Fall 2018
Photo credit: Beth Bukoski
What is orange and black and eating my milkweed plant but NOT a monarch butterfly?
Why milkweed bugs, of course!

Photo credit: Leslie J. Mehrhoff, University of Connecticut,
Invasive plant: Burning Bush
Don't be fooled by the striking fall color. The aptly named burning bush is a shrub to be avoided!

AGNR Open House
Experience all that the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources has to offer.

Thank you for your challenging and interesting questions this growing season! Questions were up 20% over last year! We're available year-round to answer your lawn, garden, and pest management questions.

What's New
Deer ticks and Japanese barberry
The spread of Japanese barberry and the link to the increased tick population.

Fertilize Cool Season Lawns by November 15
View video to learn about the MD fertilizer law, how to test your soil, and how to apply fertilizer.

Common Fall Spiders
Ask an Expert gets a lot of spider ID questions each fall. This yellow argiope orb weaver is easily identifiable by its markings.

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