Bike of the Week: Jeff Lemon's Record-Winning ZX-14

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Bike of the Week: Jeffory Lemon's ZX-14 

This week's bike caught my eye as I was doing some work on the testimonials page - you don't see the words "landspeed record" too often unless you're really looking for them.

But Jeffory Lemon of Perth Australia set the Australian land speed record in 2016 for his class of motorcycle, with a custom Tapeworks headlight sticker on his bike! We've got an article about that whole process coming your way soon.

Jeff responded to our email:

"Yes very happy with the headlight decals, found them easy to fit and very realistic.
This year we finally managed to crack 200mph and break the Australian Land Speed record with a top speed of 210.77 M.P.H.
The bikes running great and we hope to raise the record a bit more at Speedweek in March"

That's friggin' awesome! Thank you Jeff!

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That's it for this week!

As always, Tapeworks welcomes your photos of your bike or car! Just a couple things - please tell us what your bike is and what you put on it, and send a few high-resolution photos of closeups as well as wide shots of the whole vehicle to

And if you've got some sort of testimonial, send it on over, whether it's good or bad!

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