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From the President:
Hello Jeeps members. 

I can't believe that our Supercross season is already coming to an end. This weekend is the 18th Annual Night Time Nationals. All supervisors will be working hard to make sure our club is in tip top shape for this big event.

If you have time this week, please head out to the club and help prepare for this weekend. All help will be greatly appreciated.

Marc Sattler
Jeeps Club President
316-288-4200 - Cell
Upcoming Events
  • September 9 - 6th Round Park City Supercross Series - Jeeps Motorcycle Club
  • - 18th Annual Night Time Nationals
  • - 15 Lap Main for 250A
  • - 20 Lap Main for 450A
  • - $6000 Pro Purse
  • - $1000+ in amateur prizes

  • September 24 - 3rd Round Jeeps ATV MX Series - Jeeps Motorcycle Club

  • Sept 30 - Oct 1 - Round 7 KMCS - Heartland Park - Topeka, KS

  • October 6 - Jeeps Club Business Meeting - Jeeps Motorcycle Club

  • October 7, 8 - Round 8 KMCS - Inman MX - Inman, KS

  • October 14, 15 - Round 9 KMCS - Park City, KS - Jeeps Motorcycle Club

  • October 21 - Modern Motorcycles on Vintage Track - Jeeps Motorcycle Club

  • October 22 - Vintage Motocross Race - Jeeps Motorcycle Club

  • October 28, 29 - Round 10 KMCS - Howard, KS - Tall Grass MX

  • November 3 - Jeeps Club Business Meeting - Jeeps Motorcycle Club

  • November 4, 5 - Round 11 KMCS - Maize, KS - Bar 2 Bar MX

  • November 19 - 4th Round Jeeps Hare Scramble Series - Park City, KS - Jeeps Motorcycle Club
  • - 50th Annual Turkey Run (1 man / 2 hours)
Jeeps Motorcycle Club is excited to present our 18th Annual Night Time Nationals on Sept 9th, 2017. We will have a $6000 Pro Purse along with over $1000 in amateur prizes. This race is brought to you by these 2 amazing sponsors, Davis Moore Auto Group and Wichita Electric.

For the 2 Pro classes, we will have a $2500 purse for the 250A and a $3500 purse for the 450A. 1st place will get 30% all the way down to 18th place, which will get 1%.

This will be a true supercross format for the expert classes. We will have heat races, LCQ, if needed, and a main event. The main event will be 15 laps for the 250A and 20 laps for the 450A.

The times for the Night Time Nationals are:
Gate open at 12pm
- 2pm
Practice - 4pm
Races start at 6pm
Opening Ceremonies - 7pm

Volunteers Needed

There are a lot of opportunities to help out your club and get your volunteer hours completed. You don't even have to raise your hand, just come out to the club and let them know you are there to help.

Clubhouse Cleaning Party - Sept 8 @ 6pm
We need help getting the clubhouse cleaned for the Supercross race on September 9.

Night Time Nationals Help - September 9th
T-Shirt Sales
Trash Cleanup
Weed Eating / Mowing
Track Set up
Parking Cars - 2 People
Amateur Prize Table - 1 - 2 People

If you can help with any of this, please contact:
Daryl Walter (316-288-0730)
Scott VanCuren (620-899-5495)
Jeeps Has a NEW Website
On July 1st, Jeeps Motorcycle Club went live with their new website.

This has been months in development and we hope the new mobile friendly layout works better to give you the information you need quickly.

Please check out our new website. We would love to hear some feedback from you.
KMCS has a Website

Make sure you visit the new KMCS website.

It is packed full of information about the Kansas Motocross Championship Series.

Race schedules, track information, contingency and rules can all be found here.

Side by Side's and Jeeps
We have had a lot of discussion lately about the use of Side by Side's at Jeeps so we want to go over the rules for Side by Side's with you.

Side by Side's (UTV's, SxS, ROV) will not be allowed on any track at Jeeps.

You can operate a SxS in the pits only, to and from the different tracks, and only below 10mph.

A Whip must be attached to the vehicle.

The club approved these rules for the safety of our riders.

Please visit our website for a complete list of Jeep's Club Rules.
Look what Jeeps is giving away this year
Brand New 2015 Model Honda Grom
Jeeps is giving away not just one but two 2015 Honda Grom's this year. We will be giving one away for the Park City Jeeps Supercross Series and another will be given away at the Park City Great Plains Flat Track Series.

Details on how to win this bad boy are available on our website.
Did you Know?
Did you know that as a Jeeps Motorcycle Club member, you could get in to all Jeeps Events for Free? Yes, that's right, I said FREE!! Sign up for a membership and if you volunteer for 3 hours of work per quarter (after your initial 4 hours of mandatory work), you can get in to any Jeeps Hosted Event for FREE!!! The 3 hours that you volunteer is for all members on the card. So if you and little Timmy go out and both work for 1.5 hours each, you have your 3 hours. It's easy and benefits both you and the club. So Join at the next Business Meeting and start getting those hours in. Just talk to any Jeeps Officer or Board member for more details.
Board Members and Officers 
Daryl Walter - Chairman
Tim Campbell
Dan East
Tammy Heeb
Terry DeBoard
Kevin Adcock
Diana Sattler
Nanette Chippeaux
Donnie Stiver

Marc Sattler - President
Scott VanCuren - Vice-President
Shallom VanCuren - Treasurer
Don Chippeaux - Secretary
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