March 26th, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Weather Permitting

Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine will be visiting outside the library for a drive-by parade. 
We have several more dog gone good activities planned that afternoon: doggy bags, dog toy craft pick up, voting for best Scooby Doo in Disguise art project, and a bow wow scavenger hunt on the back lawn. 
March 21st - 27th

Spark the firefly wants to plant a garden, but doesn't know how to get her seeds to grow. With the help of her friends in the forest, Spark learns the parts of the plants, what they need to grow and the importance of patience.
Wednesdays in March

Register to read with a librarian.
Each child will receive their own 20 minute appointment to read one on one via Zoom.
Families with multiple readers sign up each reader individually.
April 1st, 7:00 p.m.

We’ll discuss what books we’re enjoying, which books we aren’t, and what we’re reading next.  Discover “new to you books” from other readers as well as a rundown of new books hitting the library shelves each month.
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by Kaitlyn Greenidge

Submitted by Terri S.
Such an interesting novel! 
Libertie finds its inspiration in the true life events of Dr. Susan Edward, the first black female physician in the state of New York and the third in the United States. The most compelling part of the novel for me was an achingly touching mother-daughter story, set between reconstruction era Brooklyn and Haiti. 
A solid historical fiction page-turner!
by Fumio Sasaki

Submitted by Molly J.
There are so many books on habit building out there. This one does a really good job of outlining the common misconceptions surrounding “willpower” and “talent” which are common excuses for why people don’t stick to their habits. I enjoyed this no-nonsense approach to habit forming that was regularly backed by science and in some cases the author’s own experiences.
by C. L. Reid

Submitted by Emily D.
Emma is excited and nervous for her dance recital at the end of the week. She is deaf and loves to dance but is nervous she won't know when to take her final spin.
As a bonus, each easy reader contains a visual representation of the ASL alphabet and teaches readers some key words for the story in sign language.
by Marianne Dubuc

Submitted by Patty G.
This delightful oversized book has multiple stories happening on each page, very much like a Richard Scarry book. 
Follow the animals that live at the apartment building on 3 Maple Street throughout their busy day.
All the details and illustrations will keep kids entertained for hours.
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