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January Newsletter
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This month's newsletter is light due to the inclement weather.  Two presenters cancelled. The missed presentations were:
  • Portland Public Schools Capital Construction Bond Proposal by Laura Hanson, Community Involvement & Public Affairs
  • A new Forest Park Entry by Britta Herwig, Portland Parks & Recreation

We are planning on them presenting in February.  

Portland's On-Going Lead Abatement
Order your free lead test today at

Sarah Messier, with the Portland Water Bureau spoke to SJNA Monday about lead exposure in Portland. The l argest source of lead in Portland is from paint/paint dust, but lead in our water is still a big concern. Portland does not use lead pipes in their main lines, it's the service lines (pipes coming from the main pipes to the house) and outdated home plumbing which poses the greatest risk of water-based lead exposure

Houses built (or plumbed) between 1970-85 have the highest risk of having lead in the pipes, from either the pipes themselves or soldering.  You can check for lead soldering by simply scratching it with a coin. Lead is easily scratched. 

If you have lead pipes or soldering in your house, the best way to minimize your exposure is to run the water for 30-120 seconds because using.  Water filters certified NSF Standard 53 are the only water filters which will filter out lead. Hot water makes lead worse - lead has a low melting point - so always drink cold water.

Don't know if/when your house was re-plumbed, check out .

Order your free lead test today at leadline.orgPlease spread the word by forward this email to friends and family.  
EPA Superfund increased to $1.05 billion dollars
Read more from our good friends at the Oregonian.
Keep St. Johns beautiful
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Community Corner
St. Johns Volunteer Expo

February 9th | 6-9PM | Wayfinding Academy 
8010 N Charleston Ave, Portland, OR 97203
Get involved, learn about area opportunities, and connect with neighbors. Formerly, called the Volunteer Fair, the Community Expo will feature volunteer and community group booths, a community raffle, and more!

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Learn more about Radon
January 18th | 6:30-8:30 | FREE | 
Adventist Health Auditorium
10123 SE Market St, Portland, OR 97216

Topics included where radon comes from, where it is found in the Portland metropolitan area, how it enters a home, the health implications, how to test for radon, and how to reduce radon levels in a home.
St. Johns Fix-it-Fair

January 28th | 9:30am - 2:30pm
George Middle School
10000 N Burr, Portland, OR 97203
The Fix-It Fair is a FREE City of Portland event where you can learn simple ways to save money and connect with resources. Join your neighbors and talk to the experts about how to spend less and stay healthy.
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Please join us at our next neighborhood meeting.
February 13th, 7pm at St. Johns Community Center

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