Jerabek Welcomes Back Some Koalas!
School district begins phase one of the reopening plan
Jerabek teachers and staff were able to engage in some in person learning last week, as the district began its Phase One Reopening Plan. The district has provided the following to our school for phase one: gloves, face masks, four hand washing stations, hand sanitizer stations, social distancing signage, air purifiers, disinfecting cleaners, face shields for teachers and gowns. Take a peak at one of our classrooms below.
Square One forms came home in your child's distribution packet last week. Please be on the lookout for further instructions from your child's teacher or room coordinator.

Remember, a portion of the proceeds of your Square One orders go back to our school!
Jerry's Tech Tips
Be safe! Check for frayed wires! 
Our kids are using their devices and peripherals more than they ever have, and that causes wear and tear on anything they are using.  Most kids are wiggly and squiggly during those Zoom sessions and all that movement puts a toll on any items wired up to their Chromebook, which could cause fraying of wires.  Frayed wires can be very dangerous and can actually cause the user to be shocked, burned, or potentially cause a fire.  

Some tips and advice:  
  1. Inspect those peripherals like headsets, wired mice, and also your own phone chargers on a regular basis to make sure there is no fraying  
  2. If you see a frayed wire, we advise you not to attempt to repair it. Please replace the item.
  3. Have a talk with your child about watching for frayed wires and what to look for.
  4. If you see a frayed wire on a district-provided item, please contact the school for a replacement.
  5. There are some fun charger protectors out there if you are concerned, like THESE!
Thanks for the tips, Jerry!
The Koala Way in Action!
Students in Mrs. Bologna's fourth grade class demonstrate what it means to be kind.
"Taner, a student new to Jerabek as well as Scripps Ranch, was commenting on how he doesn’t know anyone in Scripps Ranch because he just moved here and he is a little sad about that. We talked briefly about meeting kids that live in the neighborhood and once we return to campus it will be easier.
A few days laters, I went into my Google Classroom to grade some work from the day and noticed that Briella Olson, one of my students, created a “Welcome Taner, to Scripps Ranch” slide presentation. She created one slide for each child to fill out to welcome Taner to Scripps Ranch. This was all completely on her own with no prompting from me whatsoever. I was so touched when I saw this that it brought tears to my eyes.
After Briella did that, four or five other kids created slide presentations for different people. They did one for my student teacher, one for me, another one for compliments to each other, and another just for random acts of kindness. It just goes to show what one act can do!" - Lisa Bologna
Remember the Koala Way
Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Kind
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Pledge Drive
Jerabek THRIVES because of YOU!
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November 6
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November 11
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