir,ginia Living Museum, visiting community helpers around the area, Pope's Creek Plantation and to see "The Little Engine that Could" at the Virginia Reperatory Theatre at Willow Lawn. Designed around a versatile "I Spy" theme, this summer camp promises a dynamic experience for young campers, exploring new activities, discovering new interests, and meeting new friends.

Each week builds on a different "I Spy" theme (treasure; animals; red,white and blue; fossils; trains; wetlands; community helpers; colonial days; and gardens) so no two weeks are the same! Arts and crafts, silly competitions, games, and more join the weekly field trips to round out the camp day.

Mrs. Katie Parker, (BS in Liberal Studies/Elementary Education from Longwood University), Mrs. Susan May (MS, Political Science, BS, Political Science, Virginia Tech) and Mrs.Hillary Smith  (BA, Literature, Language and Culture from Virginia Tech) provide Camp Chesapeake with an all-star staff with considerable educational experience and Pied Piper personalities.

Camp registration forms will be available on the school's website next week.

Martha Rogers, third grade teacher
What Makes Chesapeake Academy the Place I Want to Work?

I originally decided I wanted to teach at Chesapeake Academy because independent education was the culture I was used to and Chesapeake Academy was the only independent school close to me. I sent in my resume. Thankfully I got a position here and have been very happy ever since. Today I find many reasons to be at Chesapeake Academy. One reason is the culture. Parents, teachers, and staff members work together for the betterment of the children. All of us have to work together and do our part to make this place go: From teaching, to office work, to custodial work, coaching, scorekeeping, driving a bus, tweaking, and encouraging and on and on. And we do it because we love it!

A second reason I find myself happily teaching at Chesapeake Academy is the work atmosphere. We are a family. I feel everyone cares, supports, encourages, and listens in all aspects of my life--personal and professional.  You can't beat that sense of community and purpose.

Third, it is a place where I am treated as a professional. I get to create curriculum, plans, and programs that benefit our children because I know our children best! How great is that?

Fourth, but certainly not last, it is FUN! I feel I can actually have fun--not only with the children but with my colleagues. We learn from each other, we share, we play, we all grow to become better at what we do, personally and professionally. It is really just the best!

Martha Rogers

Ospreys Around Town
Who do you know with a vocal range of two and a half octaves who loves theatre and has been featured in commercials and web promos? Lucie Johnson in third grade! Her exploits include NINE theatre performances in the last year and a number of vocal performances that include an acapella solo of the National Anthem! Impressive! Lucy loves to perform!  She prepares for this passion with voice lessons, acting lessons, and creative movement and pre-ballet lessons...and loads of practice!  Bravo, Lucie! 
More Talented Ospreys Around Town
You never know what hidden talents Ospreys have! Fifth grader Jackson Latell  started with gymnastics in the Middlesex County program three years ago. He competed in open competition for two years and joined the Williamsburg Gymnastics boys' program about a year ago.  At that point he added several of the men's specific disciplines. He practices two or three times a week with his team at William and Mary. He participates in all six mens'/boys' disciplines: floor, parallel bars, high bar, vault, rings, and mushroom (junior version of the pummel horse).  He has competed in several meets this winter and has done well in all of them. His favorite, and best, event is the floor routine.  Jackson travelled last weekend to the Naval Academy in Annapolis for a meet, and there is a meet next month in Atlanta that he may attend. Be sure to give this Osprey a high five if you see him around campus!

Get Ready for Galumpha!
Mark your calendars! Call your friends! Chesapeake Academy is delighted to present Galumpha to the Northern Neck and Middle Pennisula communities on Saturday, March 11 at 2:00 p.m. Combining stunning acrobatics, striking visual effects, physical comedy and inventive choreography, Galumpha brings to life a world of imagination, beauty, muscle, and merriment. The performers create a sensory feast of images ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime, drawn together into a seamless whole, consistently bringing audiences to their feet. Galumpha is a triumphant mix of art and entertainment, offering world-class, award winning choreography (Edinburgh Festival Critics' Choice Award, Moers International Comedy Arts Prize).

Adult chaperones are required, and pre-registration is a must, as seating is limited!
Call 804.438.5575 to reserve your space!

CAPPA Update
Spring is in the air! CAPPA is organizing the Spring After School Activities.....Stay tuned for more info soon!
Congratulations to our seventh grade class for their Box Top victory! Thank you to everyone who turned in Box Tops and please keep collecting them....Each one is worth ten cents for CA!

Please join CAPPA for our next meeting on Wednesday, February 8 at 8:30 at CA for conversation, information, and of course, coffee!

Michelle Ritter 

Student Council Scoop
To celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, students in grades three through eight got together to talk about ways we can help our community. Student Council is excited to announce the first of our community outreach projects. 

In honor of Valentine's Day, and to make sure the elderly in our area know they are special to someone, CA students will be creating homemade cards for the recipients of Meals on Wheels services in the Lancaster area.   So when the students start arriving home covered in red and pink paint, ask them how their project is going! And stay tuned for our next exciting initiative!

An Attitude of Gratitude
  • Dinner tables all around the Osprey Nation have featured conversations on the Martin Luther King presentation on how young people are following King's example and improving their world! Thank you to Mrs. Cook for making us think and helping us see how strong we can be! We loved hearing all the excellent "take homes" from this program!
  • The Play's the Thing! The series of plays coming from the performance thread of the fine and performing arts curricuum is a joy to us all! Thanks to the actors and their intrepid director, Robin Blake!
  • Thanks to former CA teacher Sandy Johnson for loaning PreKindergarten a wonderful camera to capture the Old Grey Mare Publishing Company readings. We are excitied to expand our audience to one very special new friend!
  • Thanks to the Mason and Lula Cole Foundation for funding a new STEAM 
  • Thanks to The Friends of the Rappahannock for awarding CA money for a marine ecology project.
  • Thanks to Mr. Bromley whose unfailing kindness, resourcefulness, and friendliness make us all happy.
  • Thanks to the fourth graders for their helpfulness and leadership in Lower School Lunch. 
  • Thanks to Mrs. Cook for the Head of School Holiday!  This lovely gift of time was just the thing to put gas back in the tank!
  • Behind the scenes, the elves are already accomplishing heaps and hoards of details for the upcoming annual auction. Thanks to the visionary folks who are already preparing our launch into Auction Season!  Be thinking of how you can help this year! Many hands make light work.
  • Thanks for the donation of epi pens by the women's group at Airport Baptist Church. 
  • Being a master of your craft is laudable and impressive, but sharing your craft with young people who want to grow is downright noble!  Thanks to Randall Kipp and Keith Meberg for sharing their time with Algebra 8 students.
  • Historic Christ Church's wonderful Education Director, Robert Teagle, came to inspire third grade historians to new heights as they begin their projects for the annual Historic Christ Church History Fair. 
  • Michelle Ritter, Kelly Denton, Rosetta Struse, Diana Wolfson, Chris Cammarata have been helping update the data base. These stalwart friends of the school are always there when the call goes out.  So many thanks.
  • Thanks to the extended family of Ryan and Kathryn Kenner who helped en masse with a mailing.
Dates to Remember

1/27 Faculty Workday, half-day for students
1/30 ERBs for third, seventh, and eighth graders
2/1 Dress Uniform
      Kindergarten presents "The Giving Tree," 10:05 a.m.
2/3 Report Cards Home via RenWeb
      Girls Ball vs. Dahlgren @ SMS, 4:00 p.m., Boys vs. Dahlgren @ SMS, 5:00 p.m.
2/6 through 2/9 Parent Partnership Conferences
2/7 Bball hosts Ware, JV Boys @ 4:00 p.m., Girls @ 5:00 p.m., Boys @ 6:00 p.m.
2/8 Fourth and fifth grade present "Charlotte's Web," 10:05 a.m.
2/10 Academic Awards Assembly, 10:05 a.m.
2/14 ISAC Bball Tournament @ ACDS
2/15 PALS, Virginia Opera presents 
       "Three Little Pigs," 9:30 a.m., Tag Day, Faculty Professional Development 3:30 p.m.
2/16 ISAC Bball Tournament @ CCS
2/17 through 2/20 President's Weekend, no classes for students
2/20 through 2/26 seventh and eighth grades go to 
2/24 Interims out via RenWeb
3/1 Athletics Awards Assembly, 10:05 a.m.


CAMP CHESAPEAKE  Ages 4-6   June 19 - August 18, c ost 250.00 per week
I spy a fantastic camp!  Led by Chesapeake Academy teachers Susan May, Hillary May Smith and Katie Parker, this camp promises a dynamic and fun experience for young campers!  Camp Chesapeake is the perfect place for campers to explore new activities, discover new interests, and meet new friends. This full-day program for children 4 to 6 nurtures campers' curiosity and offers a wide variety of activities on and off campus -- weekly trips, arts and crafts, silly competitions, games, and more! Each week builds on a different I Spy theme, so no two weeks are the same!

MYSTERY TOUR June 26-30 and July 24-28  cost: $375
This camp is so popular that we offer two sessions a summer!  Each week of the Mystery Tour has completely new destinations and activities. Adventure and mystery are at the heart of this unique camp, which combines creative exploration with an exciting daily road trip. Journey with friends to five different destinations throughout the week. All activities and park entrance fees are included.

NORTHERN NECK EXPLORERS: ARTS EDITION July 3-7  cost: $275 (includes art materials)
Find adventure and creativity throughout the natural wonders of the Northern Neck! Campers enjoy daily trips to seek out interesting vistas and inspiring locations as they build and create their own art pieces.  Visits with local artists are sure to spark campers' imagination!  In addition, campers participate in the July 4 Irvington town parade.

MIDDLE SCHOOL SPORTS CLINICS July 31 through August 4  cost:  $150 each clinic
The Sports Clinics are designed to focus middle school athletes on improving their skills in lacrosse, volleyball, and soccer. Working with high school and middle school coaches, athletes will hone strategy, teamwork, communication, and fundamentals in each of the intense and fun 2 ½ day clinics.  Beginners and experienced players welcomed! 
Coed Lacrosse OR Girls' Volleyball: July 31, August 1, August 2 (am only)
Coed Soccer:  August 2 (pm only), August 3, August 4

FARM TO TABLE July 10-14    cost: $250
This is far more than a cooking camp! Campers travel to local farms, oyster companies, and visit with fishermen and other food source locations to see first-hand where our food comes from. In between picking berries and catching crabs, campers will learn how to prepare delicious meals with local foods with the advice of local chefs.  An exciting and delicious week is guaranteed!

SPORTS July 17-21  cost: $250
Love to compete? Campers enjoy action-filled days of sports and sports related activities that emphasize the fun-damentals. This recreational program emphasizes sport specific fundamentals, fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship, and strategy. Campers acquire skills through daily practice and gain confidence in their abilities as they discover their individual potential. Sports include soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, basketball, and more. 

NORTHERN NECK EXPLORERS July 31-August 4  cost: $250
Find adventure by foot, bicycle, and paddle!  Campers enjoy all of the great outdoor activities the Northern Neck has to offer.  Daily journeys throughout the Northern Neck include fishing, swimming, kayaking, biking, and more. Each week of NNK Explorer Camp has unique destinations and activities.

Chesapeake Academy | | chesapeakeacademy@chesapeakeacademy.org
 Post Office Box 8   107 Steamboat Road    Irvington, VA 22480