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Our Neighborhood
Annual Meeting - Great Turn out!
The Ward III meeting room was filled to the max on Wednesday with wise people and good company. Elections were held with these results:
Officers: President, Joan Daniels     Vice President, Suzanne Trappman
Executive  Vice President, Joanne Osuna     Secretary, Colleen Nichols
Treasurer, Joan Hall
At Large: Minnette Burges, Robert Schlanger, and Louie Werthmuller
with two additional still open seats for additional members
Area Reps: Our area reps are serving again, as listed below.  We accepted the resignation of Laurie Principe for Area 2 (she is moving), and Jon Heine has stepped in to fill her shoes.  Thank you Jon. 

Several important topics were discussed: 
1) Preservation of the NPZ and a recently allowed transgression (our opinion);
2) Unruly Gatherings in JP and the special process JP is using to keep records and inform residents; 
3) New Projects being proposed for our neighborhood - entrance monument signs and  traffic circles;
4) Lend a Hand and their program and their need for volunteers.  Thank you Alan Adler and George Milan for your service!
5) Banner Parking Issues.

Jefferson Park Neighborhood, as an urban core neighborhood, is subject to many more stresses than our suburban counterparts.  The people in this neighborhood entirely determine the nature and kind of place it is and will become.  That is, people willling to educate themselves about city/neighborhood networking, people willing to give of their time, and people willing to put forth the effort to make a difference.  We have been blessed with former and current advocates who have protected the quality of life of this  neighbor-hood,and for that I am grateful.    (J. Daniels)
Give your input to the development of the Campbell/Grant Intersection
The Grant Road Coalition is planning a white paper describing the preferences of the neighbors for the proposed development at the intersection of Campbell and Grant. 

Part of the "white paper" will be the results of a survey of all residents or businesses within 1.5 miles of the intersection.  Please take a minute and complete the 8 question survey.

Go to and click the SURVEY tab
Are there Fewer Unruly Gatherings this Year?
From our data, we would have to say the tag ratio was better in September 2016, which was when TPD had a special push encouraged by Mayor and Council.  However, October, November and December did not go well.  October lost 4% and November lost a whopping 42%.  December was relatively quiet in 2015 and 2016.  What will January and February bring? 

The JP Red Tag committee continues to send notices to all addresses who have had calls made, and to all the owners of those addresses.  TPD as well as JPNA sends notices when red tags are issued. 

The new TPD Red Tag Unit gave us  some hints:
  • Made sure you have the address correct when you call 911;
  • Have as many calls made from neighbors as possible.  (Possibly set up a phone tree among neighbors);
  • Remember that an unruly gathering can happen at any time of day;.
  • You can be anonymous in your call.             (JPNA Red Tag Committee)
Click here to see the red tag procedures 
approved by TPD for folks calling in unruly gatherings.
Campbell Entrance Signs Proposal
A group of neighbors has done extensive research and created a design for  entrance sign(s) for the Campbell entrances to the neighborhood. They have a set of plans that were completed by a professional architect for submission to the city for permitting.  They have also submitted an estimate for fabrication. One sign is estimated to cost $756 for fabrication only, but not installation.

Description: "Quarter inch steel plate, rolled into a curved form with the words "Jefferson Park" water jet cut into Lucinda Bright font letters 12" high. The monument sign will be supported by 2"x 2" steel posts and be about 2" above and behind the existing curved wall.

The February JPNA meeting, February 22, 6pm at Ward III, will have the JPNA Board decide if they support the design and wish to go ahead with getting city permits.  

If the proposal is approved, t he neighborhood must fundraise for the cost of these signs--the cost of permits,  the actual manufacture of four signs ($3024) , and the installation.  Jefferson Park has succeeded in raising funds for past projects, such as $4000+ for the street signs designating JP as an Historic District, $38,000 for payment of the writing and submission for the Historic Designation.  It will be up to the neighborhood again!
Little Free Library Project...progress
Little Free Library - your home awaits you!  

The cacti is gone and the a rea is cleaned up.   The back wall is PURPLE.  Jefferson Park will have the most unique Little Free Library in all of Tucson!

We can't wait to announce the arrival of the library.  Seems a celebration might be in order.

Volunteer opportunities
JEFFERSON PARK NEIGHBOHROOD ASSOCIATION  meets fourth Wednesday of the month, needs board members for two "at large" positions.  Call Suzanne Trappman 740-0757 or  to inquire

FRIENDS OF JEFFERSON PARK, INC, meets fourth Monday of the month.  This group needs board members and volunteers to work in the Oral History project collecting memories and designing a book of the neighborhood history.   Call Suzanne Trappman 740-0757 or   to inquire

JEFFERSON PARK CLEAN COMMITTEE:  Looking for people to help with third Saturday clean ups of Edison Plaza.  Call Joanne Osuna 798-3602 or

INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF TUCSON our very own school (formerly Jefferson Park) is rejuvenating their small library.  They will need adult volunteers 2 hours a day to help with check out and shelf maintenance.  They also need someone who is familiar with the computer software necessary to handle a school book check-out system.  Any retired librarians or anyone studying library science, here's your chance to make a difference.  Call Joan Daniels 300-1980 or   to get more information.

LEND A HAND  is our senior citizen help organization.  We have recruited 3 new volunteers from JP and could use more.  Call Michelle at 248-6882 or email Alan at
Greening and Cleaning 
Brush & Bulky - February 27th
Brush and bulky scheduled for Jefferson Park! Place your piles in the alley not more than 2 weeks prior to pick-up..  For info on what they take and how to pile things go to

Brush & Bulky will collect:
  • Brush, tree trunks, branches and other green waste (up to 5 feet long and 24 inches in diameter);
  • Lumber (up to 5 feet long and stacked in a separate pile, no remodel materials or old fence);
  • PVC and metal pipes (up to 5 feet long);
  • Railroad ties (limit 5);
  • Furniture, carpet, and doors;
  • Lawn mowers with fuel tank and crank case removed;
  • Scrap metal (bicycles, swing sets, etc., broken into 5 foot lengths);
  • Cacti (must be boxed - up to 25 lbs. per box);
  • Appliances (remove freezer/refrigerator doors);
  • Car tires (limit of five automobile tires);
  • Metal drums (empty and cut in half).
Brush and Bulky will NOT collect:
  • Any excess over the 10 cubic-yard limit;
  • Any items other than those listed above, such as stone/bricks/concrete/aggregates;
  • Flooring/roofing/insulation/sheetrock;
  • Construction debris;
  • Wire fencing;
  • Hazardous waste like paint/oil/pesticides/solvents/liquids;
  • Glass/mirrors;
  • Television and computer monitors;
  • Compressed gas/air cylinder(s);
  • Vehicle parts;
  • Commercially generated material.
Roll-Offs:  Arrive March 31st and leave April 3
Thinking of buying a new mattress?  Here's a good place for the old one.  Roll-offs will be delivered on March 31 and removed on April 3rd.  You will find them at the locations listed below:
  917 E. Seneca  *   1822 E. Lester
1740 E. Edison  *   1200 E. Linden
The Neighborhood Assn is arranging for roll-offs periodically for the neighbors' use.  Watch this e-news for future dates.
Edison Plaza clean-up on February 18
Mark your calendars! The next clean-up at Edison Plaza (corner of Edison and Campbell) is Saturday, February 18th. Come help out, the more hands the better!   We have bags from Tucson Clean and Beautiful. Meet at 9am.

South End: The maintenance of the park at the south end of Campbell access road is being taken over by Banner. Banner is currently in negotiations with the city for repair of the wall and replacement of the Denniston plaque. Thank you!
Get your plants ready for the Plant Exchange!
The Plant Exchange  at the Jefferson Park April Quarterly meeting will be here before you know it! Get those plant cuttings ready now for the swap. Last year's swap was hugely successful!  JPNA quarterly meeting April 24, 6pm at the Ward III office.
Cooperative Extension Classes
Upcoming classes at the Cooperative Extension Office, which is right across from Trader Joe's on Campbell.  Lady in Campbell/Grant neighborhood  has taken several of their classes and has been very pleased.
Feb. 23rd - Bugs you will/or will not want in your garden
You can call 626-5161 for further information or to make your reservations for the class.  The classes are held on Saturdays from 9:30-11:30 AM.               (Thank you Campbell/Grant List serve)
Special Programs
Help with downpayments in JP neighborhood
Remember the Homebuyers Fair at UA last October?  The fair brought together neighborhood associations (JPNA was there!), prospective homebuyers, and organizations offering incentives to homebuyers.  Well, those incentives are still available, particularly down payment assistance.  If you have been thinking about buying a home, or if you have friends you'd like to attract to the neighborhood, ask Marilyn Robinson,  for information on down payment assistance offered through the Industrial Development Authority. 

You don't need to have a super-low income to qualify. And you do not need to be a first-time buyer. (I believe the cap is $88,000.)  But you can only apply the incentive to a house you intend to live in, not to investment property.   
  (Thanks, Feldman Neighborhood)
Nearby Activities
Tomato Sale at Rincon Heights Community Garden
Did you know the recommended planting date for tomatoes in Tucson is now February 15th? 

The Rincon Heights Community Garden is having its annual tomato sale on Saturday, February 11th from noon to 3pm at 1053 E. 8th Street, (1/2 block east of Park Avenue).
There will be many varieties available, including San Marzanos, Striped Caverns, and many varieties of cherry tomatoes. 

Check the Garden website for more details. 
Free Tax Preparation at Ward III
United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona's Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) provides free tax preparation for households and individuals earning up to $64,000. The program ensures taxpayers receive all credits for which they may be eligible, including the Earned Income Tax Credit, which can equal as much as 50 percent of a family's annual earnings. VITA offers same-day, in-person assistance from IRS-certified preparers at locations across Tucson. For a schedule of sites and hours, please visit the link below.

VITA sites and hours
VITA program information
United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona  

Ward III January 31, 2017 to April 15, 2017
Tuesdays noon - 5pm
Saturdays 9am to 2pm
Know what to do in a routine traffic stop?
Where are your hands supposed to be during a routine traffic stop?  Watch the quick video. TUCSON POLICE DEPARTMENT RELEASES NEW INFORMATIONAL VIDEO ON TRAFFIC STOPS - The Tucson Police Department (TPD) often receives questions from citizens about what to do when they are pulled over by police. TPD recently produced a 30-second video for its Facebook page that provides tips to help make the community and officers feel safe during traffic stops. The video linked below describes the acronym H.A.S.T.E.

Watch the video
Tucson Police Department 

Tell Your Neighbor  to sign up for the e-news
Go to and click on the e-news sign-up form. Or send them this form!
Area Representatives - Your contact to JPNA
Jefferson Park is divided into 6 sections.  One person from each area is a voting member of the JPNA Board. These folks are the voice for their area.  Keep them informed!
Area #1 - Mary Worthen,

Area #2 - Jon Heine
Area #5 - Chad Lehrman

Area #6 -  Lisa Jones
Important Contact Info
How to report potholes, grass at the curb, site hazards, street sign problems, etc.
Is there a pothole you'd like to see fixed? Is a street sign missing? Is a tree limb hanging too close over a roadway or sidewalk? You can report these issues to the Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT),791-3154 or email the exact location to
Tucson Department of Transportation:

Report Transportation Concerns
Is there a pothole you'd like to see fixed? Is a street sign missing? Is a tree limb hanging too close over a roadway or sidewalk?
You can report these issues to the  Tucson Department ofTransportation  (TDOT), (520) 791-3154, or email the exact location to
What is a code violation?
And whom do I call?
Download an information sheet approved by the City Code Enforcement Division
Tucson Neighborhood Support Network
A site listing all the neighborhoods in Tucson, and important things affecting them.
Neighborhood Support Network
Banner Construction 
and Info Line
Construction Updates on the University Campus  Banner University Medical Center Tucson Campus website for the hospital expansion project. 
Emergency 24/7 phone number for the Banner project construction team: (520) 268-9575
U of A - Good Neighbor Program
Report problems and concerns.
24 hr hot line -  520-282-3649

Stay in Touch

Get on the List Serve!
To sign up for the neighborhood list serve  send a blank email to  
or send a request for an invitation to
Come to the JPNA Monthly Meeting
Fourth Wednesday of the Month, 6pm Ward III Office, 1510 E Grant Rd
Renew your $15 voluntary JPNA membership dues
Renew by mail (print and mail membership form) OR

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