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Documentary in the works!
The Bruyère Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation in Long-Term Care (CLRI) is thrilled to announce that we are making a short documentary! The film is of course about how peer support group programs are helping to reduce loneliness and social isolation for residents in LTC. Thank you to the support of the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI) for making the creation of this documentary possible!

In June, the CLRI and Echo Bay Media videography company visited five long-term care homes in Toronto and Ottawa area. All homes are part of our knowledge mobilization project: True Davidson Acres, The Glebe Centre, Osgoode Care Centre, Salvation Army Grace Manor and Bruyère’s Saint-Louis Residence. A heartfelt thank you goes to each team for the enthusiastic and warm welcome they gave to the crew when we rolled up with our huge suitcases!

Stay tuned for the link to the bilingual video, coming this August! To learn more about the filming of the documentary, visit the CLRI website .

Making a Resident's Wish Come True!

Jordana Pearson, Activity Director at Caressant Care Bourget has an incredibly spirited passion for improving resident quality of life in long-term care. She has been facilitating Java Music Club since March 2018. One day at a Java Music Club session, members discussed “growing older." A resident, Ronald, shared that he wishes he could attend one more water colour class before he dies. Jordana knew she had to do something to help fulfil Ronald’s wish. She had a special place in her heart for him – he had a rough journey prior to moving to the care home.

Ronald unfortunately suffered brain damage due to an accident. After the accident and hitting rock bottom, Ronald decided to regain his life by reclaiming his autonomy by helping others. After a few years living at Caressant Care Bourget, Ronald took on an active role in the community of the home. He welcomes new residents when they move-in and has created a reading circle. He is the President of the Resident Council and even volunteers at a second hand store down the street from the care home. He is an inspiration to those around him, and the way he lives truly encapsulates what “peer support” is all about! 

Ronald is a lifelong art lover. He took art classes throughout his life. Since moving into the care home, he has attended every art class offered, but kept dreaming about attending art workshops outside the home, to reconnect with the person he once was: “I couldn’t think of anything that would make me happier. After [attending one class], I could go happy.” 

Jordana filled out an application for Wish of a Lifetime Canada , on Ronald’s behalf, and Ronald's dream came true! Wish of a Lifetime Canada has granted supported Ronald to attend a Watercolor Class at the Ottawa School of Art and to have his finished piece displayed at Shenkman Arts Centre. What an amazing way to celebrate a lifelong passion for art!

As Jordana explains, “The community has really come together around making this man’s wish happen. Initially, we were going to have to pay for the transportation from Bourget to Ottawa ourselves, but a local taxi company (Allo Taxi) has offered to pay the transportation cost.”

After attending the art workshop with Jordana, Ronald told her “I feel really blessed that through this wish I am able to show that no matter what is going on in your life, never give up your hopes and dreams.”   

This is a powerful example of the opportunities peer support groups can create by providing residents a safe space to open up and share their thoughts and feelings. 

Wish of a Lifetime Canada is a charitable organization that fulfills life-enriching wishes for older adults and shares their stories to inspire young and old alike to change the way they think about aging. For more information, check out the Wish of a Lifetime Canada website .  

The Java Experience
Below are touching quotes expressed by residents participating in the Java Peer Support Program, reinforcing the benefits and impact of these groups.
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This newsletter is part of the project: The Power of Peer Support: Reducing Social Isolation in Residential Care , a knowledge mobilization partnership initiative between Bruyère Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation in Long-Term Care (CLRI), Java Group Programs, Carleton University’s Department of Health Sciences and Bruyère Continuing Care’s Therapeutic Support Services. It is funded by the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI), Carleton University and the Government of Ontario through the Bruyère CLRI.