In this newsletter you will find .... data plus videos on Jasmuheen's events in November in Brazil and Argentina plus Japan, as well as an esoteric biography of Jasmuheen's training in other lives.

You will also find some simple images on the content of these programs plus additional insights.

We also offer a simple 8 minute BREATH-HEART-BRAIN COHERENCE MEDITATION!
Welcome everybody ... one tour complete and another soon to begin but it is true, I truly love meeting you all!

Our gatherings have changed so much over the years in a way that reflects the consciousness of the individuals attending and while there are always a few basics that we share in every gathering so that we can all step deeper into the unified field of heart-brain coherence, each group that gathers also brings through many unique things that never cease to amaze me!

We are also finding that the realms are merging more quickly as we gather, with many of our Light Being friends stepping in to be with us energetically and also often sharing more about their lives in the unified realms through the channeling process. Of course all of these ones are just our own Essence nature expressing and vibrating a little differently for we are all pure Essence beings vibrating multi-dimensionally in the web of one - smiles. When we drop back to baseline energy we experience this nature more powerfully.

As much as I love my mountain ashram and being in that state of silent stillness, just present in the moment, it was also wonderful to be back again in Europe and to meet so many of you there again for to be with like-minded, open hearted and very loving people is such a gift for us all.

And so, it is great to know that there are more gatherings to be enjoyed and to be able to send out this information on our upcoming gatherings for the end of this year, where our focus will be on the things we share in the videos below.

It will be wonderful to meet and spend time with all of our new people and also with those of you that always come to share your energies with us for so many seem to be flying in now from all over the world to be with us this year!

And a big thank you for all your recommendations as I know so many join us because of the benefits they have witnessed in the lives of family and friends who have been with us in past gatherings.

Coming soon our new YouTube Storytime Playlist as we all love uplifting life changing AHA moment insights and stories - if you have any then please send them is to us!

Love to see you in person and have you add your gifts to our gatherings!
This is Jasmuheen - and Anjie - for the Embassy of Peace.
A simple reset meditation into deeper levels of peace by applying breath-heart-brain coherence techniques with Jasmuheen.
Gatherings of Love, Wisdom & Power - Jasmuheen on Tour 2019

Being a Nourishing Presence in All realms
Jasmuheen talking about the power of gatherings around the world where the energy of love, wisdom and power can nourish all who come as well as cities, countries and the planet itself. If you would like to be a part of these gatherings, please see
The above video is in English and has subtitles in Portuguese.

A brief insight with Jasmuheen on the upcoming True Love Pure Love Retreat she will be hosting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 10th – 13th November 2019.

This will be a 5 day intensive on life as an Essence dominated bio-system and how this affects all of our relationships – on Earth and also on interplanetary levels. The first day will be focused on Source Feeding to eliminate all human hungers.

For more information please visit or here is her full schedule in Brazil
Sao Paolo – 5th November – Mini workshop 6-10pm Organiser Sandra (see below for contact details)
Rio de Janeiro – 7th November – Evening event for the public – mini workshop Rio de Janeiro –
9th November – Pranic People, Pranic Nourishment – eliminating all human hungers
10th – 13th November – True Love Pure Love – a four-day intensive on life as an Essence dominated bio-system and how this affects all of our relationships – on Earth and also on interplanetary levels

Organisers for Rio & Sao Paolo Event/s – Rio de Janeiro Sandra Garabedian - email -; Cida Severini email - and Phone numbers for Sandra & Cida are available here.

She will also hold an event for the Embassy of Peace - see below video. Subtitles in English & Portuguese

On the 9th November we will also be holding an update day on Source Feeding for as consciousness changes in our world so to does methodology to experience deeper levels of our pure nature!

Book your space for this with - Sandra Garabedian - email -
The above video is in English and has subtitles in Portuguese.

In this brief video Jasmuheen shares a little on the focus of the Embassy of Peace which was founded 07-07-07 to share our personal, global and universal programs. In this retreat the focus will be more on Contact and the Universal Ascension Program of the Embassy.

You can book into this gathering through the webpage and contacts below.

The Magnificence of the Human Design,
Source Feeding Update plus more!
In English with Spanish subtitles.

In this brief video Jasmuheen shares a little about the magnificence of the human design and Source Feeding as an introduction to her upcoming event in Buenos Aires Argentina as per the details below.

Argentina - 22 nd – 24 th November 2019 - Organizer: - Carolina - Casa Om
In the above video Jasmuheen shares insights into The Way of the Intergalactics plus Source Feeding and more .... subtitles in Japanese.

December 2019
In the next video Jasmuheen shares some of her previous lives and training - an esoteric biography ...
A brief insight into some of Jasmuheen previous - simultaneous lives - and her training. This video is only for the open minded.

Subtitles in German & French with more languages to come.

These dates are now set below so please book quickly to secure your place!

to find out more go to

- 1st round: 24th March - 4th April, 2020 - mixed Internationals - BOOKED OUT
- 2nd round: 7th-18th April, 2020 - Sacred Women's Business - International & Chinese*
- 3rd round: 19th-29th April, 2020 - mixed Chinese* & International
*These retreats will be in English with Chinese translation
I am looking forward to another wonderful gathering in Brasilia this year with our Ambassadors of Peace in Brazil and with all of you who will join us for our event in Rio!

However if you cannot join us then why not consider coming to RISHIKESH INDIA in 2020?

For those of you who are Internationals and interested in attending this uplifting gathering,
please express your interest to