Jefferson Market Garden Newsletter
Volume 14, Number 3
Winter 2015     
Upcoming Events 
December  5, 2015 

January 22, 2016 
Cocktails in the Catacombs of Jefferson Market Library
6:00-8:00 pm
Details to follow . . . 

Our  Noteworthy 40th Anniversary Events

 40th Anniversary Benefit
September 9, 2014

Honorees Adrian and Barry Benepe with George Paulos and Susan Sipos
(Tequila Minsky photo)
40th Anniversary Community Events
40th Anniversary Events for the Children of our Community
Children's Festival 
of Flowers
May 30th

Children's Garden of Music
June 7th and 14th

Harvest Festival for Children
October 10th

Photographs contributed by
Linda Camardo
Laurie Moody
Bill Thomas
Fredda Tone
Our Dazzling 40th Anniversary Garden

This year our 40-year-old Garden astounded us again with seasonal flowers, shrubs and trees arrayed in exceptional visual patterns of color and texture.  As a result of yet another harsh winter, we sustained a substantial loss of shrubs and a significant amount of pruning had to be done to our trees and our climbing New Dawn and Don Juan roses.  For a while it seemed we would have no flowering bulbs, but one night a multitude of tulips opened above their twisted, brown spotted leaves.  And so the Garden opened to another luxurious display of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, Dutch iris, squill, fritillaria, and more. 

In early summer, vibrant, fragrant roses bloomed around our fountain in our renewed Rose Garden and in profusion over our arbor and on our historic fence.  They bloomed not only once, but instead in three cycles throughout the summer! 

A hot summer challenge followed, but Horticulturist/Garden Designer Susan Sipos and the talented Volunteer Gardeners planted new annuals and tended to the perennials that grew so tall and so full that visitors were heard commenting on "a jungle of blooms." 

In spite of the weather, the garden maintained a glorious display from tulips to sunflowers, delighting us every day!

Your support of Jefferson Market Garden Garden makes all these small horticultural miracles possible. Thank you!

Our New Potting Table

When the leaves began to fall, our rickety old 
potting table was replaced with an elegant, sturdy  
slate-top workspace, a generous gift from our friend Miriam Cahn.  Thank you Miriam
*** NEW Feature ***

Jefferson Market Garden History
Humble Beginnings
By Jack Intrator
JMG Historian and new Board Member

In the 18th and early part of the 19th centuries Greenwich Village was truly a village, lying two miles north of New York City. It was a bucolic environment with country lanes and summer homes for visitors from the city. These homes also served as a refuge for escape during outbreaks of yellow fever. When the epidemic abated, people returned to the city. However, the yellow fever epidemic of 1822 was particularly severe. This time residents constructed more permanent structures for living and working. One person described seeing corn growing on the corner of Hammond (West 11th) and 4th Streets on a Saturday morning that was replaced by a boarding house for 300 tenants by the following Monday.

What was needed now was a market to feed the growing population. In 1831 inhabitants asked that a public market be erected on Sixth Avenue by Greenwich Lane (Avenue). They stated that with a population of about 25,000, there was no market nearby except for the one at the foot of Christopher Street by the river. The petition was granted in 1832, and about 12 lots of land were purchased for $32,500. Thus the new market came into being and was named Jefferson Market in honor of Thomas Jefferson.

***Next Issue: The Mystery of the Tower***

Thank you Jack for all your impromptu Garden history tours for our visitors!
Our Garden thrives because our Community supports us in many ways. On Mondays throughout the year, a group of Volunteer Gardeners, coordinated by Diane Darrow, rake, sweep, dig, weed, plant, hand water, carry bags of debris and do much more. Every day the Garden is open, volunteers greet visitors at the gate and keep an eye on the garden. This year we began with cold days and then dealt with uncomfortable heat, and often the Volunteer Gate Greeters had to come with winter gloves or summer fans to do their shifts.  
It Takes a Community to Make our Garden Bloom
Alec Andrejko, Sugar Barry, Shailen Bellare, Adrian & Barry Benepe, Gail Brewer, Diane Darrow, Elizabeth Butson, Linda Camardo, Kacie Carl, Linda Carlsen, Margaret Chin, Frank Colerius, Peter Falk, Robin Felsher, Mary Gianussa, Deborah Glick, Martin Hutner, Jack Intrator, Corey Johnson, William Kelley, Mary Alice Kellog, Brad Hoylman, Lori Kleinman, Meg Lamason, Howard Meltzer, Bette Midler, Laurie Moody, George Paulos, Bill Pfeiffer, Robert Pinard, Susan Sipos, Bill Thomas, Fredda Tone, Mary Vanderwoude, Zac Walker, Sam Wilder and everyone else who sat at the gate, gardened, or helped out at one of our events.
A Thank You to all of our Supporters
We thank all of our donors, gate visitors, Garden Friends, Garden Godparents and local organizations that made our 40th year memorable. There is a direct link between the support we receive and the beauty of the Garden. Your support goes directly to preserving and enhancing our treasured Greenwich Village Garden oasis.   
On behalf of the entire Board of Jefferson Market Garden, I wish you all  the blessings of this season of light and hope. Whether we decorate our homes with a Menorah, a Christmas tree or just a warm glow, we rejoice with our friends in the gifts we treasure most: joy, peace and love.

George Paulos
Support the Garden

     Metro Mutts Corporation Photo