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January 2015


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Welcome to the Holistic Child Health Newsletter.


The goal of my holistic pediatric practice, and of this newsletter, is to inform and support parents to become more empowered as the primary health care providers for their children. Extending far beyond Western medicine's conventional treatments, holistic medicine and mindful parenting allow us to boost children's natural immunity, support their optimum health and wellness, safely heal any illnesses, and prevent disease-without dangerous side effects.  Holistic medicine provides us with the tools to nurture the physical, emotional, social and spiritual health of your children.


Over the coming months and years, I intend to use this newsletter to address some of your concerns as parents, share information that you might want to add to your knowledge base, and inform you of important issues and current events that are happening in the news, and in your area.


Together we can heal the whole child. Naturally.


Yours in Health,


Lawrence B. Palevsky, MD

Leah and Larry  

The Disney Measles Outbreak: A Mousetrap of Ignorance
1) Is the measles virus causing the infections in these children and adults the same measles virus found in the MMR, or has it mutated? 

Is it possible that the measles vaccine would be ineffective in these infected children & adults, and in those around them who are vaccinated, if the measles virus has mutated?

2) Whether the virus has mutated or not, is it possible that the measles virus vaccine was not effective in the areas where the outbreaks have occurred? 

Is vaccination always protective, or are there times when it isn't, as it says in Nelson's Textbook of Pediatrics, 15th Edition, page 1015 - "the absence of measurable antibody may not mean the individual is unprotected. In contrast, the presence of antibodies alone is not sufficient to ensure clinical protection after administering some vaccines and toxoids?"

Is it reasonable to expect that a measles outbreak such as this could be blamed on an ineffective measles vaccine, rather than on the existence of unvaccinated children? 

Is it possible that the measles vaccine did not wear off, but was ineffective in even the so-called under vaccinated children and adults who contracted the measles? 

3) Is 59 cases in California, and 8 cases in neighboring states, an epidemic, or an episodic event? There are over 300 million people in this country.

4) Is measles really a deadly illness, and can it be reasonably and successfully treated so there are little to no sequelae?

5) Have we appropriately taught the public that the measles virus, and for that matter, most viruses which are already embedded in the genetic material of humans, plays a major symbiotic role in human physiology, to assist the body in maintaining health, normal cellular function, and homeostasis? 

Have we withheld legitimate scientific information from the public that a real, clinical measles virus infection is a process that serves to help the body purge and cleanse an excess of wastes and toxins that are interfering with normal body function, as I was taught in medical school over 30 years ago?

Have we withheld legitimate scientific information from the public that a real, clinical measles virus infection plays an integral role in the maturity and pruning of the developing immune and nervous systems of children, and that the injection of a measles virus into the body may propagate a persistent measles infection in their bodies and brains that never resolves, thus potentially arresting the maturation and forward progression of childhood development, which we label as neuro-developmental delay?

6) Is it possible that vaccines do not make the measles virus disappear from the bodies of vaccinated children, as the proponents of herd immunity through vaccination have told us? 

Is it possible that this scientific explanation of herd immunity through vaccination is faulty and incorrect? 

Are vaccinated children just as likely to carry the measles virus, and possibly even spread the virus, as those who are unvaccinated? 

Does measles vaccination make vaccinated children less likely to carry the measles virus in their bodies, as most people are led to believe? (Editorial note - NO. No vaccine can eliminate the existence of any bacteria or virus. If anything, the vaccines may neutralize the expression of these organisms, and with enough force on the family of micro-organisms, possibly even cause them to mutate. But, in no way do vaccines make the bacteria or viruses disappear from the earth. If, through the process of vaccination, the illnesses are no longer expressed as we know them, it doesn't mean the bacteria or viruses that we vaccinate against are no longer in existence, or that they haven't mutated into another type of organism, potentially leading to the expression of new, perhaps even more virulent, illnesses).

7) Is it possible that experts, both scientifically trained and self-proclaimed, are incorrect and inaccurate when they accuse unvaccinated children to be the sole carriers of the measles virus, and the ones responsible for spreading it around to others? 

Is it possible that this measles outbreak has nothing to do with the existence of unvaccinated children? 

Is it possible that the anti-immunization campaign, more appropriately labeled, the informed consent, educated, independently thinking, non-coerced, legitimately scientifically based movement that seeks to uncover the full spectrum of scientific truth and have it revealed to the public, had nothing to do with this outbreak, nor did the unvaccinated children? 

8) Is it possible that the activation of a measles virus, into a real, clinical infection is not related to the passage of the virus from one person to another, but actually related to other external factors that impact the life-cycle, replication and infectivity of the measles virus, having nothing to do with the model of contagiousness, or whether children are vaccinated or not, or whether enough of a percentage of children are vaccinated to maintain herd immunity? 

According to the CDC, "......societies frequently over-look or forget that microbes evolve, adapt, and emerge in response to nonmicrobial and even nonbiologic changes in the physical and social environment. Sometimes we need to be rudely reminded of this lesson."

9) Have we forgotten that parents aren't dumb? One of the biggest lessons I learned as a medical student, over 30 years ago, is, always listen to the mothers. They know their children better than anyone........

Please see Dr Palevsky's related guidance in the Q&A section below......


Please Consider Taking Action.....

Congressional Hearing on Flu and Flu Shots 

Washington, DC, TUESDAY FEBRUARY 3rd

Influenza and the federal response to it will be the subject of a hearing scheduled for Tuesday, February 3 by the US House of Representatives Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the Energy and Commerce Committee. This presents a rare opportunity to focus some light on the role of mercury in flu shots and autism causation. The exact time and location of the hearing has yet to be released.

If you are so inclined, please click on the Take Action link to send a message to Rep. Tim Murphy, Chair of the Subcommittee, and your member of the House asking them to investigate the following major problems with US flu policy.   

Additionally, you can call the Energy and Commerce Committee at the number below and ask to speak to the staff working on the hearing and politely ask them to bring up the following questions in the hearing.  (202) 225-2927

Click here for more details and to make your voice heard: 

The Dangers of Painkillers 
Did you know that painkillers known as NSAIDs are some of the most dangerous drugs on the market? This infographic explains just how dangerous they are and reveals lots of startling statistics...

Painkillers that Kill: Tylenol and the Silent Epidemic
Dr Palevsky's Comments:  It's never safe to take even one dose of this medicine. At a time of pain or illness, the body chemical, glutathione, is most needed to help you detoxify and heal. And, so is the liver. Glutathione is also used in the body to help metabolize acetaminophen before one of its byproducts does damage to the liver. If you take acetaminophen at the same time that your body desperately needs its own stores of glutathione to detoxify and heal, you will force the body to use its stores of glutathione to metabolize acetaminophen, leaving you less able, or even unable, to detoxify and heal. It's a matter of taking from Peter and giving to Paul. 

If your body is unable to keep up its glutathione stores to both detoxify and heal, and at the same time, appropriately metabolize the byproducts of acetaminophen, you will go into liver failure. How many of us have diminishing stores of glutathione, unbeknownst to most of us? Any person with a chronic illness is automatically deemed to have diminished body stores of glutathione. More and more people are running themselves into the ground, eating and drinking inappropriately, using OTC and prescription medicines, and increasing the stress in their lives, all of which will lower body glutathione stores, and bring us one step closer to a chronic illness and/or pending liver failure after only a few doses of acetaminophen.......


Study Suggests Wi-Fi Exposure More Dangerous To Kids Than Previously Thought

Tablets and E-Readers May Disrupt Your Sleep

Heavy Cell Phone Use Can Quadruple Your Risk of Deadly Brain Cancer

Considering Vaccinating Your Child? Be Sure to Include These Questions to Your Licensed Nurse or Doctor (posed by a reader who is both a father and a nurse):
  • How does this medication work? 
  • What is the benefit and the risk associated with it? 
  • What would it look like if my child were having a reaction? 
  • If you can't tell me off the top of your head, how will you recognize an injury to my child? 
  • Can we read the package insert together and discus it so that both of us will have an idea of what to watch for? 
  • What are the signs and symptoms associated with these that are listed? 
  • How long would it be before we see these signs or symptoms in the event of an injury? 
  • If it happens here what interventions will you use to treat my child? 
  • Please describe to me how that plays out from beginning to end. 
  • Would you please print these signs and symptoms out for me along with how to recognize them so that I can continue to watch for them in my child for the next several weeks? 
  • What should I do in the event that I see any of these symptoms over the next several weeks? 
  • Do you report injuries to VAERS, consistently? 
  • How long has this office been in business? Can you show me a record of how many reports you have filed for that amount of time and an example of one?

Recent Italian Court Decisions on Vaccines and Autism

ANOTHER Epic Fail for Influenza Vaccine

Appeals Court Upholds N.Y. School Vaccination Requirements

Dr Sherri Tenpenny - What Started Out as a Holiday and Speaking to a Few Like-Minded Groups Has Turned into an International Uproar...... 


Vaccination During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

Studies Show Diet and Lifestyle Choices of Both Parents Have Multigenerational Health Effects

Why Decorating the Nursery Could Put Babies at Risk
Dr. Palevsky's Comments: What lab is willing to do the same experiment with individual vaccine materials that are injected into pregnant women, so we can understand how these materials affect the unborn fetus? Why not do the same experiment in this article using thimerosal and its effects on fish, in place of BPA? That's a good experiment with which to start......

Can GMOs Save the World?
Monsanto Claims That Biotech Can Feed the Planet. Here's Why It Won't

How the Great Food War Will Be Won

Will Red Meat Really Kill You?

What You Need to Know About Grass-Fed Beef

New Science Website Reveals the Truth About Sugar

Q & A
Each month, Dr Palevsky will be answering a hot topic question....
Question Corner


Dr Palevsky, what are the steps to take if you contract measles?


Measles is best treated like any other viral illness - quiet, a dark room, minimal stimulation, no food, no juice, no sugar, lots of room temperature or warm fluids, teas, broths, soups to maintain hydration, sleep and rest, staying close to the child, adhering to the checklist on my website in the section titled, If Your Child is Sick, along with supportive measures to control the other symptoms without using OTC medications, vitamin A drops, good observation, and support from family members, and a team of practitioners - herbalists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, homeopaths, and knowledgeable physicians.

The Convergence of Chiropractic & Pediatrics for Health
February 4th, 2015

Guest // Alan Sherr, DC 

Dr. Larry Palevsky interviews Dr. Alan Sherr. They have known each other for 14 years, and have been working side by side for almost 10 years.


In this upcoming hour, they will explain, confide, and dish about the varied ways they partner and share in the care of children and families:


  • What are their respective approaches and how do they incorporate them into their practices to maximize the health of children?
  • What is their position on the topics of nutrition, vaccines, preventive health, and the nervous and immune systems?
  • What kinds of acute and chronic conditions do they treat together?

There are different types of medical doctors and different types of chiropractors who practice varying degrees of conventional, integrative, and holistic medicine. After listening to this hour of conversation, you will glimpse at the future of  health care, where a team approach can help you maintain your children's optimal well-being.


Listen to Fearless Parent Radio online on at 7pm ET or on your phone by dialing (401) 347-0456. Once the show has aired, listen via our Archived Shows page, iTunes, or Podbean


Nurturing the Spirit of a Child

Thursday February 26th 2015  

7pm to 9pm


In this talk, on Nurturing the Spirit of a Child, attendees will be treated to some rarely presented information about children's development, optimal ways to connect to children and help them feel safe, new insights into how children learn, and important tips on making parenting less stressful and more pleasant. 


You will come away with tips that you can immediately implement in your daily lives, on how to optimally nurture the spirit of your children so they can thrive in todays's world, and individuate into the best human beings they can be. 


Your children are waiting for you to learn these new and exciting skills. Time will be provided for parents to ask questions about their own family experiences, so everyone can hear how to handle real-time issues with their children in a new way. 


Register Now as Space is Limited and we anticipate these lectures to be sold out!  




Dr Larry's Interview with Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips

Dr Larry Interviewed on Hawaii's KKCR Kaua`i Community Radio

Check out Dr Larry's Interviews in the Archives of Fearless Parent Radio:


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Dr. Palevsky is a board certified pediatrician who utilizes a holistic approach in his work with children and families. 


Dr. Palevsky received his medical degree from the NYU School of Medicine in 1987, completed a 3-year pediatric residency at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, and enrolled in a 1-year fellowship training program in the out-patient department at Bellevue Hospital/NYU School of Medicine. 


Since 1991, his clinical experience has included working in pediatric emergency medicine at Our Lady of Mercy Hospital in the Bronx, NY, serving as the Chief of the Pediatric Acute Care Unit at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC, and working in in-patient and out-patient pediatric medicine, neonatal intensive care medicine, and newborn and delivery room medicine. 


Dr. Palevsky has also worked in a conventional, holistic and integrative pediatric practice at the NYC Beth Israel Center for Health & Healing- an integrative and complementary care medical facility.

Currently, he runs his own holistic pediatric practice in Northport, NY and Manhattan. Dr. Palevsky teaches holistic integrative pediatric & adolescent medicine to parents, and medical and allied health professionals, both nationally & internationally. 


Dr. Palevsky is a former Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Past-President of the American Holistic Medical Association, and a diplomate of the American Board of Integrative Medicine (ABIHM).


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