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From the Center for Biological Diversity - Click to read Edition no. 965 - Jan. 3 2019

Some of the stories in this edition

Trump Won't Stop Gunning for Yellowstone Grizzlies
Report from NBC News and consider donating to our fight to save Yellowstone grizzlies.

Agreement Protects Endangered Alabama Fish
The Center and Tennessee Riverkeeper have reached an agreement with Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, U.S.A. to protect the critically endangered spring pygmy sunfish and minimize impacts from a planned automobile manufacturing plant in Huntsville, Ala.

Trump's Oil Cronies Set to Plunder Arctic Refuge
The Trump administration never stops inviting fossil fuel interests to ravage our public lands for profit. Most recently, the feds released a draft study preparing for an oil and gas lease sale in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. -- "Once we industrialize our last great Alaskan wilderness areas, there's no going back," said KierĂ¡n Suckling, the Center's executive director. "We have to make a stand against Trump's ignorance and greed. Here's where we protect our environment or accept climate chaos and the extinction crisis." Read more in The Maritime Executive.

Trump Bomb-Making Plans Require Review
Tri-Valley CAREs is building the campaign against the Trump Administration's plans to quadruple production of plutonium bomb cores, or so-called pits.  

The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) announced plans in May 2018 to produce 80 plutonium pits or more per year by 2030, at least thirty at Los Alamos National Labs and at least fifty at the Savannah River Site (SRS).  This expansion of production legally obligates a review under the National Environmental Policy Act.  

On Friday, December 7, 2018, the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability (ANA) sent a letter to NNSA demanding the agency conduct a legally required Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) reviewing pit production plans and alternatives. Read FULL report:

MOX, VC Summer AP1000 projects failed, at the end of the road - SRS Watch Update
Victory on plutonium fuel MOX & SCE&G nuclear reactor project - almost at the very end of a long fight.

Two of the three big nuclear facility construction projects in the US  - the plutonium fuel (MOX) project at DOE's Savannah River Site and the AP1000 nuclear reactor project by South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCE&G) - are at the very end. The MOX project has been terminated and that's about to become irreversible.

Thanks to those you who have stood shoulder to shoulder with us in the trenches over the last 20 years against the MOX boondoggle - especially to Ed Lyman at UCS and the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability (ANA) and also to lawyer Diane Curran and Glenn Carroll at Nuclear Watch South. And to those of you who supported us over the last 10 years in fighting new reactors in the US and South Carolina. A special thanks to Friends of the Earth for having been there in 2008-9 and again in 2017-2018 against the reactor project. And, to the South Carolina Chapter of the Sierra Club for its enduring work against the SCE&G project since its inception.  Now, to stop both Plant Vogtle in Georgia and the DOE's plan to turn the abandoned MOX plant into a facility to make plutonium "pits" for nuclear weapons. 

Construction Stops on ACP Fracked Gas Pipeline
From NCWarn, A ruling by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, issued against the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, led Dominion Energy (and partner Duke Energy) to stop construction on the entire Atlantic Coast Pipeline project, except actions needed for safety.

This is yet another serious delay, all of which add to the doubt that that the climate-wrecking fracked gas pipeline will ever be built. Thanks for the good work by Southern Environmental Law Center and all our allies working to block this horrific project. Read Southern Environmental Law Center's news release.

Interior chief Ryan Zinke to leave Trump administration amid ethics investigations
Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke will leave the Trump administration at year's end amid growing controversy over a series of ethics investigations into his business and politics. - Trump's scandal-plagued Interior secretary is on his way out.

MOX Services Takes Step to Make Revival of Terminated MOX Project Irreversible
Wants US Nuclear Regulatory Commission to Terminate "Construction Authorization"
(License) for the Failed MOX Project
Columbia, SC - The company in charge of the bungled plutonium fuel (MOX) project at DOE's Savannah River Site has requested that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission terminate the construction license for the facility. ----  The request of the NRC is significant in that termination of the license would preclude any future restart of the project once the license is abandoned, according to Savannah River Site Watch.

Hitachi considers canceling nuclear project in UK
Hitachi's twin reactor project in Wales suffered a serious and welcome wobble this week when the Japanese company hinted it may cancel the project at Wylfa on the Welsh north coast. The reactors would be built adjacent to the closed Wylfa A (pictured) and tear up acres of surrounding countryside and wildlife habitat. Significantly, the announcement caused Hitachi's shares to rise but it could also be a ruse to squeeze more funding out of the UK government as the company has failed to find any other investment partners. A final decision is likely at the end of Hitachi's fiscal year in March.

76 groups request 120-day extension to public comment period
on scheme to abandon high-level radioactive wastes
Beyond Nuclear has joined with 75 other environmental groups -- from national to grassroots, representing many states -- to demand 120 more days during which to comment on the U.S. Department of Energy's proposal to linguistically detoxify high-level radioactive waste, into low-level radioactive waste.

AP report - Trump plan to reclassify nuke waste 

Clean Water Action - This is not a drill
Help us power the campaign to kill the Dirty Water Rule Legislation
The Dirty Water Rule is here and it's bad. It's not an understatement to say that it's the biggest assault on our water in decades. If it is finalized at least 20% of the stream miles in the country will lose protections, along with at least 51% of all wetlands. It will impact millions and millions of us.  We've helped to defend clean water for more than 46 years. and we're going to make sure that people across the country know about the Dirty Water Rule and what is at stake. 

Join with us to mobilize hundreds of thousands to speak out against this dangerous scheme and demand that we protect clean water, with local lawmakers, state legislators, and members of Congress. Join us in opposition to the Dirty Water Rule and h elp us power the campaign.

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