Short Vort: The Next Day...

We count the 49 days of the Omer to symbolize our march from Egypt to Sinai. Itis a period of preparation and growth. Yet, for some reason, the first day of the Exodus doesn't count. We start our series  “mimacharat”  - the next day. Why begin one day late?

The key to greatness isn’t day one – it’s day two. The euphoria of the Exodus didn’t need reinforcement.  We begin our count the next day – when the memory begins to fade.  The key is to greatness is the perpetuation of “day one” into the future.

Pharaoh promised to let the people go many times. The caveat - it was always “tomorrow.” Typical to human nature, each morning when he woke up, yesterday was behind him and life remained static. Our goal is to break that cycle. 

This past week our community commemorated the legacy of my father z'l and recalled our great moments of history. Some, I'm sure, were inspired to carry on our great collective history. Let us not forget or grow weary. Let us rise to that moment and make our next chapters truly memorable and meaningful.

Rabbi Daniel Green