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Neighborhood Stories - Working Together
13'x25' typical SW Gas enclosure
In the month of May, Southwest Gas asked the JPNA board what color they would like the walls of a proposed regulator station enclosure.

The proposed substation was to open onto the 1600 block of Lester,based on an easement granted to SW Gas by Banner.  However, in 2016 JPNA entered into a legal agreement with Banner which preserved that space for a Greenway and water retention basin.  Oops!

SHORT STORY : Alert neighbors, JPNA board members and the JPNA Banner Subcommittee met with Banner and SW Gas.  Other options were explored and a tentative agreement has been reached to move the facility south on Warren almost to the Banner "Ring Road". 

It will be eventually screened from the neighborhood view by appropriate vegetation within the Greenway. Wall material will be consistent with the surrounding area.  There will be minimal intrusion on the residents along Lester.  It took several meetings, involving former JP neighbors who had worked on the initial agreement, SW gas, and Banner. Thank you all!!
In 2013 Jefferson Park was able to successfully change the definition for R-1 zoning to exclude mini-dorms.  For all of  R-1 zoning in Tucson there can be no more than four unrelated persons renting.  It took hours of volunteer work and legal fees to achieve this goal. 

Some of the existing mini-dorms were "grandfathered in" to the agreement, but could lose that status if they violate the unruly gathering law.

In 2015 Jefferson Park began logging the addresses of neighborhood sites where there were 911 calls about loud parties, loud music and receivers of red tag citations.

In late 2016 JP began sending notifications to folks--did they even know they had been so loud that a call had been made?  Probably not.

SHORT STORY:  Jeff Park noted a sharp drop in red tags over a 2 year period. Ward III has asked for Jeff Park to share their method with a few other neighborhoods.  Ward III and TPD are working with neighborhoods to send them the same information previously only sent to Jeff Park.  Thank you all!
For the new "How to Report an Unruly Gathering" flow chart reviewed by TPD click here.
New site for the SW Gas regulator station
"Option 3" site  (green box) approved by JPNA.  
Alley telephone pole & an open playground
Is that a telephone wire in the alley behind Hampton and south of the new Basin?
ist sign
Former Public Playground Sign
So many wires going everywhere in the new construction of the water basin at Hampton and Grant. But this particular set of support wires caught the eye of an alert neighbor.  Sure looked like it was a permanent pole which blocked the alley.  Jefferson Park Neighborhood plan states that garbage will be picked up in the alleys. Neighbors were notified before construction began that the garbage Pick up would temporarily move to the front. So JPNA asked the Grant Road Project manager about the pole.  OOPS! 

SHORT STORY: The designers missed that.  TDOT will work on remedying the problem so the neighborhood plan will stay in effect.  Thanks!
Suddenly, one year ago, Parks and Recreation rescinded the Intergovernmental Agreement to allow the Jefferson Park School Playground, now International School of Tucson, to be a public park open to the neighborhood.

After advocacy on the part of JPNA , Mr. Arthur of IST, and Ward III, Parks and Rec. developed an agreement which will reopen the playground as a public park.

SHORT STORY:That agreement will go before Mayor and Council on June 19.  The city will pay summer water, add evening lighting, and patrol during the summer and after hours.  We look forward to a new sign.  Thank you all!!
Summer Meetings - Get the whole story
JEFFERSON PARK NEIGHBORHOOD - June 27 and July 25, 6pm, WARD III office. August JP takes a vacation-no meeting in August

GRANT ROAD COALITION MEETINGS - June 26 and July 24, 6pm, Ward III office. In August the coalition takes a month off - no meeting in August. Five neighborhoods advocating for the best decisions that protect neighborhoods.  The Linear Trail from Park to Santa Rita is one of the projects .

Report a  non-emergency crime:
Report an  emergency crime:     911
See the  latest crimes  in Jefferson Park:
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Report an  issue with Banner:  Emergency 24/7 (520) 268-9575
Report an  issue with the U of A:  24/7 available ( 520) 282-3649
Report an  unruly gathering:     911
See historic photos of Jefferson Park:
Jefferson Park Reviews its Neighborhood Plan
Did you know Jefferson Park had a plan?  It actually has two. Both can be viewed on the Jefferson Park website. The City of Tucson consults Neighborhood Plans before granting any variances for permits,  etc.  The first a neighborhood plan, and the second a Neighborhood Preservation Zone plan.  The JPNA have reviewed their plan and made suggestions. Those suggestions have been turned in to TRRG.  Thanks for the work!
Four Campbell/Grant Neighborhoods plan for Vacant Bookman's Corner
Jefferson Park, SAMOS, Catalina Vista, Mountain/First, and Campbell/Grant Neighborhoods met May 23rd at the Ward VI office to discuss the future of the Grant Campbell corner.  This property corner is owned by the city, the developer, and Banner.  Bookman's is demolished and the corner is not scheduled for any action for up to 6 years.  The neighborhoods didn't wish to create a "gathering place" that would attract transients or heavy traffic, so they don't anticipate putting in benches or other seating.

This group worked on a plan that will beautify the vacant corner to include:
1.  Ground covering with pavers and decomposed granite or gravel to mitigate dust and         improve appearance.
2. Maintain bicycle access on outer edge.
3. Trees in containers
4.  Banner has offered (tentatively) to resurface the north facing facade of the old                   Catalina Theater, and they will install lights the length of the building.
5.  City has agreed to help with funding for the temporary makeover.
Jefferson Park Land Use Committee -LUC
Helping neighbors understand and retain the contributing status of their properties. To see the processes for that committee, find a link to the historic nomination, and find a list of the contributing properties by address go to the Jefferson Park web-site under the "Building in JP" tab:

This committee meets monthly, receives notice of permits and oversees the plans.  This committee welcomes new members.  If you are interested in understanding city web-sites and processes and want to help protect your neighborhood, contact the e-mails listed on the web-site.
Pets and summer heat
Heat can be a canine killer. As our temperatures soar into the triple digits, pet owners need to take extra precautions. 

- Hot asphalt can burn a dog's feet! Asphalt absorbs enough heat to injure the extra thick flesh on a dog's paw. Never walk your dog on a surface you could not walk barefoot on. Remember that a dog's body is much closer to the ground than its human counterpart and is more vulnerable to the heat emanating from the road. Temperatures at two and three feet above the ground can be 20 degrees hotter than at six feet. Never go running with your dog after it has been fed and restrict their outdoor activities to the cool hours of early morning or late evening.

- Heatstroke is one of the summer's most frequent canine afflictions and one of the most lethal! Pet owners should know the signs of heatstroke and how to treat it. Symptoms might include: elevated body temperature (body temps can soar as high as 110 causing irreversible brain damage or death), vigorous panting, unsteady gait, physical depression or agitation, thick saliva or froth at the mouth, rigid posture, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, collapsing, and signs of shock.

- Treating heatstroke involves cooling the dog from the inside out. First, the animals should be removed from the source of heat to a cooler surrounding, such as a room indoors, with a fan directed on his body, or the breezy shade of a tree. Next, its entire body should be dampened with cool (never cold) water. Ice packs should be restricted to the head, neck, and chest. Do not force the animal to drink water; in a state of shock, he could easily choke. Instead, concentrate on keeping the dog's immediate surroundings cool, monitor vital signs, and contact a veterinarian as soon as possible. Heatstroke always requires immediate professional supervision.

- Sunburn prevention is just as important for animals as it is for their human counterparts. Fur is not the problem people think it is. It is a misnomer that a dog's coat should be cut back to keep them cool during the summer months. Although a dark skinned dog is less vulnerable than that of a light skinned dog they both can suffer from sunburn when exposed to the sun's rays. It is more important to keep your dog well groomed and free of mats that cause hot spots (a raw irritated patch of skin) than it is to shave them and expose their tender skin. Should your dog's skin become sunburned the following will help: cover the burned area with cool towels and use an aloe-vera preparation for its soothing effects. Do not use topical ointments or sunblock because the animal may tend to lick it off which will further aggravate damaged skin and it might cause itching. As with any medication, consult a veterinarian before trying anything new.

Play it smart -- leave your pet at home during the summer -- they will be much happier and so will you!
See -- -- for more info.
Greening and Cleaning
Want to green and shade your yard?
TEP customers can purchase up to two trees a year for only $5 each. There are many varieties to choose from. .

Joan Hall: 990-8054 or e-mail for more information about how the Jefferson Park Green Committee can help you plant your trees.
Adopt a Park -  JP & Tucson Clean and Beautiful
We need your help, every 3rd Saturday of the month
Jefferson Park volunteers walk the parklet at the intersection of Edison/Campbell.  They continue south up the Campbell access road...plogging along. No RSVP needed, just show up about 8am.  BYOB-bring your own bag...or we supply.  
Nearby Activities
Tucson Botanical Gardens and Fry's
From the Garden District E-news - A letter from TBG:

I'm so sorry to have to share news with you that Fry's has officially rejected the Tucson Botanical Gardens offer to purchase. Two representatives from Fry's drove to the Gardens this morning to deliver the news.
While our efforts were thwarted by a developer that had money in hand, and a bid that satisfied shareholders, we feel that the experience was not without value. Acquiring property of that size forced us to think big: what would we do with 55,000 square feet? How would that impact garden space, programming and our entry?  Along the way we made new friends, raised the Gardens profile, and felt the deep love for TBG from you and other members in our community.  ...
Despite the news above, the mission and vision of TBG is not lost. At the meeting Fry's indicated that they understood how important this was to TBG, and gifted TBG with a $50,000 grant. Fry's Corporate Affairs Manager, Pam Giannonatti states, "We have been a longtime neighbor and partner of the gardens, and truly appreciate what the Tucson Botanical Gardens represents and the value they bring to the Tucson community. We are proud to be a partner of theirs."
Thank you all for your support, it meant a lot to all of us and I'm just so sorry that I couldn't make this happen for you.
  Michelle G. Conklin, CFRE,  Executive Director Tucson Botanical Gardens
City Needs Citizen Involvement - Volunteer
Neighbors!   The City is soliciting Volunteers for City's Boards, Committees and Commissions (BCCs). Why not get involved in making the City better?
One Committee that is very important to neighborhoods is the Environmental Services Advisory Committee (ESAC), which handles code violations. Currently, ESAC has 5 vacancies. Appointees are needed who live in Ward 1, 3, or 4, as well as 2 at-large appointments to be filled by Mayor and Council from anywhere in the City. If you, or anyone you know would be willing to serve on this important committee (or apply for consideration for any of the other 150 vacancies), please contact your Ward Office to express your interest. Thanks!
(J. Hall)
Important Contact Info
JPNA Board Members 
Jefferson Park is divided into 6 sections.  One person from each area is a voting member of the JPNA Board. These folks are the voice for their area.  Keep them informed!
Welcome packets also available from Suzanne at 740-0757 or

Area #1 - Mary Worthen 
Area #2 - Jon Heine
Area #3 - Laurel-Heather Milden
Area #5 - Joanne Osuna
Area #6 -  Lisa Jones

Your JPNA Board:  
President, Michael Crawford,
Vice President, Colleen Nichols,, 520- 792-2820
Executive Vice President, Joan Daniels,, 520-300-1980
Secretary, Rosemary Bolza,, 520-205-2708
Treasurer, Erin Posthumus,, 520-314-7883
Trish Gehlen,
Joan Hall,, 990-8054
Suzanne Trappman,, 520-740-0757
Bob Schlanger,

Ward III - Councilperson Paul Durham 
Paul Durham
Welcome Paul Durham to
1510 E Grant
and aide Nick Mahon

Ward III, See Paul's e-news at:
Ward VI, Steve Kozachik newsletter: 

Report Transportation Concerns
Is there a pothole you'd like to see fixed? Is a street sign missing? Is a tree limb hanging too close over a roadway or sidewalk?
You can report these issues to the  Tucson Department ofTransportation  (TDOT), (520) 791-3154, or email the exact location to
What is a code violation?
And whom do I call?
Download an information sheet approved by the City Code Enforcement Division
Banner Construction 
and Info Line
Construction Updates on the University Campus  Banner University Medical Center Tucson Campus  website  for the hospital expansion project. 
Emergency 24/7 phone number for the Banner project construction team: (520) 268-9575
UA Neighborhood Hotline 
Student Related issues can be reported to this number. 
Should not be used for 911 calls which should be directed to the TPD
24/7 available

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