June 2019 Newsletter

Did you know that CEDEPCA offers courses and workshops all year long? Even though students at many schools and universities take a break from learning during the summer months, the students at CEDEPCA continue studying. Staff also can take advantage of continuing education for themselves in order to continually improve their knowledge through the courses that CEDEPCA offers.
This e-newsletter features our Biblical and Theological Program.  Read an inspiring story of an amazing opportunity which Arnoldo Aguilar, Coordinator of the Biblical and Theological Program, had earlier this year. Arnoldo was invited by The Church of Sweden and The Swedish Theological Institute through ACT Alliance to be a part of an international course.  This course gave tools to develop a sustainable leadership, deepen the understanding of one's own identity as a Christian leader and learn how to work for peaceful co-existence in a multi-religious setting.  
Read also about our students' experiences that were shared with a group from the PC(USA).   
To further the amazing work of our Biblical and Theological Program, please  
Finally, see photos of recent visiting groups and look for pictures of the newly reopened Casa Materna Ana Sayre!!
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"Jerusalem: One City - Three Religions," an experience for the benefit of peace
Editor's Note:  The Swedish Theological Institute (STI) is located in West Jerusalem, outside the Old City.  The STI was established to create a theological center to give Christian students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Judaism as well as Christianity and Islam.


By: Arnoldo Aguilar 
A fundamental motivation for dialogue between different religious traditions is to question the status quo and its popular perception of reality. The goal is to embody the peace to which the sacred writings attest. An understanding of "The Other" constitutes an important basis for the possibility of such interreligious dialogue. This work promises important advances in the creation of a society where justice and peace reach all human beings regardless of their religious tradition.
Recently I had the extraordinary opportunity to participate in the course "Jerusalem: One City - Three Religions."  This course was offered from February 18 to March 30, 2019, by the Swedish Theological Institute (STI) and the Church of Sweden. This experience created an intercultural and interethnic space for gathering pastoral agents and Christian educators from Asia, Africa and Latin America to analyze different aspects of the reality of Jerusalem, the Holy Land.
I want to present this experience in the context of "the two Jerusalems." One Jerusalem, always fascinating, is evidence of the history of the people of God and the promised Messiah. Being in Bethlehem, at the Jordan River, the Sea of Galilee, the Holy Sepulcher, and the Mount of Olives makes the original contexts of the biblical narratives flourish in a renewed light. Devotion transpires in every place that connotes a biblical fact. This experience can be so intense that, in extreme cases, it produces the so-called "Jerusalem syndrome."

"Like Someone Popped a Bubble and Let me Out"
Students from our Biblical and Theological program shared  more stories of transformation  with the PC(USA)'s Presbyterian Mission Agency group last month. (Article written by Mike Ferguson, Presbyterian News Service who traveled with the group.) 
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After being forced to relocate, the Casa is once again assisting pregnant women deliver healthy babies.  Since reopening, the Casa has supported 34 women and their spouses!  See photos of their new location and grand opening
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