Broken resolutions?broken

Chances are we've already broken our New Year's resolutions of exercising more and eating fewer cookies. But we can still resolve to make our customers' experiences better and our box office run more effectively and efficiently.

Because we like to be helpful, we humbly offer some easy and valuable New Year's box office resolutions for you. 
Resolution: Reconcile your box office every day with Wintix reconcile

One of the absolutely most important tasks you should be doing at the end of each business day is reconciling all your transactions. 

Reconciling your accounts helps you find errors and fraud. And doing it on a daily basis eliminates the bookkeeping mistakes from piling up and being that much harder to find and fix.

Resolution: Make your tickets more beautiful and functional tickets

Blue Gate Theatre created a beautiful ticket PDF

Want to make your emailed tickets stand out? Put a background image on your digital ticket! 

We were inspired and delighted when we saw what Blue Gate Theatre had done, and they very kindly shared with us (and YOU!) how they accomplished this task. As you can see from the ticket above, they created a custom look that reinforced their logo and colors. 

To do this requires that you have someone proficient in PHP, but most web designers have that skill set. 

NOTE: Blue Gate is currently working to develop an HTML version so they don't have to attach a PDF. Again, they have kindly offered to share with us (YOU!) once it is complete.

Another smart thing about the ticket above is that the text on the right has been rotated so it fits better.

In real estate, it's all about location, location, location.
Since you don't have a lot of real estate on a 2" x 5 1/2" ticket, you can make the most of it by strategically rotating text and images to fit cleanly on your ticket. 

You can follow the rotating instructions in the Help Desk post above, but if you aren't modifying the PHP files, here is a way you can do that in Wintix.
saleResolution: Create excitement and generate sales with a limited time or one day sale 

It's a slow time of year. The holidays, with all their excitement and buzz, are over. There were great shows to be seen, and likely, great bargains to be found in ticket pricing.

You can create that sense of anticipation anytime, though, if you hold a limited time or one day sale.

Your patrons won't want to miss out on that deal if they know they need to act now to save. And, psychologically, we all LOVE to feel like we made a smart purchase.

Wintix makes it quite easy for you to change your regular prices to limited time sale prices. Click here to learn how.
Resolution: Use Wintix to thank patrons for attending a thanksperformance or event  

Two. Four. Six. Eight. Who do we appreciate?

The patrons who come to our shows, that's who! But do they know that? They will if you send them a thank you for coming to a performance.

It's really quick and easy to create an email list in Wintix of people who have come to a certain show. Then all you have to do is simply export it to an email program.

So little time. So much gratitude to share. So many happy patrons knowing you appreciate them.

Learn how to run the report here.
Resolution: Applaud legal actions to keep fair ticket pricingscalper

We hope that none of our Wintix users have to deal with ticket bots that buy up online tickets, and send ticket prices skyrocketing as a result.

Still, it's comforting to know that laws have been passed to try to alleviate this scourge. Read the latest news here.

Even though the vast majority of ticket sellers are honest and upfront, ticket buyers appreciate efforts to take most of the bad players out of the game.
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