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Lead Paint Certification and Acknowledgement Is Not Optional

holding_house_key.jpgRecently, there has been a trend of agents for buyers and sellers failing to present and sign the  Lead-Based Paint Certification and Acknowledgement form and a trend of buyer agents not providing the Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home pamphlet.  Just so you know, failure to follow the proper steps of presenting and signing the forms can lead to serious issues:

Last year, a New York homeowner accepted an offer to purchase the home.  The homeowner and List Agent provided a signed Lead-Paint Disclosure.  The Disclosure stated that an assessment had been performed, there WAS lead paint in the home, and Seller had documentation.  That transaction did not close.  A second offer was accepted, but the Seller and List Agent gave the buyers a Disclosure that stated the Seller did not know of any lead issues and that Seller had no documentation.  Buyers purchased the home, and their baby soon was suffering from lead poisoning due to exposure in the home.  

This is what has happened since:

In a Federal, criminal court last Fall, a New York real estate agent pleaded guilty to failure to provide lead paint hazard warning notice. The charge carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison and a fine of $100,000. 

In January of 2018, she was  convicted of failure to provide lead paint hazard warning notice, was sentenced to time served, fined $1,000 and ordered to pay restitution to the victim in the amount of $53,326.07, which ONLY addressed repairs to the home.

Last month, the buyers filed a civil lawsuit against the seller and the List Agent seeking over $500,000 in damages, including $132,000 for the allegation of fraud, an amount to be determined by trial on the allegation of negligence and $396,000 for violating the Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act, which permits awards of three times the amount of damages sustained.

Please make sure you are following federal law regarding Lead-Based Paint.

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$109 for all 12 hours. Breakfast and Lunch is included.

4 hours of CE
--June 11th, 8:30 - 12:30

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Entrepreneur Magazine Offers Tips for Real Estate Investors


1 Create a spreadsheet with all of the important numbers, such as down payment, improvement costs, and possible ROI.

2. Keep emotion out it.

3. Take your time and do your research.

4. Try to buy local.

5. Manage your property manager.

6. Bundle your properties in terms of area and property  managers.

Read more:

Without action, knowledge is often meaningless.

                                                               - Shawn Achor

How did the Indianapolis 500 get started?

Indianapolis 500 (Flickr)

The first few years..... 

As co-founder of Indianapolis-based Prest-O-Lite (1904), Carl Fisher was already a successful player in the growing automotive industry, selling headlights to car manufacturers.
(Hey... Is that why Fishers is called Fishers? ... Um.... No. Apparently there were a lot of important guys named Fisher in Indiana in the early 1900's. :-)
Fisher saw U.S. automakers lagging behind Europeans in development. He decided that he could speed up the process if he created a dedicated test facility that could double as a racetrack. He reached out to three friends also in the auto industry. 
The initial plan was to call the facility the "Indiana Motor Parkway Grounds", but it was changed The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Company. The project was going to cost around $250,000 (more than $6 million in today's dollars).
In 1906, Fisher and partners begin searching for a speedway suitable property, focusing on French Lick in Southern Indiana. The French Lick 500. However, in December 1908, The partners acquired 328 acres of farmland five miles northwest of downtown Indianapolis for $72,000. The basic 2.5-mile track design developed endures to this day.


Picture:  Bauer, Jim. Approved for commercial  use.   Flickr.    License .  

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What happens when you pay two monkeys unequally? 

Watch what happens. An excerpt from the TED Talk: "Frans de Waal: Moral behavior in animals." This TED Talk is a really funny example of how animals understand "unequal". (at first it looks like its going to be dull-- give it a few seconds :-)

Self Defense CE Class

Class Highlights:
4 Hours of CE-- $40!

Some topics covered:

--Learn the 13 target pressure points, including eyes, ears, behind the jaw, feet, and knees
--Natural weapons and how to use them.
--Escape from grabs
--Floor techniques, how to defend yourself from the floor
--General safety, including school functions, group outings, dates and home alone. 

Although this is eligible for 4 hours of continuing education, it is absolutely beneficial for family and friends, 13+, if they would like to take it as well.


Monday, June 11th, 8:30-12:30
Saturday, June 23rd, 1:00-5:00

Current Class Schedule 



June 4-5
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June 13-14
June 27-28


--Monday, June 11th, 8:30-12:30
--Saturday, June 23rd, 1:00-5:00

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Supervised Child Area Offered With Most Classes

Many understand the value of live classes. They promote learning and provide an area to ask questions. Yet, sometimes with a family, it's just not possible. We understand. 
For most of our classes, IBREA will provide a supervised area for children during the class for children ages 4+. And, it's free. 

What's Going On At IBREA? 

IBREA has several programs currently in the approval process with the state, and will hopefully be available by the end of the month.

These include:

-- Live Pre-licensing Course
-- Online Pre-licensing Course
-- Online 30 Hour Post-licensing Course.
-- Online Managing Broker Course

Coming soon...

Online and Live Classes for CE are currently in development stage and should be available soon!