Jeremy Rowland, General Director
February, 2017
The Lord is stirring hearts for the need of church planting! In January, our ministry was contacted by more pastors needing help with church planting than any other month we can remember. The time is ripe to saturate North America and the world with Bible-believing local churches, and we thank you for partnering with BCPM as we work together to accomplish the great commission of our Lord.
January was a busy month with extensive traveling in MI, FL, NJ, WA, British Columbia, and NM. Among these meetings, BCPM hosted two pastors' luncheons for church plants that will take place in the spring. These luncheons have proven very beneficial in encouraging pastors to help with the evangelism, get-acquainted meetings and budgetary needs for the new plants. Brother Matt Hill, our project coordinator, was able to conduct the luncheon in NJ in my absence. He did a great job and is learning our ministry well. Brother Stastny, our Northwest field representative, attended the British Columbia luncheon with me and will be a great help in future luncheons in the Northwest. I am very thankful for a dedicated staff who is working as a team to accomplish our work load.
I met with our staff in early January and went over our purpose and plans as we asked the Lord to continue to bless and expand BCPM. BCPM has, and will always have, the purpose of helping churches reproduce churches. We will continue to promote the need, prepare churches and pastors, and help in the planting of solid local churches. The Lord has blessed us beyond expectation, and we are thrilled to be used of Him to further His work. In addition to the church plants, we are planning regional church plant strengthening meetings which are designed to help encourage, equip, and enrich church planters and their wives. We will have more info on these meetings soon. Please pray for wisdom, strength, power and protection as the Lord prospers BCPM. 
There is a great open door of opportunity to reach our nation and the world at this time. We need to seize that opportunity and do all we can to reproduce healthy, thriving churches in every community. Your investment in BCPM is being multiplied to help establish new churches that will impact their communities and the world for the cause of Christ. Thank your investment in BCPM!

Advancing in Christ,

General Director, BCPM

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Rev. Jeremy Rowland
General Director


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