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--Monday May 14 -15 -- $10 OFF Special
--May 21-22 

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--May 16-17

Recent reviews...

"Yesterday morning I cheated on Jay B. Rose with another Continuing Ed course for the first time ever. Forty-five minutes into the first session of day one, I got up and walked out of the class because it was so painfully awful. I'll be signing up for Jay's next class accordingly, and will never stray again. #confessional  #neveragain 
--Jonathan E. 

Thanks Jonathan! We so appreciate your support!!

"If you are an active Real Estate Agent and in need of CE, you need to see Jay B. Rose. Jay really knows his stuff and is well respected in the real estate community."
 -- Chris G.

Thanks, Chris! Obviously you have seen Jay before-- we are so glad you are a fan. Looking forward to seeing you soon! 

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See a Great Picture? Beware of Copyright Laws!

Picture: Shuttershock
Have you ever seen a great picture on the internet, and thought that might be great for a project you are doing? Before you hit that "Copy" button, make sure you understand the picture could be copyrighted!

In a recent article in the Indy Star, they pointed out that copyright infringement lawsuits are not rare in Indianapolis. In fact, there have been around 200 cases over infringement for one local photographer alone. And, two of them had $150,000 in judgments. He reports that Real Estate Agents are the worst culprits. 

Read More: story/news/2018/05/08/ copyright-infringement- photography-indianapolis- skyline-rich-bell/554869002/


Sales Tax Legislation 

Jay Rose talks about Sales Tax Proposal

Jay shares his thoughts on the proposed Sales Tax Legislation and what it means to Real Estate Agents. 

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."

-- Winston S. Churchill

Class Highlight:

Self Defense CE Class

4 Hours of CE-- $40!

Learn how to take care of yourself with this HANDS ON course! Get a portion of your CE's in a true Self Defense class by Jay Rose, a third degree black belt with 25 years of self defense instruction experience.

Get real world instruction on what to do and what not to do, issues that can happen (and how to avoid them), and what to do if there is a problem.

Some topics covered:

--Learn the 13 target pressure points, including eyes, ears, behind the jaw, feet, and knees
--Natural weapons and how to use them.
--Escape from grabs
--Floor techniques, how to defend yourself from the floor
--General safety, including school functions, group outings, dates and home alone. 

Although this is eligible for 4 hours of continuing education, it is absolutely beneficial for family and friends, 13+, if they would like to take it as well.


Sunday, May 20th, 10:00 - 2:00
Monday, June 11th, 8:30-12:30
Saturday, June 23rd, 1:00-5:00

The Indy 500... and the First Race Held There: a Balloon Race!

Although the track began construction in 1909, almost constant rain pushed back the initial opening date of May of that year.

Desperate to recoup some of the investments in the Speedway, the President and co-founders planned a national championship gas-filled balloon race.

They had its share of controversies and issues, including turbulent wind currents. The winner of the race, University City, eventually landed in Alabama, 382 miles away, after spending over a day in flight. 

Ray Harroun does a lap at the 1961 Indy 500 in his Marmon Wasp, the 1911 winner. (
The first car race was held on May 30, 1911, and has been exciting fans ever since. 


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May 16-17
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Supervised Child Area Offered With Most Classes

Many understand the value of live classes. They promote learning and provide an area to ask questions. Yet, sometimes with a family, it's just not possible. We understand. 
For most of our classes, IBREA will provide a supervised area for children during the class for children ages 4+. And, it's free.