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Jeff Corwin's Focus on a City Part 5: New York              

To those of us who live here, New York isn't one big city; it's really several small towns all clumped together. In some cases the boundaries between these "towns" are pretty clear. For instance, you can really feel the difference when you walk from the West Village and cross Houston St. into Soho. And moving from Little Italy to Chinatown is more like crossing the border between two countries than between two neighborhoods.

So when Rosewood Hotels asked Jeff Corwin to go to New York City and capture the flavor of the City, it was like asking someone to go to Baskin-Robbins and bring you back a cone with
the quintessential ice cream flavor. At last count B-R listed 54 flavors (out of their 1,000 flavors in total) on their website! From Amazing Spider-Man 2 ice cream to Wild 'n Reckless Sherbet, I challenge you to pick the one flavor that "says it all."

So back to Jeff's images. Click on the photo below to see what he chose to shoot during his brief stay in NYC. Though each image is very different one from the other, they all say "interesting light, color and composition." And that's quintessential Jeff Corwin.

(c)Jeff Corwin's  New York City

Speaking of ice cream, my favorite flavor at B-R is German Chocolate Cake. But Pistachio Almond is pretty good, too. And, if the Red Sox are playing particularly well, Baseball Nut ice cream fits my mood perfectly.

At any rate, enjoy Jeff's different flavors of NYC! Oh and by the way, he has just added some new images to his website. New portrait, industrial, workplace and landscape images all beautifully composed and dramatically lit.

All my best,