April 20, 2018
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
Jazz at the Perk TONIGHT
Friday, April 20, join us at the Paradise Perk for Jazz at the Perk, our final concert in the PVUMC 2017-18 Community Concert Series: Music for Everyone. Don't let the wind keep you away; we'll move inside if it's too strong to be outside on the patio.Read more about our featured artist, Brett Reed Trio, below. No tix needed; donations welcome!
Pastor's Message

  Dear Friend in Faith,

Jesus was a troublemaker.

A rabble rouser. A pot-stirrer. A rebel.

I wonder if we sometimes forget that in the church, what with all of the beautiful paintings of Jesus we’ve seen in our lifetimes. You know the type I’m talking about: the totally pristine Jesus with the strong jawline, the luscious brown hair, and the angelic light beaming out just behind his head. We might forget how much of an agitator Jesus was because so many of our hymns and songs make him out to be this wonderfully gentle man who kisses babies and speaks in gentle whispers.

When we read the scriptures, however, we find that perhaps Jesus wasn’t always so meek and mild. Here was a guy who stood up to the political and religious powers -often in the very places they met- and spoke unabashed truth to the leaders of the day. He said that the religious priests and rulers were like a “den of vipers” (Matthew 23) – hardly a message you’d find on a Hallmark greeting card. Jesus made (powerful) enemies throughout his life, enemies that would eventually...

Brett Reed Trio - Jazz at the Perk
TONIGHT, Friday, April 20 ,we welcome Brett Reed, a performer and composer specializing in contemporary and improvised music, for Jazz at the Perk. He regularly performs as a solo percussionist, and as a jazz vibraphonist in solo and ensemble settings. Support youth missions by buying coffee, tea, smoothies and snacks at the Perk. Seating provided. In case of high winds, we'll be inside the Fellowship Center instead of on the patio.
Invite a friend to the concert. Read More
Sunday Worship at PVUMC
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church (PVUMC) invites you to worship with us as we celebrate the Festival of God's Creation, also known as Earth Day, and our children's summer camp programs -- VBC and Summer Sundays.

Download your bulletins and Looking Ahead below, or read them online.
Looking Ahead (announcements, weekly calendar and prayers of intercession)

Prayer Requests Submit prayer requests using our online request form or call the church office at 602.840.8360. Your request will be shared with our 200+ list of prayer warriors on email and listed in the bulletin if you desire. This Sunday, we offer a special prayer in worship in celebration of God's creation and you're invited to join a National Prayer for the Climate at 12 noon.

Summer Sundays, Vacation Bible Camp and Sportball
This Sunday, April 22 we're highlighting our Vacation Bible Camp, Rolling River Rampage, where you can Experience the Ride of a Lifetime with God, July 16-20, 2018 , 9 am – 12 noon. NEW this year is an afternoon sports camp, Sportball, which extends the day until 3:30 pm. Register now for both VBC and Sportball and let us know if you can volunteer.

We're also getting ready for teacher appreciation, the Mini-Singers Concert and Summer Sundays! Read more
Small Group VIP Discussions
As a follow-up to our Better Together Sunday last year, Church and Society Ministry Team members invite you to discuss your experiences and faith-based responses to societal issues at a small group meeting this Sunday, April 22 or next, April 29, at 10:45 am (right after the 9:30 am worship service), in A2. The responses will help inform the team of where to focus their energies when VIP (Valley Interfaith Project) meets for a Delegates Forum on May 1. Need more info? Email Dave Ryan, chair of the team, or call the church office, 602.840.8360.
The Good Life at PVUMC
We encourage you to pledge before April 30 if you haven't already. The Good Life at PVUMC includes the people and ministries we love. By pledging our support now, we can build our nest (the budget) and provide for the future. We've shared our hopes and dreams. Now, it's time to make them a reality. Pledge online

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If you missed last week's sermon, you can listen online at LISTEN: Previous Sermons.

Youth Missions, VBC and Camping
We encourage our youth to volunteer at Vacation Bible Camp the week BEFORE the 2018 Senior High Mission Trip to Houston, TX, July 22-27, 2018, and at Mingus Mountain elementary camps. There are also camps for junior and senior high youth. Read more about the summer camps via the Desert Southwest Conference and register today. If you're a young adult, or want to help get Mingus Camp ready for summer, register for the YAL Work Weekend Retreat, April 28-29 OR join a small group of workers from PVUMC who are going up to volunteer for the day, April 28. Read More.

Stop by Sunday, April 22, 9-11 am to see what's new at the church gift shop. Also open Wednesdays, 9 am-12 noon.

NOTE: Childcare is availa ble with a 48-hour reservation for all our
events and classes on campus. Call 602.840.8360, ext 134.