January 2015
intixDid you go to INTIX? 
We want to know your thoughts on the annual conference, whether you went or not.

Please take our quick three minute survey and let us know what you think about this industry event.

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callWill call or we'll call?  
We know what WILL CALL means, but this customer didn't, as you'll see in the email a Wintix user shared with us. We thought you'd enjoy a little theatre humor break.

"Hello, I received a confirmation email of my ticket purchase stating that I would receive a call for my  tickets. I've yet to receive a call. Will you please let me know what I need to do to get them? Or can I show my email at the door?"
glHaving trouble running a GL Code Report? 
Do you get a message box saying there are no sales for the date range?

The solution is as simple as unchecking a box in Wintix.

Click here to learn how.
forcenameMake sure you capture each patron's name at each sale 
Wintix is a powerful tool for CRM  (Customer Relationship Management). It allows you to keep track of who your patrons are, what they purchase and the amounts of their purchases and donations.

First, however, you need to make sure Wintix captures your patrons' names with each sale.

Learn how to "force the entry of a customer name when selling tickets" here.
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historyPlease update Wintix for the new
History Report
In the latest Wintix update, there is a new "Historical report."

The report shows you the number of tickets and total sales dollars. You can run it by year, by month and year, and even by week and year.

It's a great planning tool for upcoming seasons and it lets you see if marketing and programming efforts are having an effect.

Learn more about the Historical Report here.


We probably sound like a broken record when we constantly remind you of the importance of updating your Wintix on a regular basis. You may need to update your Wintix to have access to this new report. And, since we make constant improvements to the software, it's vital to update your software to make sure it is working as it should and give you powerful tools to run a successful box office.
reprint How to reprint tickets in Wintix
Have you ever misplaced printed tickets and need to "oversell" the house so you can reprint the tickets?

There is a much easier way. Click here to learn more.

Recently the Somerset House in London got booed all over the internet because their patrons couldn't buy tickets online to a popular event.

The website shopping cart kept timing out, infuriating fans wanting tickets. What happened was their servers couldn't handle the volume of increased web traffic.

Don't let this happen to you!

If you are using Webtix for online sales and anticipate high volume sales for a performance, please let us know ahead of time! The night before the tickets go on sale, we can increase the processing capacity and bandwidth of the servers.

One advantage of moving our servers to AWS (Amazon Web Services) recently is that AWS is "scalable." That means we can get more cycles with little effort.

So, if you want to sell 20,000 seats in 20 minutes, Webtix will do it. The only catch is that we need about 15 minutes notice so we can "upsize" the servers.

twoferHow to do a "2 for 1" sale
Want to boost sales by offering a special 2-for-1 or "twofer" deal with discounted pricing? 

There are a couple of ways Wintix can take care of that for you. Learn how to set up this special deal in Wintix.