This Week's Broadcasts
Chick Corea, photographed by Wolfgang Wesner
On your PBS stations this week, Jazz master, keyboardist Chick Corea, along with bass powerhouse Christian McBride and drummer Brian Blade perform music from their Grammy-winning CD Trilogy at NJPAC.

Plus, the Beauties of Willie Cole, Steampunk Artists, and Stage Fight Class.

Sat, 10/17 @ 7:30 pm
Thurs, 10/22 @ 11:30 pm

Sun, 10/18 @ 11:30 am

Mon, 10/19 @ 10:30 am & 3:30 pm
Wed, 10/21 @ 10 am & 3 pm
October is Emotional Wellness Month!
During the pandemic, it's important to pay attention to your physical health - but your emotional wellbeing is just as crucial. During October, we're sharing features that encourage mental health awareness as part of Emotional Wellness Month.

In this feature, we spend a day with storyteller Queen Nur from the Folk Life Center at the Perkins Center for the Arts and witness firsthand the profound impact of the Homebound Arts program.
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Virtual & Socially Distanced Arts Events
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On Sat, Oct 24 at 8 pm, Art Against Racism: Memorial.Monument.Movement is presenting a free livestream event featuring music, poetry, performance, and art. Featured guests include Ras Baraka, Nell Painter, and more!

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The Newark Museum of Art is holding its annual Fall Luncheon virtually this year! Join them on Oct 27 at noon to explore their theme of "The New Disruptive Museum."

Last year, State of the Arts went behind the scenes with Martha Graham Dance Company for a new production of Appalachian Spring and The Auditions at Peak Performances. Now, their full concert is featured in Peak Performances' new Peak HD series in partnership with ALL ARTS, premiering Sun, Nov 8 at 8pm on TV and online. 

Through Jan 10, Hunterdon Art Museum is presenting an exhibition highlighting the impact and history of Peters Valley School of Craft.

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This Week's Long Watch
This week we're sharing the 1992 State of the Arts documentary Vladimir Feltsman—Journey From Home. Concert pianist Vladimir Feltsman emigrated to the United States in 1987 after being silenced by the Soviet Union's Ministry of Culture for eight years. He returned to a very different Moscow in 1991 to perform a concert at the legendary Moscow Conservatory. State of the Arts producer Amber Edwards spent six days with a Soviet camera crew documenting Feltsman's return. These were the final turbulent months before the Soviet Union collapsed. Vladimir Feltsman—Journey From Home is the story of a musician of explosive talent and bold heroism, and a glimpse into life in the Soviet Union during its final days. Watch the documentary and read a compelling behind-the-scenes account by producer Amber Edwards of her six days in Moscow. 

What to Watch
The impact of the coronavirus on the arts in New Jersey is severe. As the pandemic stretches on, income is being lost by artists and workers of all kinds in the cultural arena.

Think of how else you can support your favorite artists and venues! Perhaps make some plans for the future, or consider donating your refunded ticket prices to NJ's arts organizations.  

In the meantime, we'll be sharing some great stories for you to enjoy from home.
The Montclair Film Festival takes over the town of Montclair at the end of April and beginning of May each year, and has become wildly popular. We were there in 2018 - the 2020 festival begins this week, October 16-25, with ten days of independent films, comedies, documentaries and panel discussions. Most of the festival is online this year, but there's also a first-time series of drive-in features.

Legendary drummer Max Roach shows us how it’s done in this unique 1994 performance of “Mr. Hi Hat” from the State of the Arts archive.

Our story: Max Roach
Photographer Elisabeth Smolarz’s “The Encyclopedia of Things” is a portrait of the tiny New Jersey town on the Hudson River called Guttenberg. See how Smolarz creates the portrait by creating still life images with more than 60 townspeople. Pictured: detail of image by Elisabeth Smolarz

Our story: Elisabeth Smolarz
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