January 2019
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American Nurseryman ceases publication—and finds a new home

Editor Sally Benson explains...
April 2018 was a quietly momentous time in the history of green industry publishing, when the very last issue of American Nurseryman magazine was produced. After more than 114 years, the noted horticulture trade journal was shuttered. The complete archives, however, have been preserved in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in a fascinating museum located at Hughes Nursery and Landscaping. For photos and more info, click HERE

Pythium in Propagation
Diagnosing plant problems from images can be beneficial and rapid, but could also lead to incorrect identifications. Soft-rotting and collapse of foliage due to Pythium infection in propagation trays can resemble other pathogens. With an accurate diagnosis, Pythium can be effectively managed. Get the latest from e-GRO, a collaborative effort of leading specialists from universities around the USA. HERE
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