Jennifer Storm
Jennifer Storm is an award-winning author who serves as the Victim Advocate for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Governor appointed, Jennifer has lead the charge for the rights of all victims for the last 15 years. Having earned multiple honors and awards throughout the years, she is considered an expert on being able to walk all audiences through the connecting dots of trauma, addiction and victimization She has been at the center of helping to change perceptions and laws to better serve the citizens of Pennsylvania.  On the statewide level Ms. Storm has been very involved in assisting in drafting legislation to ensure all crime victims have equal access to service. She is a key leader in the movement and is often interviewed as a "victims' rights expert" by media having served as both an advocate and spokesperson for several high profile cases. As a survivor of child sexual assault, her personal struggles helped her make the decision to end her silence and use her voice to help others in same situations and abuse. Jennifer Storm is an award winning author of four critically acclaimed books on addiction, recovery and victimization.
Jennifer Storm TED Talk at Munci State Prison
Jennifer Storm TED Talk at Munci State Prison
Blackout Girl: A riveting memoir of what happens to a teenage girl whose life is awash in alcohol, drugs, and the trauma of rape. 
Discover the tender gritty, self-told survival story of a teenage addict. Here is a cant-tear-yourself-away look at what can happen to the one-in-five teenagers who have a drinking problem. Her remarkably tender and telling story proves that forgiveness and redemption are more than possible through recovery and a commitment to keep putting one foot in front of the other.
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