Initiative to Protect Jekyll Island
The Jekyll Island Golf Course Master Plan has the potential of drastically affecting further development as well  
as the character of Jekyll Island State Park.
The time is NOW for your input! 
Photo by James Holland
If you love Jekyll Island and think only golfers should be interested in the outcome of the Golf Course Master Plan (GCMP) process, you are wrong and here is why: All the concept plans presented to the JIA Board of Directors and the public on January 28th by Vincent Design, LLC, eliminate 9 to 18 holes of golf. The plans include "development opportunities" ranging from 17 to 62 acres.  
To view a one-page summary of the four concepts that Vincent Design presented to the public, click here. To view the full text of each of the four concepts, click here.
The public is now being invited to comment on Vincent Design's four concepts for the GCMP. You may comment in brief or at length on any or all of the concepts presented by Vincent Design.
Some of the topics that have drawn public attention you might consider when submitting your comments are:
  •  Are there ways to increase golf course income without closing part of the Golf Course Complex (GCC)?
  •  If 9 or 18 holes of the GCC are closed, what should be done with the acreage that would no longer be used for golf?
  •  Should part of the GCC be used for development to generate revenue to improve the remaining GCC? If so, what kind of development would be appropriate?
  • Are there recreational activities that might be offered on the retired part of the GCC that could generate revenue for the JIA to use to improve or otherwise alter the remainder the GCC?
For an important note on the JIA subsidizing golf and other amenities on Jekyll Island, click here.

If you would like to have more information about the Golf Course Master Plan, please feel free to contact us at or phone 912-577-4655.

Thank you for your support of Jekyll Island State Park!
David and Mindy Egan, Co-Directors
Initiative to Protect Jekyll Island State Park
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