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Happy Holidays!

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New Paintings & Prints
Haughty Culture
Haughty Culture
36" x 36"
oil on canvas

Available at Ugallery

I painted Haughty Culture after being commissioned by Ugallery to create a work for a range of high-quality, limited edition prints. They are printed on eco-sustainable art paper made from bamboo.

The prints are priced from $20 to $500

"A la those infamous Knights of Ni, Alison Jardine brings well-deserved glory to the oft overlooked shrubbery. She explores aspects of nature we "tame, prune, water, and line our streets with" and often bypass without a second thought. We shape, constrain and arrange these plants, but Alison paints them anew, with spirited colors and energetic shapes." -- Ugallery

Find out more about the original oil on canvas painting...
Before Dawn Prints
Before Dawn
Prints now available at Fine Art America

For the first time, I have made prints available of Before Dawn, a 50" x 50" oil on canvas work from 2009. Until January 2nd, 2011, there is 20% off the price using code EBUPDA at checkout.

The prints are available on paper or canvas from Fine Art America.

Choose prints on canvas or paper, framed or unframed. If you do purchase a print, please get in touch and I will mail you a signature and note about the work.

This is one of my favorite works, and I hope you like it too.

Works In Progress
Intermittent Paintings & Accidental Writings

I am working on my new series, that I am conceiving as a solo show. I have a working title for this show, Intermittent Paintings & Accidental Writings (it may stick, of course!)

This series reduces my aesthetic even more to its core of line, light and color and the potential energy of light and dark, on and off, black and white, being and non-being, and is a stylistic change for me (although a natural development, I feel). I will reveal more in January...

It is very much a work in progress, and at the moment I am keeping it under wraps, but I am very excited by this series, and the direction in which it is taking my works.


This month, I completed a commission for a collector who wanted a work that would lead her from the interior of her home, to her beautiful garden patio that has old, characterful trees that embrace the skies above her house. She, and I, are very pleased with the final artwork.

University Commission

am also beginning work on a new piece themed around night-time that will be hanging in the reception of a university in Texas.

Thanks to designers Art + Artisans for placing my work!

If you are interested in discussing commissioning an artwork, please email me at
News & Articles
Finding Your Style...

This week, I wrote an article for my website with insight into my working, creative life...

..."Jean Cocteau advised those in the creative arts thusly: "What others criticize you for, cultivate: it is you". I forcefully agree with this. It's the 'cultivation' part that involves the work. This is the crux of the issue of 'finding your artistic style'."
Read more about"Finding your style: tips and confessions from an artist."
Twitter Art Exhibit
Moss, Norway

This past month, David Sandum (a Norwegian artist and twitter friend) organized a fundraising exhibit on twitter. His idea was to get 140 artists to mail postcards to his local library in Moss, who are trying to raise money to buy new children's books.

He got rather more than 140 entries, including my small pastel here, that I drew on thick art paper and tore the edges of -- I wanted it to look like a lost children's illustration.

Much money was raised for new books, and the twitter community had a great time grouping together to help out a fellow twitter artist, and the Norwegian children.

I can't think of what is better than my two main obsessions - art and books - come together like that to help kids!
Holiday Feeling

I am looking forward to spending the Holidays with my family & friends here in not-so-sunny-at-the-moment Dallas.

I always miss my family & friends in the UK at this time of year, and I hope you will all stay warm and have a wonderful break.

Have a warm and safe Holiday, and a merry New Year! See you in 2011!
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I always enjoy meeting and talking to people interested in my art, so please do get in touch if you have any questions, would like to arrange a studio visit, or would like to make any comments.

Warmest regards
Alison Jardine

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