Jason Arbon Keynote Added
AI and machine learning are huge topics in software right now. For 2020, we are joined by a previous PNSQC speaker with a vast knowledge of AI, Jason Arbon. He will now be keynoting the third day of the conference. 

Jason’s other talks for PNSQC include:

Jason’s upcoming keynote talk, TestOps, will cover how to utilize AI to integrate testing with operations.
Why Your Team Should Attend PNSQC
With PNSQC going all digital for 2020, we're bringing the keynotes, technical presentations, and workshops directly to you.

Your whole team can recharge, get inspired, network with other software professionals, and learn together from presenters who work in the industry and are steering the direction of testing and software quality.

A digital 2020 event also means we can pass the savings on to attendees. Instead of thousands of dollars to send a single employee to a conference, the whole team can now attend. This means 5 keynote presentations, two full days of technical presentations, plus workshops for the all-inclusive Early Bird price of $95.

Join us October 12-14, to watch motivating and informative presentations, reconnect with your team, and access it live — plus have it available on-demand, so you can pause it, review it again, and learn how to implement software quality tips, tricks, and techniques for your own projects.

Read more about why you and your team should attend PNSQC 2020.
PNSQC Appreciation
“This is my first time here at PNSQC and I must say, it’s been a wonderful experience — as both a speaker and an attendee. The conference was very lively, with attendees who were both friendly and also extremely engaged. In every talk, there were people taking notes, asking questions, and sharing their own experiences. All in all, PNSQC was an excellent conference offering relevant content and an opportunity to engage with fellow testers.”

Angie Jones, 2019 PNSQC Keynote

Photograph taken by Peter Herget