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As we make our way through 2023, we want you to know we are here to help keep your family's teeth healthy all year! One of the ways we do that is through Occlusal Equilibration. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, as many as 12 million U.S. adults suffer from jaw pain and if your jaw pain is related to TMD, one of the solutions is occlusal equilibration. Our latest blog highlights everything you need to know and if you think it might be right for you, give us a call! Scroll down to find this and other great dental resources for great oral health in 2023!
And, as we transition through this New Year, be sure to schedule your next recare appointment today! You can follow this link to schedule online.

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January Wonder Woman: Heather 💪
Congrats to Heather, our Wonder Woman for the month of January.

Heather works chairside with Dr. Jeff most of the day and is an amazing team player, always willing to help out her co-workers. She was nominated for Wonder Woman because she is very helpful, has a great personality, and she makes us all laugh. She also is very friendly and makes her patients feel right at home.
Congrats, Kyle!
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We are also happy to celebrate the winner of our gift basket - Kyle N. Kyle is the lucky winner after leaving his 5-Star Google Review in December!

Patient Story
The Power of a Great Bite – Steve’s Story

Steve came to us in 2020 and talked to us about how his bite never felt right after a new crown had been done at another dental office. See what Dr. Elizabeth Eggert found from the Records Process and how her proposed plan of action helped Steve get his bite back!

On the Blog
How Occlusal Equilibration Helps Jaw Pain and TMD

Jaw pain due to TMJ is often solved with splints or surgery, but there’s another solution that could help. Learn how occlusal equilibration helps jaw pain and TMJ.
10 Dental Sealants FAQs: What They Are, Why They’re Important, and When to Get Them
Dental sealants are an extremely effective preventative measure that many parents take to keep their family’s smiles healthy.
Canker Sores vs. Cold Sores [and How to Treat Each!]
 While people often confuse the two, cold sores and canker sores are quite different, and will require different treatments.

Happy January! 😆 ❄️