The Importance of Self-Compassion
Our 12th Annual Lecture Series presented by St. Joseph's Candler Foundations, with support from Meyers & Sayers  and Costrini Critical Healthcare Decisions, focuses on the relentlessness of caregiving and the ensuing exhaustion often experienced by healthcare providers. 

Professional providers are invited to an evening talk on January 30 and non-paid family caregivers are invited to our community coffee and conversation at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, January 31 at Savannah Technical College. Make time for yourself and join Dr. Michael Kearney (above) and his wife Dr. Radhule Weininger, national experts in the field of self-awareness and self-care.   Full information here.
Dr. Duttenhaver Explains Hospice House
Watch as local radiation oncologist and board member John Duttenhaver talks about the importance of Hospice House and his personal experience as a family member there:

Dr. John Duttenhaver Shares His Experience Working with Hospice House | Hospice Savannah
Are You A Caregiver In Bryan, Effingham or Liberty?
In addition to appointments in Savannah, our Edel Caregiver Institute coordinator can meet with you in the United Way Service Centers in Pembroke, Rincon, Hinesville or Richmond Hill.

If you care for a loved one with dementia, serious illness or disability, a one-on-one assessment of your caregiving situation will help connect you with practical resources, classes and support for both your care recipient and you!  Call Jill or Elizabeth at 912.629.1331 or view the schedule of support offerings at this link.
Grief I01 Starts Tuesday, January 7
Do you have family and friends who either refuse to talk to you about your loved one's death for fear of upsetting you, or expect your to be "over it" by now? Consider joining our safe, supportive 7-week group meetings starting tomorrow evening at our Full Circle Grief and Loss location. 

Watch as former participant Cam Mathis explains the benefits of sharing:
No One Should Have to Deal with Grief Alone

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