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May 2019
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Spring: A Time of Renewal

Personal Reflections of this Year and Looking Ahead

I had reconstructive surgery on my right ankle at the beginning of April. My mindset was one of ending and beginning. I think Spring is the perfect time for such a journey. In my recovery, I spent two weeks resting on my couch at home watching spring unfold outside my windows. Sometimes we need an event in our lives to facilitate change. Surgery, for me, was an event marked with endings, shedding commitments, and beginnings, making room to break new ground. Ahead is a year of recovery – physical healing infused with spiritual renewal. 

Continue reading about this adventure, my plans, and time in Latin America  here .
Training Updates!
FOTCT: Focusing-Oriented Therapy and Complex Trauma Training

My second-year training program will begin the last weekend of September this year. If you already have a good foundation of Focusing and are interested, please call or email me to discuss your participation.

For more information about Focusing-Oriented Therapy and an overview of my training program please visit my website !
Changing the World
Felt Sense Conference
May 17 - 19, 2019 in New York City
Click here to register.

Why I'm Going!
by Kara Hill
The Felt Sense Conference was established a year ago as a commemoration of Gene Gendlin’s life and a furthering of his work. It is a celebration especially of his philosophy. While I appreciate the mindful and somatic aspects of Focusing, what makes it truly unique in the work of psychotherapy is the rich philosophy underpinning it. Focusing-Oriented therapy is not a simple technique to apply, but a whole way of understanding being human and in relationship. Read more
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