November 2014 Newsletter 
Leadership Camp

Dear Friends, 


November is for remembering and for giving thanks.  At Jerusalem Peacebuilders, there is much for which we are deeply grateful.  2014 continues to be a year to remember.


Unprecedented financial support and volunteer involvement allowed us to double the size of our summer camp and to expand our horizons toward short-term adult education and on-the-ground programs in the Mid-East. Jerusalem Peacebuilders' ministry and mission is blossoming.


Thank you for the friendship, prayer and generosity that make our work possible. Recent events in Jerusalem only underscore how difficult and how necessary peace-building is. You have invested in peace, and the young leaders we mentor will one day build a new Jerusalem. 


Peace, Salaam, Shalom,  

Nicholas and Dorothy Porter
Yes! It is Dorothy's Birthday
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Early December brings a big birthday for JPB Co-Director and Founder, Dorothy Meek Porter. Each summer, Dorothy transforms Acer Farm into a loving home with her welcoming hospitality and kosher cooking.  She also coordinates the annual spring fundraiser and leads the camp volunteer teams.  Happy Birthday, and Thank You from the JPB family.
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Peace begins with a smile:
10 Minutes with Counselor,  
Karin Yacoubian

Growing up in the port of Jaffa, as the daughter of Taste of Peace's pioneering founder, Sarkis Yacoubian, Karin learned the art and craft of peacebuilding from the hands of a master.  JPB was blessed to have a professional of this caliber as a counselor during the second session of the leadership camp in Brattleboro.

Share with us some of your background.

I am 27 years old and I speak Armenian, English, Hebrew and Arabic. I hold a BA in English and International Relations from the Hebrew University.  For the past three years, I've worked for K4P while serving at the Bulgarian Embassy.  In my free time I even managed to help lead Armenian youth scouts.  


What drives your support of JPB?

As an Armenian Christian living in Israel, I experience the conflict from two different points of view. Living with Arabs and Israelis has led me to realize that the hatred and anger we encounter comes from not knowing the other.  JPB and Kids4Peace bring together people from both sides.  During these meetings, Arabs and Israelis realize that they are more similar than different.  They come to understand that their past misconceptions are exactly that - misconceptions and not realities.

What was your favorite moment during camp this past summer? 

I remember those 'aha' moments that the campers chose to share with me.  Those moments of insight and understanding which always make me think what a privileged person I am to be able to take part and witness the growth of these truly amazing young people.  On the lighter side, I have to say that getting to spray the campers with whipped cream during the Crazy Olympics is one moment of joy that I will not be forgetting anytime soon. 

Because the Future of Jerusalem is the Future of the World
We wish to acknowledge and thank all our donors, whose generous support made the 2014 JPB Leadership Camp possible
The Mark Anschutz Family
Eugenia Ardrey
Virginia Arndt
Andrea and Bahman Azarm
Torsten Bartsch and Kathleen Koch
Lisa and John Barton
Martha and Kelsey Biggers
Jacob Brown
Jennifer and Samuel Cargill
Virginia Cargill
Robert Barton Clegg
Diane Clinton and Leland Daum
Sigun and Joseph Coyle
Elizabeth Collins
Cynthia and Michael Crawford
Laura and Dean Davis
Jane Dean
Linnet Deily
Tina and Chris Frantz
Marcy and Rodgers Frantz
Ruth Frantz
Deborah Freed
Joanie Frost
Joan and William Gartin
Marilynn Geiger
Anna Gellert
Jean and Alexander Gellert
Anthony Gellert
April Gow
David Greeley and Nancy Nies
Edda Guglielmetti
Hasnaa and Kamal Hakim
David Haas and Elizabeth Loomis
Diane and John Herzog
Charles Hickox
Rev. George and Victoria Hobson
Nancy Holden
Janice and Dean Howell
Timothy Hunt
Nancy and Neil Janin
Pamela Johananoff
Oliver Kiehl
Liana and Christopher Koch
Karen and Denis Lamb
Joanne and Winston Lauder
Norman Leinster
Fleurie Meek Macintyre
Rev. Canon Anne Mallonee
Dorothy Matz
Samuel Meek, Sr.
Ariane Mermod and Paul Schreiner
Jean Moffitt
Laird Mortimer
Alexa and Charles Mosteller
Trevor and Vincent Mullineaux

Joan Neiley
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The David Nessel Family
Lisa Newton
Carol Nicholson
Kristen and Amer Nimr

Leinster Norman
Roberta Nublie
Gaier and Samuel Palmisano
The Howard Parks Family
Margaret and Boone Porter
Charlotte Porter
Rabbi James Prosnit
Margaret and Chris Riek
Anne Spaulding Rose
John Santa
Mary Martha Sherts
Jennifer and Christopher Smith
Michele and John Spike
Rev. Dawn Stegelmann
Rev. Cecily Stranahan
Lita and John Toland
Stephen Tomlinson
Anne Traynor-Depledge
Rev. Heidi Truax
Patricia and Tom Twining
Judy and John Urquhart
Mary Anne and John Urquhart
Leonie and Albert Van Daalen
Beatrice Vornle
Eileen and John Weber
Deborah and Richard Webb
Elizabeth Wendelbo and Egan Frantz
Susan Whitcomb
Rosalyn Wood
Ronit and David Ziv-Kreger

The Estate of R. Leigh Ardrey
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St. Mark's Church, New Canaan, CT
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Voices of September 11th

Fr. Nicholas and JPB enthusiast, Lisa Newton
Its not too late to give in 2014
Shaping Leaders and Changing Lives  

"There were many conversations
and dialogues that were so hard. We learned how to listen and gain confidence in how we speak. I feel I can talk to the younger kids and explain the importance of what we're doing."

-Emmanuel, age 15, Jewish

"I feel that the biggest challenge is being truthful about what I really feel and think without hurting my Israeli friends. The Leadership Camp taught us how to have a proper dialogue so that we can say what we mean and trust that we can be ourselves."  
-Adan, age 15, Muslim

Because the Future of Jerusalem is the Future of the World
Alumni Spotlight: Hassan Abu Dalo  

Describe your background and your roles in JPB-K4P over the past few years.

My name is Hassan Abu Dalo, I am 19 years old.  I am a Palestinian Muslim, who was born in Cairo and holds Israeli citizenship (which often makes crossing borders complicated).  In Jerusalem, I studied at the French Lyc�e and today I study at Sciences Po Paris, MidEast and Mediterranean campus in Menton, France.

My start in K4P began in 2007, when I was 12, as a participant at the camp in Atlanta.  I then attended the very first Leadership Camp in 2011.  Afterwards, I stayed involved by becoming a counselor, first in Burlington, and then at this year's Leadership Camp in Brattleboro.

How did you get involved in JPB-K4P?       A family member, working for K4P at the time, told me about the program.  I never knew of such a program and it amazed me.  Since I was in a French school, I had contact with people of different faiths and ethnic groups.  However, I didn't know the Jewish community well, even though I lived in a predominately Jewish village.  It was very meaningful for me to take my first step towards these neighbors.

How have your experiences in JPB and K4P influenced your thinking and actions? 
The program made me respectful of the differences between people. Instead of being shocked by new practices, I look at them with interest.  I now have more respect for the "other." Instead of pushing them away, I am curious to learn more about them, and if needed, defend their right to be different.

JPB also gave me the courage and the will to have a say in the politics of the region.  This is why I study political science.  I do not wish to wait for an outside solution, but rather to stand up and speak for myself and others in my generation.

JPB's Jerusalem Family on a recent visit to the Druze community on the Golan Heights.
A Dream Come True 
Earlier this month, JPB's family grew to include an innovative peace-building program in Jerusalem.  A dream of veteran peacebuilder Ibrahim Abu Dalo (Hassan's father), this new JPB program involves parents and teens together.  Currently, the family group gathers twice a month for dialogue and experiential learning. Ibrahim is being helped by volunteers and
former JPB Brattleboro intern, Charla Burnett.  This exciting new development will be featured in our next newsletter.

Impact Evaluation
In late October, the Monitorin
g and Evaluation (M&E) program of the School for International Training approached JPB about performing an impact evaluation of the Leadership Camp on the youth.  Through interviews with past participants and staff, researchers will develop a comprehensive evaluation that shapes our planning and growth.

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Because the Future of Jerusalem is the Future of the World
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