Our Pledge Drive is OPEN!
This year is a marathon, not a sprint!
Our pledge drive will be held open for any families who are not able to contribute at this time and would like to do so later in the year.

We are fortunate to have school leadership with a vision and plan for this year of distance learning and an eventual return to campus. The FFO is here to support Jerabek so that our teachers and administrators have the resources needed to support our children.

In preparation for this school year, the FFO has already funded …

Engage New York Math Curriculum, Online Access and Workbooks for Every Student
Fundations Phonics Materials
Online Lucy Calkins Curriculum
STEM Virtual Learning
Earbuds for Every Student
Distance Learning School Supplies

The Jerabek Pledge Drive is our
largest fundraiser of the entire year!

100% of the proceeds go directly to our school!

Donate HERE!
THANK YOU for your contributions and support!
Save the Date!
Jerabek Movie Night
This year movie night will be from the comfort of your home.

Saturday, Sept. 26th.
6:30 p.m.

Exciting plans are underway! More details coming soon.

There are NO MINiMUM DAYS during remote learning.
Student Enrollment Forms
If you have not yet picked up the enrollment paperwork for your Jerabek student please email or call our school clerk, Pam Marvuglio: pmarvuglio@sandi.net; (858) 578-5330

If you are ready to turn in your paperwork, there is a box at the entrance to the front office where you can place your envelope.
Are you staying up to date on the latest information
regarding our school?
Dr. Watkins sends emails that contain important information on a regular basis. If you have not been receiving these messages, please email pmarvuglio@sandi.net to sign up for School Messenger.
Special Shout Out!
Thank you to Felicity Hunter for providing lunch for all Jerabek teachers and staff.

We appreciate you!

Interested In Getting Involved?
Jerabek thrives because of our volunteers! Campus may be closed, but our volunteer efforts remain strong! There are many committees at Jerabek that could use your help! If you would like to lend a hand, big or small, please send an email to jerabekffopresident@gmail.com.

September 22
SDUSD Board Meeting
September 26
Family Movie Night
October 1
SSC/SGT Meeting