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Welcome to Java Circle News! This newsletter connects Ontario long-term care and retirement homes enjoying Java Peer Support Programs by sharing stories, successes, and challenges - homes sharing with homes!

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T he Java Experience
In this section, those whose lives have been touched by Java Peer Support Programs share their thoughts, from facilitators to participants and their friends and family.
What's it like being a Java Music Club Facilitator?
“It’s a very personal program, with the opportunity to share, discuss and learn more about one another.” - Sylvie, Recreational Therapy & Volunteer Coordinator, South Centennial Manor

 “I enjoyed the talking stick and how everyone respected the group members.” - Stayner Care Centre
“I love the Java Music Club and I’m eager to get other staff on board and start more groups. I can’t believe how much of a difference a talking stick makes and I’m curious to see if this idea could be added into other reminiscing groups we offer. The support they’ve started offering one another is great and seeing a lot of introverts coming out of their shells."
- Sierra Roberti, Lead Life Enrichment Assistant, Villa St. Gabriel Villa

“It has given me the opportunity to listen to the residents in an environment I would not normally be given. How [Java] touches people in a way they do not get to express daily is what touches me most. It is different because it creates a different, safe environment for residents to share stories and gives each one a chance to speak.” - Temiskaming Lodge
How have the residents responded to the program?
“We had a slow start up to our program due to ongoing outbreaks and changes in attendance. Since I changed the Java Music Club to neighbourhood specific, it has been very successful. Many residents are curious about it, and we have regular group session weekly and sharing stories and experiences.” - Sierra Roberti, Lead Life Enrichment Assistant, Villa St. Gabriel Villa 

“They are receptive to coming together as a group and sharing and it has helped me build bonds by providing them that environment.” - Temiskaming Lodge
“Very well – they all enjoy the program and look forward to the next one.”
- Sylvie, Recreational Therapy & Volunteer Coordinator, South Centennial Manor

“All the participants responded in a happy and supporting manner. All had a good time.” - Stayner Care Centre
New Beginnings
“We recently held our 3 rd Java Music Club. Our topic was getting to know you and everyone loved singing along to the music and sharing their stories. The residents love the Java Program. Last week our topic was “New Beginnings” chosen by the guest of honor, and she chose the topic as she was moved to a new [area of our home] so she shared her experiences on her new [location] and was very positive about enjoying her new room with the large window and new roommate. We meet every Tuesday morning.” - Karen Trepanier, Resident Services, Golden Manor
Breeding Friendship
“We are building a compassionate community for the well-being of our residents.  The Java Music Club is the perfect program for our residents! The experience has been amazing. Residents who would not talk to each other started to chat, share stories and tease each other. A relationship was just about to be built. I am confident that the relationship will result in friendship and happiness. Thank you so much for introducing this program at Saint-Louis Residence and thank you to the dedicated team of volunteers who are facilitating the program here” – Mariama Diallo, Volunteer Coordinator, Saint-Louis Residence
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This newsletter is part of the project: The Power of Peer Support: Reducing Social Isolation in Residential Care , a knowledge mobilization partnership initiative between Bruyère Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation in Long-Term Care (CLRI), Java Group Programs, Carleton University’s Department of Health Sciences and Bruyère Continuing Care’s Therapeutic Support Services. It is funded by the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI), Carleton University and the Government of Ontario through the Bruyère CLRI.