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January ~ February Newsletter 2014

I've been a bit behind on updates.  It's time to catch you all up! This will be a very busy year for me and I am very excited about everything that is ahead!

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Jen Haugland Music
An Expression of Hope and Healing

Losing Loved Ones
My PaPa (July 31, 1923- January 15, 2014)
PaPa danced with me on my wedding day!
The New Year started off kind of tough for me and my family on my mom's side. My grandpa went home to be with Jesus after 90 long years and we miss him so much. He was a great patriarch of our family: best story teller ever and our hero. He was also a second dad to me growing up. Our sadness is only temporary, because we know one day we will see him again. He set a wonderful example of loving my grandmother well. They were married for just over 71 years. How many people can say that?

We had the Memorial service Feb 1st in Peachtree City, Georgia and it was a beautiful ceremony. He was honored by the Patriot Guard for his service as a Medic in WWII. He was in the Army's 42nd Rainbow Division that liberated Dachau Concentration Camp and also earned a bronze star for a heroic act. He was a chemical engineer for Inland Steel in East Chicago for over 30 years and had 6 patents to his name. In his honor and memory, More than anything, he was the best PaPa! I am dedicating my upcoming album project, Where I Am, to him.

Where I Am Project Status
We Are Mastering!
I am so very excited to say that the mixing is finished on the new album and we are now on to mastering with Randy LeRoy at Air Show. As I listen to song after song on the project, I am amazed at the level of creativity and amount of talent that has gone into it. From my Producer to the Nashville session players, the quality is incredible. And all the songs have so much character and depth to them. My producer says it's like peeling off layer after layer of an onion.

I can't wait for you to hear it. I am very proud of it and all the hard work that has gone into this. It's been 15 months in the making!

We also just proofed the artwork for the album this week and Erick Anderson of EAFoto has put together a stunning work of art for sure!

We should have a street date soon for you, so keep watching my website, FB and Twitter!

Jen Haugland Music ~ An Expression of Hope and Healing
02-13-2014 13:33:12 PM

  I am thrilled to give you a sneak peek into my new album by sharing a download of the title track Where I Am. I would love to hear your comments back on what you think about it and please share it with as many friends as you can! You can help by re-posting [...]...

Nashville Time Again

More Projects To Come!

In the middle of March I will be heading back to Nashville to work on 4 more projects. First, we will be working on some music videos for the new album. Then I will be starting some more writing for a Christmas Project with my producer. I will also get to be a guest artist for the Creative Soul Artist Development Workshop, since I happen to be in town at the same time the workshop is going on. That should be a lot of fun. And then finally, at the end of the month, some of us artists on the Creative Soul roster will be working on a special project.

New Job
Temp Worship Lead
Just this last week, I was accepted as a temporary worship lead at a local church, Sequim Valley Nazarene. I am so amazed at how the whole thing came about...and I continue to shake my head in near disbelief (except that it really did happened) at God's goodness in my life for opening this door. I wasn't even looking for the position. My work is definitely cut out for me, but He seems to know what I can handle and He has definitely equipped me for it.

On top of it all, the pastor is more than willing to be flexible in supporting my music ministry and times when I need to travel. Another cool thing about it is that my dear friend, Brian Felix (who taught me beginning guitar), leads worship at Bremerton Nazarene, so it will be fun to work in partnership with him in the same district. This has been a God-thing all around, and I am just honored to be a part of His plan for this little church.

Sequim Valley Nazarene

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